Why I Dislike Geoff Johns and Believe He Should Not be CCO of DC Entertainment

on October 24, 2013

If you’ve been reading this website, you’ve probably gotten a good feel for what I like, what I don’t, what I support, and what I’m against. Likely, one of the main things/people you’ve discovered that I’m opposed to is Geoff Johns, former writer of Green Lantern and current Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment.

I am going to finally thoroughly explain my dislike for this individual, and why I feel he should not be the Chief Creative Officer of DC. Just to prepare you, this is going to be another controversial and polarizing article, but the points need to be brought out.

Why would I dislike Geoff Johns?
I think figuring out the answer should be simple. I typically don’t like answering questions with questions, but I think it is appropriate for this instance.

Why in the world would any John Stewart fan like Geoff Johns?
What has he done for us lately? As a matter of fact, what has he done for us at all!?

To be fair, not all John Stewart fans are as black or white as me. Perhaps there are fans of John Stewart who actually like Geoff Johns’ work. I’m not of that variety, but I’ll get to that in a bit. There is, however, one thing I believe most, if not all, real John Stewart fans can agree with about Geoff Johns’ nine year tenure writing Green Lantern, and more or less overseeing the whole franchise.

John Stewart was poorly portrayed and terribly underutilized. Criminally underutilized.

Honestly, there were other times when John was underutilized and terribly portrayed, such as when Ron Marz was writing Green Lantern in the ’90s. Marz’s depiction of John Stewart was the “Magical Negro” trope. To make matters even worse, John was often crippled. Yes, that was bad!

However terrible that was, and however much I don’t agree with that direction, I can’t say it was especially unfair to John Stewart in particular. The entire Green Lantern franchise was turned on its head. John Stewart was just one of many casualties of the tumult.

Ten or so years after that, Geoff Johns gained control of the Green Lantern franchise. There was rebuilding of everything that had been destroyed during Marz’s tenure. Pretty much everything was reversed due to elaborate retcons.

All the main characters of pre-Marz Green Lantern enjoyed some kind of resurgence.
All the main characters BUT John Stewart, that is!

As I mentioned elsewhere on this site, John Stewart was frequently completely out of sight, and when he did appear, he was hidden in the background and usually doing nothing of any importance. He was the “Where’s Waldo” of Green Lantern. This went on for Geoff Johns’ entire run overseeing Green Lantern.

I can accept what happened during the Marz period better, because it happened to everyone and everything. During the Johns era, however, John Stewart in particular was blackballed, and it was pretty obvious it was happening.

At the time, I could not understand it, since John Stewart is an extremely prominent character in the hit cartoon shows Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, which were airing new episodes. We have to take into account, though, that Warner Bros. Animation (who made the cartoons), and DC Comics are two different entities. The folks at the animation department, such as Bruce Timm, Dwayne McDuffie, Stan Berkowitz, and so on, are the ones who should be credited with the great majority of John Stewart’s popularity. DC Comics hasn’t done much at all for the character.

The animation people did the work for them! They built up a popular, strong character that many people see as Green Lantern. To top it off, he is a minority! A minority character who is incredibly well fleshed out and featured in a major role, and is accepted by large audiences? That’s a really big accomplishment in the comics medium! It’s something very positive that I feel should be nurtured.

What I really hold against Geoff Johns the most is that he gave me the (very well founded) impression that he intentionally went against all of that. All the character building. All the progress for the industry and medium. All the potential to do even greater things from there…

Nope! Gonna’ bring back the white guy from 1959, while totally burying the breakthrough minority hero who is loved by millions, who the younger audience knows as Green Lantern, and who many among the older audience came to know as Green Lantern. The guy who so many were expecting to see when the trailer for the Green Lantern movie was shown.

I cannot understand that logic, and actions like that are what make mainstream American super hero comic books seem so backwards, alienating, and unwelcoming to folks who actually do love super heroes but won’t touch the source material. I would like to clarify that bringing back Hal Jordan isn’t even the main issue. It’s related, but not the problem in and of itself. The main problem is that John was so ignored. It was obviously intentional, and it went on for so long!

When John was allowed to show up, this is the type of thing we saw.

Notice a theme here? I don’t think I really need to say it.

That is Geoff Johns’ idea of how Green Lantern should be. Hal Jordan is number one, and John Stewart should somehow be subservient, inferior, or behind him. Every. Single. Time.

Personally, I don’t accept or believe in that. Myself and most other John Stewart fans did not become die hard fans because John took a back seat to someone like Hal Jordan. The John Stewart many of us came to love and respect so much is a strong, competent leader. Not some background lackey who’s second, third, or fourth best and who doesn’t contribute anything of value. Even when John was on a team with Batman and Superman, he was never treated like ‘people furniture’ or some constantly sad, subservient boring goon. Take a look at Geoff Johns’ comics and that is exactly what John is in them (when he’s there).

Geoff Johns’ supporters often credit him with making Green Lantern a top selling comic book and building it into a heavyweight franchise. I admit that he considerably boosted Green Lantern’s popularity with comic book fans, but honestly, I think he did more harm to the franchise than he did good, and I have firm reasons for believing this.

The Green Lantern movie.

Some of Geoff Johns’ supporters claim he had nothing to do with the film, despite him being co-producer and reportedly choosing the writers and telling them what to write. That movie has his fingerprints all over it. It lost over 90 million dollars and is listed as the 12th biggest box office bomb in history.

The expensive CGI cartoon, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, which lasted one season and is completely off television right now, while, interestingly enough, the considerably older Justice League and Justice League Unlimited are still being aired on network television.

Warehouses of unsold merchandise related to the film and cartoon show. Retailers will not accept Green Lantern movie or cartoon merchandise because IT DOESN’T SELL!

Geoff Johns’ dream was to get Green Lantern to rival Batman and Superman… and we saw his laughable attempt at realizing that dream.

This is the state Johns left Green Lantern in.
This may make me sound like an anti-fan, but I’m happy for it. I think his vision of Green Lantern needed to be torn down for something more beautiful to grow. And boy, did it ever crash and burn!

I think the moral of his story is that appealing to comic book fans of a certain type is one thing. Appealing to everyone else is something entirely different. I don’t believe Johns has what it takes to appeal to the general audience in a great way, and that is why I’m against him being the Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment. His efforts on the Green Lantern movie are reason enough to feel that way, but there’s something else I want to bring out.

I call into question his use of minority characters.

I’ve already gone over John Stewart’s treatment in Green Lantern. Let’s consider something more recent. Geoff Johns is currently the writer of Justice League. His Justice League includes the African American character Cyborg. There’s quite a bit to say about this…
What the heck is he even doing there? Cyborg is a known Teen Titan. His inclusion as a founding member of the Justice League is all kinds of strange.

Bruce Timm addressed the issue of diversity in the Justice League when he made the Justice League cartoon in 2001. He thought a bunch of white guys with one white girl saving the universe portrayed a rather dated view, and I agree. He presented viewers with John Stewart, a black Green Lantern. As mentioned, Timm and his team put a lot of work in building John Stewart into a brilliant character.

