Dwayne McDuffie and Len Wein Inducted in Notable Creators Section

on June 8, 2015

Hey there, John Stewart fans! There have been two additions to the GreenLantern.Co Notable Creators section, and they are Dwayne McDuffie…

“McDuffie’s sentiments explain why DC Comics and Warner Bros. completely failed to capitalize on the success of Green Lantern John Stewart on television, and decided to shunt him off to the side in favor of the numerous White iterations. Certain industry professionals clearly did not care for or about the progressive leaps that were made by Timm, McDuffie, and others working on the Justice League cartoons, and made an effort to put things back to the White status quo.”

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and Len Wein!

“I honestly believe that had Len Wein not done this, John wouldn’t have the success he enjoys today. Had John not had his notable run as Earth’s Green Lantern in the 1980s, I don’t think he would have been selected for the Justice League cartoon show, which led to him becoming the Green Lantern for a whole generation of fans. Additionally, John Stewart was also featured in the milestone Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover because he just happened to be the Green Lantern at the time of its publication.”

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