Green Lantern: Starlit Crisis #2 Solicitation

on April 25, 2016

Can’t get enough of Green Lantern: Starlit Crisis? Never fear, there’s more on the way. In fact, the solicitation for Green Lantern: Starlit Crisis #2 is out. Click on the image below for a larger image of the cover.

John Stewart and Arisia Rrab’s quest to find missing Lantern Ch’p takes them to the seedy underbelly of Space Sector 1014 – the Shadow Market! Are they ready for the perils within, and the surprising twists their adventure throws at them? Meanwhile, a New Genesis army under the command of Shadowfall engages Grayven’s forces in a critical battle that will rock the Multiverse.

If you want regular updates on the progress of Starlit Crisis and other extra information, keep a close eye on my Patreon page. I will be posting artwork and other goodies over there about the project when I don’t think they totally necessitate a whole website update. There’s lots of great stuff on the way!

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  • Hudson Faber

    Why were you banned from CBR?

    • Desh Derringer

      Well, since you asked, I will explain that situation to you as I see it.

      If you ask the administration at CBR, they will likely tell you it’s because I said someone was acting irrational and that they were ignorant about something they thought they knew all about. This person thought they were an expert at selling comics and yet they’ve never sold a comic before in their life. For the record, I also said the person was acting like a blowhard, as in they were blowing a lot of hot air. I did not say any of this in an especially uncontrolled or aggressive manner. Personally, I find that an incredibly flimsy reason to ban someone from the site forever. But whatever.

      What I believe it was REALLY about was Ethan Van Sciver was upset with me, and whoever had the power to make ban decisions didn’t like that. That same night, roughly around the same time, he came on the forum and said I was lying about him constantly, Someone in a thread titled “How well do you think Rebirth titles will do?” or something similar to that asked who’s bright idea it was to call the upcoming title “Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps.” I simply responded it was Ethan Van Sciver’s idea. I said that… I dunno’, maybe a month and a half ago.

      Then, just last night Ethan Van Sciver appeared in that thread and accused me of lying. I guess he thinks the title “Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps” wasn’t his idea, but then in explaining himself, he recounted a story that basically confirmed that the title of the book WAS his idea. Sure, DC had to okay it, but that original thought initially came from him. Therefore,I simply responded, “Well yeah. Like I said, the title was Ethan Van Sciver’s idea.” That was the last post I made on that forum.

      I saw he also said a bunch of stuff about me in the John Stewart Appreciation Thread. The only thing I’ll bother commenting on about this part is actually somewhat of a side issue. For whatever reason, the topic of me working for DC keeps coming up, and my brilliant John Stewart stories. I’ve never told, suggested, or in any way let on to Ethan Van Sciver or anyone else that it’s some big aspiration of mine to work for DC Comics, nor have I ever talked to him at all about my brilliant John Stewart stories. I don’t know why he brings things like that up.

      I just wanted to clear that up, because if you read some of that discussion, some may come away with the thought that I’m chomping at the bit to get hired by DC, and that isn’t the case.

      So, long story short, I think CBR got me on something really flimsy when what they really didn’t like was something entirely different. However, the flimsy thing is a lot safer and less sensational, so they went with that.

      • Hudson Faber

        That’s really dumb. Do you care if I repost that in the forum? I feel like you deserve to be properly heard out rather than arbitrarily removed.

        • Desh Derringer

          Oh, I don’t mind. Go ahead. Thanks for the concern.

          • Hudson Faber

            I posted your comment twice, but it was deleted both times.

            I got this message from a mod:

            “I know you didn’t mean anything by posting Desh’s thoughts, but please don’t do it again. If the administrator who banned Desh saw it, he would not be pleased that he’s being accused of banning him for Desh’s rumble with EVS. The fact of the matter is Desh had been banned numerous times before for fighting it out with posters and mods alike and was told the next time would be his last one. While his debate, IMO, with EVS was on the silly and even paranoid side, it didn’t rise to the level of his comments in the Alan Scott thread.”

            Sorry to see you gone, man. I’ve grown far less interested in CBR anyway. You can always start a thread on ComicVine or just post stuff here.

          • Desh Derringer

            Thanks for all of that. I’m not surprised CBR deleted the post. Actually, I was thinking about warning you that they would.

            What I told you above is exactly what I said to that poster. By the way these guys are acting, you’d think I made lewd comments about his mother, or something.