It’s my belief that John Stewart has something to do with Cyborg’s inclusion in the League. I think that Geoff Johns refused to use John Stewart, and thus shoehorned in a Teen Titan to be a token black. What makes Cyborg a token is that he’s there just so the creators can say they have a black guy. Johns has been writing Justice League since 2011, and he has yet to do anything substantial with Cyborg, whereas Timm used John Stewart to great effect, displaying genuine care and interest in the character and making him all he could be.

Not only does Geoff Johns likely intentionally shun John Stewart (again), he uses Cyborg as a token. It’s an insult to both characters, really.

Take a look at this image.

Cyborg stands out like a sore thumb. He has no place there. Furthermore, I can’t help but think it’s bizarre that the one minority on the team is a freakish, ugly robot, while all other members are white and pretty. It’s just… not… a very comfortable representation. We did not see that type of uncomfortable clumsiness in Bruce Timm’s Justice League. For instance, there was another female to balance things better, and the minority was just as prestigious and larger than life as the other heroes. Green Lantern and Hawkgirl are arguably the strongest characters on the show, with the most developed character arcs. Seeing as Johns will not allow John Stewart on the team (even when Hal leaves), Cyborg is a consolation prize. In 2013, I don’t believe minorities should accept or support that type of thing.

Staying on the subject of minorities, and speaking of “clumsy and uncomfortable,” Geoff Johns created his own minority character in Green Lantern and… the whole affair takes clumsy and uncomfortable to another level.

Simon Baz is an Arab American Muslim… who wears what resembles a ski mask, and who totes around a hand gun, even though he’s a Green Lantern. By the way, Simon Baz is a car thief.

I’m honestly surprised there aren’t more people complaining about this. On the one hand, it’s so ridiculous that it’s hilarious, and on the other, I actually do believe it’s bothersome, and I’m not one who is particularly easily offended by my entertainment. But this is so bad that it seems like a parody, except it’s not.

Johns, in trying to be ‘legit,’ talks about how he is an Arab American himself, with a supposedly Lebanese father. While there may be some truth in there, clearly, this is an attempt to make it seem as though he is in touch with minorities, and is one himself.

No one would ever know that Geoff Johns is “Arab American,” and I have a sneaking suspicion that whatever percentage of Arabic blood he may have did very little to shape his life, if at all, especially since his supposedly Lebanese father is named Fred Johns. Furthermore, Geoff Johns, this supposed Arab American, shows his own ignorance of Muslims by giving Simon Baz a tattoo, which is against Muslim beliefs. The whole Simon Baz thing just makes me shake my head.

Last, but certainly not least, I dislike Geoff Johns’ storytelling. His comics just don’t appeal to me. People say Johns is the Michael Bay of comics, and I find that comparison spot on. His comics often read like brainless, vapid, Hollywood action films, and I don’t mean that in a flattering way.

I could go on and on detailing my problems with his Green Lantern run, but this particular article is long enough as is. I’ll just direct you to another article, which I agree with on many accounts:
Speaking Power to Stupid: The Ever-Dumb Green Lantern Comics of Geoff Johns.

In closing, I would like to point out that I don’t believe the “ire” from John Stewart fans comes from us being selfish and wanting everything to always be John Stewart and John Stewart only, and all other Green Lantern fans be damned. It comes from our favorite character (a popular, well known character) being specifically targeted and unfairly marginalized, and us being damn tired of it. There is excellent reason to believe the key person behind that (or at least one of them) was Geoff Johns.

I’m sure some Hal Jordan fans are thinking, “At least your character didn’t get turned into a murderous villain and die.” The difference between Hal Jordan and John Stewart is that Hal went through what he did -whether it was giving up his ring, or dying- because there wasn’t much interest in the character during the times of those occurrences. I’m not saying everything that happened to him was entirely justified (not that I’m saying it was wrong, I’m just not going to address that issue), but at least there was a good, understandable reason for why DC chose to do what it did.

With John Stewart, there is a recognized character with a hungry, STARVING fanbase. A character who is fleshed out and developed well, and whose potential to go further was sadly squandered by apathetic and/or combative comic creators. A character who, until recently, wasn’t even given a chance. Not even a small one. That is why I view his treatment as unfair and wrong. And, again, many of us are tired of it.

So… yeah. I don’t care for Geoff Johns, and I believe DC could do much better in picking a Chief Creative Officer. Despite him having success in comics, I don’t believe he should be looked to for being one of the people primarily responsible for growing DC’s audience among the general public.

73 responses to “Why I Dislike Geoff Johns and Believe He Should Not be CCO of DC Entertainment”

  1. Hudson Faber says:

    Totally agreed–especially with all the Bruce Timm stuff and Cyborg stuff.

    You can tell when Johns is a fan of a character (Green Lantern) and when he’s not (Cyborg). When he is, the fanboyism permeates, when he’s not, he writes poor (sometimes token) mary sues with no personality. I like some of his work like Hawkman, but he’s so terrible with minority characters that it’s unforgivable. He really just cannot relate to how black readers view these characters–just look at how the only black guy on Justice League right now looks like a monster from a bad 1980s sci fi flick.

    I’m just happy the new Green Lantern teams are fixing all the stuff Johns broke and are giving John the best writing he’s had since Mosaic.

    • Hudson Faber says:

      Oh, and I’m surprised you didn’t mention the fact that when John Stewart was the main GL in the 1980s, sales doubled according to Engleheart. 🙂

    • Desh says:

      Right. And someone who is as out of touch and clueless as that should not be in a position like Chief Creative Officer. It’s nice that Johns is passionate about DC Comics, but he tries to hold onto old-fashioned ideals that are actually hindering the advancement of the industry and audience. John Stewart and his fans are perfect examples of sufferers of his old-fashioned conservative fanboyism.

      While it’s awesome that John is getting great treatment from the current GLC team, Geoff Johns is still in a strong position to impede the character. For instance, note how we still have yet to see John Stewart in ANY of the DTV movies that have been made… and it’s suspicious that several of those are adaptations of Johns’ own stories (Superman Unbound, The Flashpoint Paradox, and Justice League: War.

      While I don’t care all that much about those DTV movies (the only ones I enjoyed are All-Star Superman and Under the Red Hood), I think it would be terrible of Geoff Johns to prevent John from shining in products marketed to the general audience, like games, cartoons, and, of course, films. As you mentioned, John deserves to. He’s continually been associated with success. His time as star in the old ’80s comics greatly improved sales, Mosaic sold well and was only cancelled because of executive meddling, JL/JLU were huge hits, and Green Lantern Corps is selling well. He deserves a shot and a lot of people would love to see him.

      • Hudson Faber says:

        You are 100% right.

        Have you seen the preview to the 2nd Green Lantern annual? I like how Guy Gardner calls John Stewart his best friend, since Guy in the comics is like Wally in season one of the Justice League cartoon and a cool character in his own right.

