25th April 2016

Green Lantern: Starlit Crisis #2 Solicitation

Can’t get enough of Green Lantern: Starlit Crisis? Never fear, there’s more on the way. In fact, the solicitation for Green Lantern: Starlit Crisis #2 is out. Click on the image below for a larger image of the cover.

John Stewart and Arisia Rrab’s quest to find missing Lantern Ch’p takes them to the seedy underbelly of Space Sector 1014 – the Shadow Market! Are they ready for the perils within, and the surprising twists their adventure throws at them? Meanwhile, a New Genesis army under the command of Shadowfall engages Grayven’s forces in a critical battle that will rock the Multiverse.

If you want regular updates on the progress of Starlit Crisis and other extra information, keep a close eye on my Patreon page. I will be posting artwork and other goodies over there about the project when I don’t think they totally necessitate a whole website update. There’s lots of great stuff on the way!

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24th November 2015

Green Lantern: Lost Army #6 Review

The Green Lantern: Lost Army series wraps up. Check out the GreenLantern.Co review of issue #6, which includes some thoughts on the series as a whole, and what I’d like to see from the sequel Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion.

This final issue gets me really pumped for Edge of Oblivion while also making me miss Lost Army, and I think those are the best feelings it could have left me with. Cullen Bunn pushes the story along pleasingly and Jesus Saiz will take your breath away with every page. While there are things I wish Lost Army had done more of—I don’t know if Bunn would have gotten to them if he had the time—I highly recommend this entire series.

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26th October 2015

Green Lantern: Lost Army #5 Review

It’s time for the GreenLantern.Co review of the latest issue of Green Lantern: Lost Army.

While this issue doesn’t offer answers to Lost Army’s deeper mysteries, it succeeds greatly at being an overall fun comic book, due to great art, great characters, great dialogue and great action. There is only one glitch in the whole thing, which involves the death of a certain character. It’s not that I necessarily have anything against the killing of this particular character, but the way it is done is weak and cheap.

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I don’t have anything else to say, so I hope you enjoy the content, and be back for more!

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20th September 2015

Green Lantern: Lost Army #4 Review

Green Lantern: Lost Army is not over yet. We’ve still got a couple issues left. Take a look at GreenLantern.Co’s review for issue #4:

“Green Lantern: Lost Army #4 is a decent issue that takes the Lanterns from point A to point B, but doesn’t really give us anything to chew on and contemplate regarding the bigger picture, which would be really nice right about now since there are only two issues left. It’s clear that Bunn won’t be able to address everything in the remaining space he has. According to a statement he issued, there is a chance there will be another limited series or Lantern book to fully resolve this story. Let’s all cross our fingers. While this isn’t my favorite issue of Lost Army, I’ve loved this series, and it has the most intriguing set up of a Green Lantern story I’ve seen since Mosaic.”

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22nd August 2015

Green Lantern: Lost Army #3 Review

It’s time for the routine review of the latest issue of Green Lantern: Lost Army. Check out what GreenLantern.Co has to say about John’s universe hopping adventures.

“I don’t know where Lost Army is going, and that’s what makes it so captivating to me. It is very fun to speculate and ponder on what will happen next and what this adventure is leading to. What is the end game to all of this? What is Krona doing in this past universe? Why is Guy Gardner both a Red and Green Lantern, and what significance does that hold? Who put the Lanterns in this other universe to begin with, and why? I don’t know the answers to any of these questions, but they are all captivating and I’m dying to find out.”

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