30th January 2015

Secret Origins #9 Review

At long last, John Stewart’s New 52 origin is told. No John Stewart fan should miss this! As such, .Co is here to hit you with some thoughts.

“Van Jensen has certainly earned the right to pen this incredibly crucial part of John Stewart’s lore. Jensen has taken the time and interest in extensively researching John Stewart’s history. He has read every (or practically every) key appearance and run for the character. He has watched and studied the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoon series. He has touched base with John Stewart’s fans and knows what they want to see and what they don’t. He is the ultimate John Stewart writer. There is no one I would trust more to write John Stewart’s revised origin than Van Jensen, and he doesn’t disappoint me here. He pulls through with flying colors. If you’re a John Stewart fan then this origin story is sure to please you.”

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There are many exciting developments happening with John Stewart right now (see below), so be sure to keep an eye on GreenLantern.Co to stay up to date with the latest.

Oa, by the way

Tyrese Gibson continues his mission of becoming the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 in DC’s burgeoning cinematic universe. He has posted many great fan edits of himself as John Stewart on his Instagram account, but an image he recently posted is especially captivating.

I don't talk….. I move….. #WB #GreenLanternMission

Uma foto publicada por TYRESE (@tyrese) em

As you can see, Tyrese posted an image of the WB studio entrance along with the caption:

“I don’t talk….. I move….. #WB #GreenLanternMission”

This, of course, is meant to lead us to believe he has met with Warner Bros. executives to discuss playing Green Lantern. There is still no official confirmation of talks taking place, but things are looking better and better for the prospect of Tyrese playing John Stewart.

Speaking of things looking better and better, it seems John Stewart will be ComicVine.Com’s “Character of the Month” for February. This is thanks to John Stewart fans like you casting votes to get him there, so you can give yourselves a huge pat on the back. Keep an eye on ComicVine.Com for articles about the Green Lantern. You can see the voting page below:
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25th January 2015

UPDATE! Tyrese Gibson Continues to Hint at Green Lantern Role

Tyrese Gibson has once again taken to his Instagram account to post a rendering of himself as Green Lantern John Stewart. His similar post yesterday really got the rumor mill churning, and he’s not letting up. Along with the image, he had this to say:

“Loving this energy….. Shout to @_raphael_leite_ Idris fall back I got this! “In the brightest day, in the blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let all who worship evil’s might, Beware of the power of Green Lantern’s light!””

Green Lantern remains the only Justice League member not revealed as cast for the upcoming Justice League film. Warner Bros. has been very hush mouthed about the Emerald Crusader, a crucial member of the League, but things can’t stay secret forever. With Idris Elba, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Chadwick Boseman, and now Tyrese directly referencing John Stewart, it’s looking like he will be the cinematic Green Lantern, which would make a lot of sense, as John Stewart offers a clean platform removed from the failed 2011 Green Lantern film, while giving general audiences a face many among them know and have missed, due to his prominent role in the Bruce Timm Justice League and Justice League Unlimited shows.

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Tyrese has been posting loads of John Stewart content on his Instagram, so I suggest fans keep an eye on it, which can be found here. Of special note, is a meeting Tyrese had with DC Comics Publisher Jim Lee. This leads me to believe that, at the very least, Tyrese has met with WB officials to discuss playing Green Lantern. Perhaps he’s already been cast but cannot announce it. Along with the above picture, he had this to say.

“It’s not everyday you get to go to someone on the level of Jim Lee aka @JimLeeArt home and watch him design and sketch a comic book cover…

Oa, by the way

Hey, guess what. Tyrese isn’t the only person after the John Stewart role. According to the large Twitter acount Superhero Feed, Michael Jai White has reportedly also said he’s trying to be cast for the role.

“MICHAEL JAI WHITE says he “loves DC” and is looking into playing GREEN LANTERN!”

Superhero Feed Tweet

Two big stars talking about playing John Stewart on the same day? Whatever could this mean? What it looks like is that WB is right now looking into casting for that character!

24th January 2015

Tyrese Gibson Teases Green Lantern John Stewart Role

Green Lantern Tyrese

There’s more movie news, Lantern fans. Tyrese Gibson took to his Instagram account and shared an image of himself as the Emerald Crusader, Green Lantern John Stewart, along with the caption, “Rumor has it that.” This is currently going viral on the internet, just as the Dwayne Johnson John Stewart rumors did, with over 25,000 likes in a matter of a few hours. So many stars have hinted at John Stewart. Is it safe to assume that he will be the cinematic Green Lantern? It’s looking more and more like that’s the case.

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17th January 2015

Green Lantern Corps #38 Review

The review for Green Lantern Corps #38 is ready. Go over and see what .Co has to say.

“Even if DC comes out with something huge for John after this series, I will be sad to see these creators leave the book. To me, no one has done better with John Stewart in comic books. It’s clear they all care about the character and genuinely do the best they can, which gives us incredible results, since they’re all very talented. Green Lantern Corps is my favorite comic book, and no matter what comes, no matter how great it may be, I will always look back at this run with extreme fondness.”

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John Stewart’s origin will be retold/re-imagined for the very first time in Secret Origins #9, which is due out on January 28th. I think that is a really big deal for John Stewart fans. Be sure to pick that issue up, and to check out GreenLantern.Co for a review.

Oa, by the way

The covers for the Green Lantern Corps “Convergence” issue have been shown. Take a gander at them.

Also, the trade paperback Green Lantern Corps Volume 5: Uprising has been released. Be sure to buy this volume, which continues the Van Jensen, Bernard Chang, and Marcelo Maiolo run of Green Lantern Corps.

10th January 2015

Green Lantern Corps #38 Preview

Green Lantern Corps #38 Preview

Newsarama.Com has the preview for the latest issue of Green Lantern Corps, in which John Stewart is finally declared by the Guardians to be the leader of the Corps. It’s not quite as big a moment as I thought it might be, but I think Van Jensen’s story may be in the fast lane now, due to him having to wrap it up fairly quickly. I’m upset to see that Bernard Chang did not draw this entire issue, but Marcelo Maiolo’s coloring is ever splendid. Go take a look at the preview for yourself, and be sure to pick this issue up this coming Wednesday.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS Regroup as Their Clock Ticks Down