        Maybe when you review Red Lanterns/Green Lantern annual 2, you can mention that? They seem to have a cool friendship.

        • Desh says:

          Yeah, I’ve seen it.

          I also thought it was neat how the current teams are building a stronger bond between John and Guy. I’ve also been wondering if the editorial at DC is intentionally cooling off on Hal Jordan. Think about it…

          Hal Jordan hasn’t looked so great in the comics recently, while John Stewart has been awesome. I’ve seen that even Hal’s fans are concerned about his portrayal. Now it looks like Hal might be losing his old girlfriend to Kyle Rayner, and John might become leader of the Green Lantern Corps. To be frank, it makes me wonder if editorial is getting more behind John and less behind Hal.

          • Hudson Faber says:

            I just think thy are breaking him down to build him up as an underdog who needs redemption, but we’ll see. I can see Johns trying to fight the current Hal portrayal when he puts him back in Justice League.

  2. Aktivizz says:

    Great Read…here’s my thoughts to compliment. First off: I like what Geoff Johns has done for the whole Green Lantern Mythos by creating the different corps and emotional spectrum. Geoff writes GREAT Hal Jordan stories but that’s where his train stops with me. He has made DC sooo much money off of his Green Lantern comics that they wanted to put him in a position where he could make them even MORE money.

    The New 52 JL lineup is basically the Silver Age lineup. They basically replaced MM with Cyborg. But here’s the thing, in the silver and bronze age, we were all fascinated with Space and alien life. Hence it made sense for Martian Manhunter to be in the lineup. Now in our modern society we are more obsessed with technology so it makes somewhat sense for Cyborg to be in it.

    My main problem with Cyborg is this: If this was the same Cyborg that started off with the Teen Titans and then Graduated to the Justice League then I would have no problem because he earned it, but they retconned it so he started off with them. Plus anyone else notice that he is the only member of the Justice League that doesn’t have a standalone title. So yeah…..I DO think Token when it comes to him.

    I mean they had a chance to reboot and start a new JL form various candidates and they choose the lazy\safe way out.

    P.S. I guess it asking for both John Stewart AND Cyborg would have been too much the blue bloods at DC.

    • Desh says:

      Thanks! DC has made quite a few mistakes with Cyborg in the New 52. If they want him to appeal to more people, the first thing they should do is redesign him. Make him actually look… you know… cool? Giving him a personality would help a lot, too. A love interest to further deepen him wouldn’t be bad, either. I know I’ve seen people ship him with Raven. I mean, all of that is exactly what Warner Animation did with John Stewart, and it worked brilliantly.

      I’d prefer to see Cyborg in an environment where he’ll be used effectively. As it is now, he’s in an environment where he gets attention, because he’s in a top selling title, but the downside to that is nothing great is being done with him there. So, really, from my perspective, it seems his main purpose for being in the Justice League is so the creators can say they have a black person, thus they don’t need to use John Stewart as Green Lantern. Therefore, Hal Jordan’s “spot” is protected. Since they like to ‘synergize’ the New 52 with other media, according to this plan, Hal Jordan would be the one to get attention instead of John Stewart. The recent DTV movies and Injustice: Gods Among Us are good examples of this (even though they wound up adding John as an extra bonus to the latter).

      I would prefer if they just used the GL that many among the modern audience like and are most familiar with, and put Cyborg in an environment he belongs in, and where he’ll benefit the most as a character.

    • Hudson Faber says:

      Cyborg is definitely just a token and a consolation prize for the backlash of a “white Green Lantern.”

      The current focus on John is likely due to the backlash after trying to kill him off.

      They need high backlash to tell what the fans want for some reason. It makes them look clueless.

      I really hope John Stewart’s influence and presence continues to grow in the books.

      • Hudson Faber says:

        Oh and hopefully the Justice League director chooses John over Hal, so that the synergy campaign changes because we all want more John. And we can put Cyborg back in the Titans, allowing Batman to be the tech guy again.

        As for Cyborg, Desh and I are on the same page. They had a shot and blew it. Why doesn’t he look like this:

        have is own book, or have a personality if he is a founder on equal status with the others?

        Either they just want him as a token or they don’t get what appeals to black fans at all. We want our leading hero to have as much wish fulfillment opportunity as any white hero. People usually want to be like their favorite hero, but who wants to grow up to be this boring, ultra depressing, ugly Cyborg? People have been saying this in every Cyborg forum I have come across.

        They should have gone with John from the beginning. He has everything Cyborg lack, he’s prepped for success, and he’s just an all around awesome character–my favorite really.

  3. Maggie says:

    “Johns, in trying to be ‘legit,’ talks about how he is an Arab American himself, with a supposedly Lebanese father. While there may be some truth in there, clearly, this is an attempt to make it seem as though he is in touch with minorities, and is one himself.

    No one would ever know that Geoff Johns is “Arab American,” and I have a sneaking suspicion that whatever percentage of Arabic blood he may have did very little to shape his life, if at all, especially since his supposedly Lebanese father is named Fred Johns. Furthermore, Geoff Johns, this supposed Arab American, shows his own ignorance of Muslims by giving Simon Baz a tattoo, which is against Muslim beliefs. The whole Simon Baz thing just makes me shake my head. ”

    I’m not Lebanese and I’m only speaking for myself. I can see how Johns would have passing privilege and the design of Simon Baz is questionable (though I think he could work with a better writer). However, I don’t think it’s right of you to say that Johns is supposedly Lebanese. I’ve had friends were like Johns in that they may have looked white , but they still encountered discrimination because here in the USA, they weren’t seen as white. That became quite noticeable after 9/11. Having an name like Johns could have been a way of assimilating into the US like many immigrants have done in order to fit in more. I don’t know, I’m not in the head of Geoff’s father.

    Other than that, I agree with what you’ve written. To me, the problem with DC Comics is that Johns, Lee, Didio, Harras, even Nelson have a particular idea as to what sells their characters. What used to happen is that there was some freedom as to how creators, whether in comics, TV, movies, or games could interpret these characters. So if you didn’t like what they were doing in the comics with one character, you at least had alternatives. But now they want synergy with all their properties (Marvels’ been doing this too), so that means if GL appears it has to be Jordan even if people would prefer Stewart which is ridiculous and just leaves money on the table. That’s how it comes off looking from the outside. What do you think?

    P.S I’m not a big slash fan, but after hearing about how angry Guy and John are with Hal I wouldn’t mind seeing a fic with them together.

    • Desh says:

      Hi Maggie,

      I understand where you’re coming from. I admit that I honestly don’t personally know Geoff Johns or his family, so I can’t say with certainty what his heritage is. I do, however, see how he orchestrates his stories and the characters he’s using, and from what I’ve seen, he hasn’t done minorities any real favors, despite having great opportunities to do so.