            If the Ethan Van Sciver thing wasn’t an issue, then it’s extremely curious that the posts I mentioned above from that “How well do you think Rebirth will do” thread, in which he accused me of lying about him, are mysteriously gone (deleted).

            As for getting into it with the mods, that probably had something to do with some of them being biased as heck and trying to hide it behind fake pleasantries, and me calling them out on it..

            I didn’t have a debate with Van Sciver (I didn’t have a chance to) and I didn’t lie about him. I criticized what he’s done and what he continues to do in comics, and certain views he has about comics and characters. People do that every day on that website.

            Speaking of which, I saw Van Sciver in the John Stewart thread trying to dance around the diversity issue. All I have to say about that is the reason Marvel utterly destroys DC at diversity… and practically everything else… is because Marvel actually listens to its fans about issues like that instead of doing things that don’t make a whole lot of sense–like coming up with diverse characters no one asked for just so they won’t have to use the diverse character that’s already there that people ask for–and trying to come up with excuses for why they do them.

            But in any event, there’s nothing to be done about any of

          • Steve Rogers

            This is very interesting. Although I do lurk a bit at the CBR boards, but why did Ethan Van Sciver accuse you of lying of something that’s true when you answered a user’s question? Unless there’s more to it than meets the eye, perhaps?

          • Desh Derringer

            I believe it’s because what he did–having a name like “Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps”–was being viewed as something negative. And when I merely pointed out it was his idea–and I only did that because I knew the answer to the fellow in the thread’s question–I think Van Sciver thought that I was ‘having a go at him.’ Which I wasn’t, I was just answering a question.

            He goes after me in particular sometimes, even when there’s a group of people saying generally the same things as me. Maybe it’s because I have a website, maybe it’s because I did a Green Lantern comic that people enjoyed while some people bashed his Edge of Oblivion and literally told him they would rather read my thing and wouldn’t even buy EoO. I don’t know.

            He did keep bringing up my John Stewart stories and saying I seemed like I was only satisfied with my own stuff. That’s not true. I liked both Van Jensen’s run of GLC, and Cullen Bunn’s Lost Army. What John Stewart fan would be satisfied with the character being treated like wallpaper whenever certain creators (Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver) come around?

          • Steve Rogers

            Thanks for taking the time to explain, Desh. I don’t know if I said this before, but I read your comic and it’s awesome. I’m not really fond of DC comics and their shenanigans. I only read Batman, Superman and Green Arrow from DC, while I read more Marvel comics. But when I read your comic, it makes me feel I’m getting my wishes by having John Stewart being the main character. As for Edge of Oblivion, I had interest in the comic, but when I heard from others about John Stewart lacking focus, I decided not to subscribe to the series. I even heard the story is a cut off from Lost Army. Shame.

            Ethan Van Sciver seems frustrated of all the things that goes on with John Stewart fans. It’s heart breaking that one of DC top artists has defended everything that puts John Stewart in the back of the bus.

            Not to sound like a total douche or anything about Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, but those characters don’t have any interesting merits. They’re nothing but crap waste characters, who most DC fans don’t care much about. I don’t expect their book to last long. It’s the same ol repetitive story crap..

          • Desh Derringer

            Thanks for the encouraging words. More content will come out for the comic very soon. It’s really fun to work on it, and I’m happy people like it.

            I know first hand that it is really not hard to give John Stewart fans what they’re looking for. I’ve never done a comic in my life prior to that, and several John fans told me how much they loved the comic I did. Pleasing this fanbase does not require rocket science. It is really easy to do. DC just does not want to do it. That’s just not where their interests are.

  • Hudson Faber

    John ignored yet again:

    And that’s despite outselling pretty much all of the characters mentioned.

    • Desh Derringer

      Ahh. I believe they call that sort of thing “black invisibility.” John suffers from it tremendously, and yeah, it is upsetting.

  • PadThai2

    It really sucks that they banned you. They let closet racists, sexists, and homophobes whine to no end on that part of the forum and yet they ban you for daring to question a creator. The funniest part is that they showed some spoilers for DC Rebirth and once again it’s just more nonsense and bullshit from DC. Wally is once again Kid Flash and you have people celebrating it like it’s some great milestone. It’s pathetic.

    • Desh Derringer

      Thanks for your concern. I appreciate it. Protection Status