      When he does anything at all with them, like John Stewart (underutilized background fodder), Cyborg (a token used so he doesn’t have to use John Stewart), and Simon Baz (so bad he’s like a parody), to me, it seems worse than if he didn’t try at all, because the results are so hamfisted. Therefore, Johns’ talk about having minorities in mind and looking to his own background for inspiration doesn’t ring very earnest and genuine to me. I’m confident he has some Lebanese in him, for whatever it’s worth, but I don’t think he particularly cares about minority characters, including John Stewart.

      That’s not very desirable for someone like a Chief Creative Officer, in my opinion. I honestly think what Geoff Johns does will alienate people. He desperately tries to hold fast to a very outdated ideal. He refuses to acknowledge advancements like John Stewart, and tries to put things back to how they were in the ’60s (when all the characters were white), except with more gore, sex, and shock value. His inclusion of Cyborg in the Justice League seems like an afterthought just so, again, they can say they have “diversity.” But what does that matter when there is no real, genuine care or conviction behind it? It’s just empty lip service. Bruce Timm and co seemed like they really cared!

      I don’t entirely disagree with the synergy thing, but I think DC is going about it all wrong. Instead of accepting that most people know DC characters through movies, cartoons, and television shows, they act like that stuff doesn’t exist (when they don’t agree with it). They do things like pushing Hal Jordan on an audience that was weaned on John Stewart, and expect them to like it. Instead of giving people what they want to see, they bury John Stewart, and them plot to kill him off. It’s ridiculous.

  4. Maggie says:

    “I don’t entirely disagree with the synergy thing, but I think DC is going about it all wrong. Instead of accepting that most people know DC characters through movies, cartoons, and television shows, they act like that stuff doesn’t exist (when they don’t agree with it). They do things like pushing Hal Jordan on an audience that was weaned on John Stewart, and expect them to like it. Instead of giving people what they want to see, they bury John Stewart, and them plot to kill him off. It’s ridiculous.”

    On that, I definitely agree with you. I think until more Black creators start working at DC (not likely given the problems with their editorial and their history with Black talent), characters like Stewart are going to be treated as second best no matter what. That’s why I try to learn more about indie creators who aren’t afraid to have strong Black characters. Does that mean that only Black writers should write Black characters? No. However, I feel that having experience with being Black helps in writing Black characters. Not sure how I can put it. I remember watching Static Shock in high school (when it was in reruns) and noticing how the dialog for Virgil actually rang true to me when I saw him. He didn’t come off whitewashed or like a bad stereotype. I know some creators have criticized Milestone for deciding to work with DC (wonder why they didn’t go the Image route), but I liked how they had variety in their characters not just in background but also in characters. Icon wasn’t the same as Hardware and neither of them were like Wise Son. Rocket didn’t act like Brick (think that’s her name). That’s rare at Marvel and DC and when some writers try to foster connections between Black characters like Reggie Hudlin and Dwayne Mcduffie some fans complain it’s racist or pandering. It’s really ridiculous.

    • Desh says:

      It’s a shame that many of the execs and talent are that clueless or apathetic to what other people would like. It shouldn’t be too hard to take a look at another demographic and discover why they like what they do.

      Hudson up above explained it well. I believe black people would like a hero who… has characteristics of a typical super hero, more or less, while displaying qualities they can relate to. Someone they can aspire to be like. To have a team with all these prestigious heroes and to give black people someone NO ONE would want to be like is so boneheaded it’s almost insulting.

      What makes it even worse is that they have this great minority character sitting there, ready to go, who people want to see… and they often ignore him. UUUUGH!!!

    • Hudson Faber says:

      Maggie, Have you read the Miles Morales Spider-man book? It’s a strong, popular title with a top tier, White writer who write Black people the way I have known them–as a Black man in a major metropolis. Pick it up if you haven’t yet.

      Van Jensen’s Green Lantern Corps is also true to form.

      Johns has no excuse–especially not his race.

      • Aktivizz says:

        Miles Morales is pretty Awesome. Brian Michael Bendis writes him like an actual person while doing 2 things that would have been so easy to do but would have destroyed his character. They didn’t make him into a Peter Parker knockoff and they didn’t make him into a stereotype. The best minority superheroes are the ones that does not need to remind everyone of their race.

  5. Aktivizz says:

    I’m just gonna go on record and say this: Injustice: Gods Among Us should have been the New 52.

    It amazes me that a fighting video game got it right. You can tell that they used a little bit of the NEw 52 but the way it integrated into the old universe makes it 10 times better. Cyborg was a member of the Justice League but they kept his history with the Teen Titans and they made him a valuable member of the team and vital to the story. Hell, in the development stages they were going to use John Stewart as the Green Lantern of the game. They had some artwork showcasing some of his designs but ultimately they chose Hal Jordan. I’m pretty sure a certain Chief over at DC might have used some of his status to have that happen but idk. At the very least they did put him in there with his original Voice Actor.

    My point is is that Netherrealm studios made a more coherent storyline than the geniuses over there at DC.

    • Hudson Faber says:

      Yup. Wish they had gotten the opportunity to go with Stewart though.

    • Desh says:

      “Hell, in the development stages they were going to use John Stewart as the Green Lantern of the game. They had some artwork showcasing some of his designs but ultimately they chose Hal Jordan. I’m pretty sure a certain Chief over at DC might have used some of his status to have that happen but idk. At the very least they did put him in there with his original Voice Actor.

      My point is is that Netherrealm studios made a more coherent storyline than the geniuses over there at DC.”

      They put him in as downloadable content without his own unique ending and such. But yeah, I noticed the evidence that points to Nether Realm wanting to use John. It’s very upsetting that they didn’t (weren’t allowed, perhaps) follow through with the original plan.

      There is an analogy I’ve used before when discussing this subject elsewhere. It is like there is a rapid river, and instead of riding a raft down it, DC -with officials like Geoff Johns- choose to swim against it. If people want to use John Stewart, and see John Stewart, let them! Hal Jordan has majorly flopped. To continue pushing him on audiences while ignoring John (and plotting to kill him) is making their ridiculous, petty bias come out more and more.

  6. Steve says:

    When the writers don’t have much love for a character you can clearly see it in the way they write. I don’t see why they don’t just use the original source material from the old Teen Titans issues by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. Cyborg’s design was simple and aesthetically pleasing, now he looks like a Transformers movie reject with no personality. He went from being half/man half/machine to 99% machine and 1% man.

    Among the titans he was an equal member and very intelligent. In the Justice Leagues new 52 his intelligence appears to be based on his connection to the computer network and even though he’s intelligent, of course Batman has to always be one step ahead of him. With the advance technology Cyborg has, he shouldn’t look like a walking garbage truck. If the writers thought outside the box, the technology would actually be miniature and less visible to anyone else.

    I see the same thing done to Green Lantern in the DTV movies, video games and comics. He has the “most powerful weapon in the universe” but Batman is able to take his ring off his finger with no problem. Superman and Wonder Woman or anyone with super strength can bust through his shields with ease and even Aquaman was shown beating up on Green Lantern at one point. When I saw him running from Superman after barely putting up a fight in “Injustice: Gods Among Us”, that was not GL.

    I think Geoff Johns made Green Lantern weaker compared to the other JL members. Plus he’s less unique with all the other spectrums and rings running around.

    I would like to see a discussion in the future about how GL has become the least powerful in the new 52.

    • Desh says:

      Hi Steve,

      I agree. It’s easy to tell that Johns doesn’t have a lot of love for Cyborg no matter what he says, which makes his inclusion in the Justice League all that much stranger. And yeah, Lee’s Cyborg design is terrible. If it were me, I wouldn’t go with the Perez look, as that’s rather dated. I would rather see something new and aesthetically pleasing.

  7. Steve says:

    Btw, John Stewart is my favorite Green Lantern too but I just had to ask whatever happened to “Beware my Power” with Green Lantern.

  8. Ben Spector says:

    I totally agree about this article. There is nothing much more to add. Geoff Johns knew exactly that John Stewart would steal his childhood hero Hal Jordan the show. I’m a great fan of the GL franchise but I was happy that the Green Lantern Movie went down the toilet with the two dimensional Hal Jordan. Come on. Who wants to see that Hal Jordan an Carol Ferris bullshit anymore. Johns thought he can revive his childhoods wet dreams. I was very happy when I heard that he left GL. But was very annoyed, when I heard that he received an even higher position in DC Company. He and this Dan Didio should be removed from their positions.

    • Desh says:

      Hi Ben,

      I am not invested in the Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris relationship, either. And I don’t care how many comics Geoff Johns sold, no one who is co-producer of a project that loses over 90 MILLION DOLLARS should be Chief Creative Officer of anything.

      Glad you enjoyed the article!

  9. anonsaga says:

    Even though I can understand DC’s attachment to Hal Jordan, the best, smartest, and most profitable way to give legitimate diversity to the JL would have been to have made Jon Stewart the Green Lantern. No one can take Cyborg seriously as a member of the big 7.

    The only thing I loathe more than DC’s decision to sideline Jon Stewart was their decision to replace the fat, intimidating, sexless Amanda ‘The Wall’ Waller with a skinny sexpot that stretches our suspension of disbelief so far that no one could ever take her seriously.

    One of my major annoyances with the people in charge is that they don’t seem to understand or care that credibility is extremely important for both the stories and their main actors. Credibility comes from congruence, which is to say that actions, thoughts, motivations and appearance all have to be logically consistent.

  10. DarthYan says:

    Hal’s been in successful stuff as well

    1. The Batman
    2. Batman Brave and the Bold
    3. Young Justice
    4. Green Lantern the animated series (majorly featured with critical acclaim)
    5. New Frontier (majorly featured with critical acclaim)
    6. First Flight
    7. Crisi on 2 earths
    8. JL Doom
    9. Emerald Knights
    10. Flashpoint
    11. Justice League War
    12. MK vs DC
    13. Injustice
    14. DCUO
    15. Lego Batman 2
    16. Infinite Crisis
    17. GL : Rise of Manhunters (which had positive reviews)

    He’s also has more ties with villains like Sinestro

    • Desh Derringer says:

      I’ll go down the list.

      1. Those were just guest appearances here and there.
      2. Again, guest appearance here and there.
      3. Minor role. His presence made no difference. And John Stewart was there, too.
      4. Lasted a season, and then got booted off the air.

      5. A Direct to video movie with a limited audience.
      6. A direct to video movie with a limited audience, which performed lukewarm according to Bruce Timm.
      7. I don’t have much to say about that one.
      8. That movie was horrible!
      9. Not much to say about this one.
      10. Same as above. Direct to video stuff.
      11. Direct to video.
      12. Not much to say. I don’t know much about it other than it exists.
      13. That IS a very successful game! John Stewart is in it, too.
      14. John Stewart is there, too.
      15. I don’t know much about that. I don’t know what Hal Jordan’s role is.
      16. Same as above.
      17. That video game? I’m pretty sure that wasn’t successful.

      The main point is that none of that compares to being on a popular and extremely highly acclaimed cartoon show aired on network television for around 13 years. That’s what people mean when they say, “A whole generation grew up with John Stewart.” He has affected a lot more people than Hal Jordan has. Both casual fans and hardcore comic readers.

      • DarthYan says:

        the green lantern show was ALSO critically acclaimed.

        My point was that Hal was still in those and he was given equal time with John Stewart. Writing it off is dishonest. Except In justice where Hal is more prominent. Like it or not the comic stories from John’s tenure with Jordan as the star were more prominent, more successful and more popular. Hell I was used to thinking of them both.

        Look, I loved John Stewart in the cartoon. But you seem to arrogantly assume that anyone who doesn’t view Stewart as the one true lantern is some troglodyte and idiot. You even say those who are stewart fans and like john’s work. Hell you’re so arrogant its actually kind of turning me off Stewart to be honest.

        Hal has a stronger connection. He has the personal connection with the primary bad guy (sinestro) alongside atrocitus, star sapphire arisia etc. Hal has the stronger connection.

        You have no right to say that John Stewart is the one true Lantern, and that any who say otherwise are morons

        • Desh Derringer says:

          Firstly, I have the right to say whatever I want, especially on my website.


          “You have no right to say that John Stewart is the one true Lantern, and that any who say otherwise are morons”

          I said no such thing. You’re free to think whatever you would like. I really do not care. Just respect that I’m free to think and say what I want as well and we’ll be just fine.

          “Like it or not the comic stories from John’s tenure with Jordan as the
          star were more prominent, more successful and more popular.”

          ^ This is near irrelevant next to losing millions upon millions of dollars due to lambasted films, unsold merchandise, and cancelled cartoons. I’m going to say something I’m sure you’re going to find arrogant, but it is not with the intention of doing so, rather with the intention of being direct, because I think it’s something that should be realized.

          You are of a very, VERY small group of people, relatively speaking. When compared to the audience of the Justice League cartoons, not very many people care about Hal Jordan’s comics, they don’t care about his relationships, and they don’t care about him. This is all demonstrated by the poor performances of his movie, merchandise, and the cancellation of his cartoon.

          Comic book fans are a tiny fraction of WB’s audience, and staunch loyalty to little nuances of comic book lore –which is only appreciated by a select few– should not get in the way of WB making intelligent business decisions with their properties. Continuing to use Hal Jordan in mass media endeavors like film after the disasters involving the character, because ‘comic books say so,’ is, frankly, foolish. There is another Green Lantern who has been positively received and doesn’t come with the baggage of being the star of cartoons cancelled after their first season, warehouses of unsold goods, and huge box office bombs. That is much more important than, “Who’s got the closer relationship with Atrocitus?”

  11. Xavion says:

    I understand your post (you being a John Stewart fan). I, however, am not a JS fan, so I thought his book presence was pretty fitting. With that said, Geoff Johns is an amazing writer. Not just for GL, but for Batman, JLA (Trinity War), Aquaman (another “Hero” I don’t appreciate), and many more. He has very clear flaws with predictability and occasionally leaving gaps. However, I don’t think it’s fair to say he shouldn’t be CCO for DC due to his work strictly with John Stewart and Simon Baz (even though I completely agree with your assessment of Simon Baz). Decent enough post, though.

    • Desh Derringer says:

      “However, I don’t think it’s fair to say he shouldn’t be CCO for DC due to his work strictly with John Stewart and Simon Baz”

      I think it is fair, because what Geoff Johns has done with those characters goes beyond the norm concerning fictional characters. How he handles characters like Simon Baz, John Stewart, and Cyborg gives the impression that he has absolutely no idea how people of color view these heroes. That perspective seems to be completely lost on him.

      I seriously doubt most Black people want to see themselves in a character with half a face and no penis, who also happens to be the biggest person in the room by a wide margin, who also happens to never do anything cool. This is a character who is standing behind six other godly, idealized White heroes. To not only fail to see something upsetting about that picture, but to also perpetuate it tells me that Johns really only recognizes or cares about his own White male perspective.

      When he does work on characters who are people of color, it’s often disastrous. The most popular and beloved PoC character in DC’s repertoire was near completely ignored on Johns’ watch, he created an arguably offensive, gun-toting, ski-mask wearing, car-jacking ethnic ‘hero’, and he gives Black people a robotic freak to identify with who is surrounded by idealized White heroes just so he can use the White Green Lantern.

      In short, Johns is very alienating to some people. If the goal of DC Comics is to keep their comics read by aging White males, then sure, Johns is the way to go. But if they want to diversify and grow their fanbase with different demographics, then Johns is just about the worst person to have in such a high position.

      • DarthYan says:

        The cartoon was a success (fans and critics loved it) Also hal had a good connection to the mythos (connection with sinestro due to their gig as mentor student) and I kind of liked his redemption arc where he tries to atone for what he did under paralaxs influence. Could he have handled stewart better? Yeah. But you still come across arrogant

        • Desh Derringer says:

          “But you still come across arrogant”

          Well, that’s interesting. All I do is post my unabashed, unrestrained opinions about topics involving Green Lantern John Stewart. You may not agree with some of them, and that’s fine. I never said my opinion is worth more than someone else’s, or that someone is dumb for not feeling the way I do.

          However, I did not set up this site to tip toe around subjects for fear of bothering folks I didn’t really aim the site toward. I put it up for my own enrichment and that of other real fans of John Stewart, and to offer them a place to discuss issues involving the character so people can know how his fans really feel about matters.

          From my observations, it seems a number of them don’t like Geoff Johns or the Hal Jordan character.


          I guess that’s just the way it is. I don’t think they should necessarily hide that.

          • DarthYan says:

            I loved John Stewart in the show too. Hell I actually do like the idea of having him as a strong poc character and wholly agree that cyborg on the jl is tokenism and rather pathetic. I feel that he and hal can coexist and that there are elements of hal’s stories that can be liked (his desire to redeem himself after what Parallax manipulated him to doing, his relationship with sinestro.) Than again I just love redemption arcs. It’s worth noting that when Johns ended the story he made John Stewart a successful united states senator. Simon Baz also mentors the first woman from earth to take up the lantern ring.

  12. Rick says:

    All of your complaints about Johns treatment of John Stewart are easily explained. John Stewart is a boring character. Even Simon Baz is more interesting than him and I don’t particularly care for him either. There was nothing worse than the Justice League cartoon airing with John Stewart as the Green Lantern, frankly I would have preferred they left out Green Lantern all together than put him in. At best John Stewart was a backup for Hal should anything ever happen to him, he was never meant for the spot light and that is very obvious when a writer tries to give it to him. He’s dry, uninspirational, and in general just not an entertaining character. The only thing that ever made him interesting was to see how he would approach being a lantern when Hal was unable, but that’s been done and now there are other much more interesting lanterns which serve that roll so John Stewart is really just unnecessary for the dc universe.

    • Desh Derringer says:

      Well… i really don’t have much to say to that other than “That’s your opinion.” Some may agree with you and there are others who don’t. Likewise, the Hal Jordan character doesn’t interest me whatsoever. And to me, there was nothing worse than that terrible 2011 Green Lantern movie that featured Hal Jordan as the lead character. I would rather have no Green Lantern movie at all than have that. The big difference here, though, is that the Justice League cartoon was highly successful and is still very loved today. The Hal Jordan stuff on the other hand…

      So, different strokes, as they say.

      I will say this, though – personal preferences aside, it is REALLY stupid to shaft a character that so many view as THE Green Lantern. The numerous questions and complaints about Green Lantern being White in the 2011 film show that a large portion of the audience that was aware of Green Lantern felt that character should have been John Stewart.

      • Rick says:

        Well ain’t no one gonna argue about that movie, it was definitely garbage, although I didn’t think it was an accurate portrayal of Hal Jordan, felt more like what if Ryan Reynolds became a Green Lantern. As for shafting a character who so many view as THE Green Lantern I would imagine that’s only those who were first introduced to Green Lantern through the cartoon, and those same folks would also think that Hawkgirl is a founding member which just isn’t true, and her and John Stewart never had a relationship so it all feels (in my opinion) like if they try to really use John for the audience he really has they’re just going to let those fans down anyways because it won’t be the same it used to be. John Stewart in the comics has never had the clout he had in the cartoon. As for color of skin I don’t see the point, really it’s just name and character, I don’t worry about skin color because it doesn’t identify the character (there are some exceptions), that’s why we get things like a black Nick Fury, black Perry White, a Hawaiian Aquaman, and I’m sure they will continue to racial swap characters as much as they please, but ultimately in the end as long as they play the character properly who cares.

        • Desh Derringer says:

          ” and those same folks would also think that Hawkgirl is a founding member which just isn’t true, and her and John Stewart never had a relationship”

          But that stuff IS true. You can’t say it never happened, because it did. We saw it. JL/JLU is just another interpretation of the Justice League -the most famous interpretation, at that.

          Are you suggesting the shows should be stripped of all credit because they’re cartoon shows? If so, why? I don’t know if you’re aware, but that cartoon was seen by more people than have ever read Green Lantern comics.

          I believe the attitude you’re displaying, which seems to advocate casting aside the more beloved piece of entertainment, and its concepts, in favor of strict adherence to comic book canon, is really wrong headed. All it does is push away a much larger audience than the comic book readership.

          “like if they try to really use John for the audience he really has they’re just going to let those fans down anyways because it won’t be the same it used to be.”

          Do you read the current comic books? The John Stewart in Green Lantern Corps seems a lot like the guy from JL/JLU in mannerisms, and he has plenty of clout in the Corps. I enjoy reading him, and I’m a fan from the cartoon show.

          “As for color of skin I don’t see the point, really it’s just name and character, I don’t worry about skin color because it doesn’t identify the character”

          Well, it may not matter to you, but I don’t think that we can deny that it does matter to others, for different reasons. Some want to see more representation, and BETTER representation, others don’t want to see White characters turned different races. Different reasons, and you may not care about any of that, but the issue does matter.

          • Rick says:

            Breaking down my reply in a similar matter as yours for convenience of reading.

            I am saying that it deserves its own credit in its own cannon. For awhile there was a comic produced which was attached to that universe. So that is where that material belonged, but as popular as you seem to believe it is it all got canceled which is a pretty good indicator that years of comics have hit a much wider audience than the 4 years of that show. So I would hardly say that the show is the most popular or that anything it did mattered.

            I do read current comic books, a lot of them, and the new 52 is a thing that a lot of people claim is stupid, but regardless of their opinions DC made lots and lots of money with the reboot and still continue to sell better than they did before the reboot. So regardless of what I hear a lot of people say about the reboot it was clearly the right choice for the comics. Now, the reason I bring this up is I believe you’ve found a group of like minded folks about John Stewart, they want to see him do more and be used in more stories but ultimately DC isn’t because they’re making money without him because there’s not as much interest in him as you think. That tangent aside, of all the books I do read in the New 52 the one I don’t really read is Green Lantern Corps, but, if John Stewart carries as much clout with the corps as you make it sound, and you can read about him each month in that series then really this whole website and your point are moot.

            All I can really say about skin color is that I wish it didn’t matter to people unless it’s essential to the character. If being black, white, yellow, red, or other isn’t essential then it shouldn’t be a concern, this is 2014 people, it’s thoughts like this that continue to keep race an issue. You think I’m wrong headed for thinking a cartoon shouldn’t matter? How wrong headed do you think it is to be upset because a character’s race is altered, make superman black, cyborg white, and anyone else whatever you want, as long as the character is the same who cares? If Superman still stands for truth and justice, and does all of the things that Superman can do then he’s the same guy, skin color is just a color, it offers no importance. Now if a character is attached to their cultural background, which would indicate a specific skin color then yes, they should retain said color, but that goes with what I said about them being the same character, as long as that’s maintained it’s all good.

          • Steve Rogers says:

            If John Stewart is that bad as you say, he wouldn’t even be able to carry his own book and have recent stories centered on him. If you haven’t read Green Lantern Corps, then why argue against something you know nothing about? And DC is making money with him leading the book. So your arguments are invalid there. And bringing up skin color, it seems your stretching your way to claim that you don’t mind a Black Hal Jordan it seems.

          • Rick says:

            My claims are valid by this very website existing, he isn’t interesting which is why he doesn’t get much attention in the dc universe. I do have and read issues of the Green Lantern corps now and again, it’s just not as interesting as the other stuff, hence my point. As for your second point no I don’t mind a black Hal Jordan, there’s nothing about his character that requires him to be white, so if DC wants to say that as of 2015 Hal is black it won’t change anything for me.

          • Steve Rogers says:

            No offence, but you’re not making any sense. If you read Green Lantern Corps, you’re actually supporting the book and helping DC “make money”. There’s even people who are Hal Jordan fans even like Green Lantern Corps better than the main title should pretty much tell you something. Green Lantern Corps also got equally or better reviews from different sites than the main title. Never mind the fact that Guy and Kyle also got more development then John Stewart being ignored throughout the years and his book outsells theirs including Sinestro, who’s another character that got good treatment under Geoff Johns.

            If it doesn’t matter that Hal Jordan is black in the DCCU, I guess you’re fine with Johnny Storm being black, which the majority of comic readers are complaining about.

            I find it funny that only Hal Jordan fans including you accept a black Hal Jordan. Desperate much? Every time when there’s a Hal vs John debate on different sites, I always see Hal fans saying they don’t mind for a black Hal Jordan lol.

          • Rick says:

            One I never said I was a Hal Jordan fan, that’s an assumption that you and probably others are making. Two I never spend money on Green Lantern corps, but every once in a while I’ll download it from a buddy of mine just to see what’s going on so that kinda kills both of your points. I sure would like to know where these reviews are coming from, Green Lantern seems to consistently outsell Green Lantern corps, that kinda shows that people aren’t reading as much of Green Lantern corps as you make it sound, which makes it hard to believe that there are a lot of people who thinks it’s better. It took me less than 1 minute to look up the sales charts for all comics, and every month I looked at (the last 6) and I’m sure more if I keep going, (here check for yourself I’ll get the same results, but Green Lantern corps is always out sold by Green Lantern, so if all of these Green Lantern fans are switching to Green Lantern corps they’re either all not paying for it but still buying Green Lantern which about the dumbest thing to assume, or it’s just not happening, people prefer the basic Green Lantern title more. Yes Johnny Storm can be black, like I said, color doesn’t mean anything unless it has a cultural connection, for example if lets say T’Challa were to suddenly become anything other than black that wouldn’t make since, but since Wakanda is a made up country if they want to change the whole country to say a chinese country then having a chinese T’Challa would be what I expect. Johnny Storm has no character driven connection to being white so why box yourself in, find the actor you think will do best and run with it.

          • Desh Derringer says:

            It seems you don’t understand the point of this website. The point of it is to give John Stewart fans a place to go to read content that will interest them, and for me to have an outlet to write about stuff I’m interested in. It also serves to give DC/WB a place to get feedback from John Stewart fans, if they’re so inclined. If this website has no point, then neither does any other fansite on the internet.

            Also, it’s not that I’m not open to opposing views, but your posts are really straddling the “trolling” area, because you’re coming into a fansite and claiming that the entire subject matter of the site is terrible and not interesting. In which case, I wonder why you even bother discussing it?

            “but as popular as you seem to believe it is it all got canceled which is a pretty good indicator that years of comics have hit a much wider audience than the 4 years of that show.”

            Most television shows eventually run their course. Just because they eventually end does not mean they are not popular. And consider this, millions and millions and millions of people watched Justice League/Justice League Unlimited. Only a couple hundred thousand people (at best) read comics. More people watched JL/JLU than the entire comics readership, let alone Green Lantern readers. I hope that’s food for thought.

            “they want to see him do more and be used in more stories but ultimately DC isn’t because they’re making money without him because there’s not as much interest in him as you think.”

            Um… John Stewart has a comic book series. See?


            It sells pretty good. DC is using and making money off the character. This article expresses complains about the previous Green Lantern writer, Geoff Johns, totally ignoring the character. Why would a John Stewart fan want to see a character he loves ignored for years? You are clearly not a fan of John Stewart, so obviously you do not care if he’s ignored. The current Green Lantern writers do not ignore the character..

            Anyway, there’s not much else to be said other than we don’t like the same things. You will never convince any regular frequenter on this site that John Stewart is boring and not worth anything, so it’s really a wasted effort, and to continue it would only be to troll.

          • Rick says:

            Well I appreciate your insight, I have no intention to troll but I do see how it comes off that way. I just wanted to offer up my opinion on why I don’t think you’ll see more of John Stewart. As my reply to Steve Rogers points out I’m very aware he has a comic, I even occasionally read it sometimes but that’s why I have the opinion I have about him, I’ve been reading about John Stewart for years, whether they were having him fall in love with Katma Tui, or becoming the Master Builder, or just being used as a stand in Green Lantern, point is I’m very familiar with the character from years of comic books and the cartoon, so I thought I’d let you know what someone from my position had to offer on the subject. As for the cartoon vs comics and audience, it’s about time available, new readers come on and old readers go away every year, hell every month, so you always are cycling which people are buying those comics, with that you spread out a history which spans over 4 decades then you easily hit way more people than a tv show did that hasn’t been around for all that long, making John Stewart the lesser known Green Lantern, contrary to what everyone hear claims, heck I posted an example with a link in my above reply if you wanna see for yourself. If you truly want to change my mind, because I’m always down to learn more, please provide some issue numbers which are worth reading where maybe I can be sold on John Stewart as a character, cause so far, in years of reading and the cartoon, that hasn’t happened.

          • Desh Derringer says:

            It’s really not in my interest to convince you to like the John Stewart character. If you don’t that’s perfectly fine with me. And we are already seeing more and more of John Stewart than we did compared to when Geoff Johns was writing Green Lantern. So yes, there’s been a lot of progress made there. Apparently his being a supposed boring character did not impede him in that respect.

            About comics over the years vs. the cartoon. The cartoon lasts just like the comics do. It’s still on Netflix, still on DVD, and just recently enjoyed being played again on CW’s Vortexx block. Again, reaching far more people than comics do. If you want to believe more people read comics than watch popular cartoons, and that comics are a more relevant medium, be my guest, but that’s really not the case.

            Also, you act like Hal Jordan has been the lead and/or only character in Green Lantern forever, and that the others who bear that name have had no presence at all. Even looking at things without the cartoon, Hal Jordan still shares the “Green Lantern” name with a bunch of other characters. Therefore, some of those people may not even view Hal Jordan as “their” Green Lantern.

          • DarthYan says:

            actually the green lantern animated series did pretty well (it was up with young justice in ratings). So people liked Hal than. The reason it was canned wasn’t because it was bad. You can get good stories with hal; just because jon’s in it doesn’t mean he’s the reason it’s a success.

    • Steve Rogers says:

      Hal Jordan is by far the worst lantern including Simon Baz. He’s already been replaced by multiple GLs already due to his poor sales. There’s nothing really special about him. Even Hal fans don’t like the way Hal is currently written. He’s boring and incompetent.

  13. Phil K says:

    The arrogant peabrained politically correct turd shopuld never be allowed anywhere near ANY comic from here on in.

  14. cerberus108 says:

    Whenever someone mentions Geoff Johns, I think of the Wonder Woman scene from JL War: “Ice cream is wonderful!”

    Apparently a wise, battle-hardened warrior woman who has lived for thousands of years loses her mind when she tastes ice cream and shoves her weapon into commoners’ faces like a tyrant. Or more accurately, like Thor with boobs.

    • Steve Rogers says:

      I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

      • cerberus108 says:

        Try learning English?

        • Steve Rogers says:

          I know English, pal. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have responded, now would I?

          • cerberus108 says:

            So you can read English, you can write English, but you can’t understand a post that uses proper English spelling and grammar? What was so confusing about it? Do you just get lost after reading more than a sentence?

            I honestly don’t know if you’re making fun of me or if you’re genuinely curious at this point.

          • Steve Rogers says:

            Just curious on what the points you’re trying to make that’s relevant to the article.

          • Desh Derringer says:

            I believe they’re saying that they don’t like the way Geoff Johns portrays Wonder Woman. I don’t, either.

          • Steve Rogers says:

            Now I understand. I personally think Geoff Johns is overrated. He sucks at writing Batman, which even made him out-of-character at times (like in Forever Evil). Wonder Woman always had a strong passionate love for mother-nature, but yet she’s written horribly. The earlier story line for her in her introduction in JL wasn’t good. He’s a good writer in some books, but DC fans make it seem like he can do no wrong and never had bad writing before. That kind of attitude is one of the reasons why he keeps going up the ladder. I highly disagree with his position at DC. John Stewart will never get ahead with these kind of people in charge.

            I know people over at Marvel giving writers like Bendis negative feedback on his lack of ideas, but at least he realizes (and acknowledge) diversity is a real issue in the comics industry. He’s doing everything he can to fix that problem. Yes, new minority characters are the new replacements, but some of the originals have already came back in on-goings, where they getting better equality treatments.

          • Desh Derringer says:

            Marvel and DC are very, very different. If diversity is something that matters to you, Marvel is the way to go, no doubt about it. Marvel seems to really care about that while DC doesn’t. DC is overall more old fashioned than Marvel, and always has been..

            As for John Stewart, I don’t have high hopes for him. He’ll probably continue to languish at DC for the foreseeable future.

          • Steve Rogers says:

            It’s logical to believe John doesn’t have a bright future ahead, since the power that be over there at DC are running things.

          • PadThai2 says:

            Marvel looks great because DC does such a crappy job promoting any character who isn’t a white character from before 1970. What I’ve found is to see variety in comics, you have to start looking outside of DC and Marvel. There’s a lot of quality at Valiant, Atomic Lab, Image, Boom Studios, Thrillbent, and the many self-published creators out there and that’s just a small sample in the US alone. As I started reading more outside of superheroes, I started seeing more diversity. I think that is due to the history of the superhero which has been discussed and written about.

          • Desh Derringer says:

            I agree with you. There is actually a lot of great and very diverse stuff out there if one cares to look. I’ve been broadening my horizons quite a bit lately and have been pleasantly surprised at the amount of diverse content out there.

            As for the “big two”, I think Marvel puts forth a genuine effort at diversifying their content. Could they do some things better? Sure, but I think they’re on the right track and are always trying to improve.
            DC? Ugh…I’m convinced they need to clean house editorially before things get better for them. The people they have in charge right now are just too out of touch and beholden to ancient ways of thinking.

  15. Maxi Iroh says:

    HHAHAHAHA, this is a super funny read, just because Geoff Johns doesn’t like Stewart doesn’t mean he’s a bad writer, he’s top tier.

    • Desh Derringer says:

      I agree with your second point. I think he’s a bad writer because I think he’s a bad writer. His disliking John Stewart is a separate issue. But if he appeals to you, then fine.

    • PadThai2 says:

      By stans and for stans. That’s who Geoff Johns appeals too. Top tier writers don’t have to rely on nostalgia and predictability to get people to read their work. I’m sure he’ll do a great job fucking up the GLC movie along with Goyer.

  16. Luquinhas says:

    You made a mistake in this text, who was responsible for putting John Stewart in the Justice League design was not Bruce Timm but Dwayne McDuffie, who created the character Static Shock.

  17. Luquinhas says:

    Good article, but I hate those arrogant and pseudo-intellectuals Foodedutilitarian.

  18. Luquinhas says:

    I will never forget that Jacob Canfield’s Asshole from the Hooded Utilitarian, said that Charlie Hebdo is racist and supported the murder of his cartoonists.

  19. (∩ ° ʖ °)⊃━⋆Ur A Whizzer Barry says:

    this is a really well-written article

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