Secret Origins #9 Review

on January 30, 2015

At long last, John Stewart’s New 52 origin is told. No John Stewart fan should miss this! As such, .Co is here to hit you with some thoughts.

“Van Jensen has certainly earned the right to pen this incredibly crucial part of John Stewart’s lore. Jensen has taken the time and interest in extensively researching John Stewart’s history. He has read every (or practically every) key appearance and run for the character. He has watched and studied the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoon series. He has touched base with John Stewart’s fans and knows what they want to see and what they don’t. He is the ultimate John Stewart writer. There is no one I would trust more to write John Stewart’s revised origin than Van Jensen, and he doesn’t disappoint me here. He pulls through with flying colors. If you’re a John Stewart fan then this origin story is sure to please you.”

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There are many exciting developments happening with John Stewart right now (see below), so be sure to keep an eye on GreenLantern.Co to stay up to date with the latest.

Oa, by the way

Tyrese Gibson continues his mission of becoming the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 in DC’s burgeoning cinematic universe. He has posted many great fan edits of himself as John Stewart on his Instagram account, but an image he recently posted is especially captivating.

I don't talk….. I move….. #WB #GreenLanternMission

Uma foto publicada por TYRESE (@tyrese) em

As you can see, Tyrese posted an image of the WB studio entrance along with the caption:

“I don’t talk….. I move….. #WB #GreenLanternMission”

This, of course, is meant to lead us to believe he has met with Warner Bros. executives to discuss playing Green Lantern. There is still no official confirmation of talks taking place, but things are looking better and better for the prospect of Tyrese playing John Stewart.

Speaking of things looking better and better, it seems John Stewart will be ComicVine.Com’s “Character of the Month” for February. This is thanks to John Stewart fans like you casting votes to get him there, so you can give yourselves a huge pat on the back. Keep an eye on ComicVine.Com for articles about the Green Lantern. You can see the voting page below:
Vote for the Next Character of the Month: 2/15

22 responses to “Secret Origins #9 Review”

  1. Hudson Faber says:

    Having John win Comicvine’s Character of the Month is a great way to start the Year of John Stewart!

    Edit – It’s official boys and girls! John Stewart has been OFFICIALLY announced as Comicvine’s Character of the Month.

    John still needs your support! Celebrate in the comments section of the following link:…ern-1640676/#2

  2. Clyde says:

    John really needed this more than the other contestants. Black Panther will be featured in his own film plus appearances in others. Blade already had his trilogy plus his tv series, Storm was featured in previous films and is being recast for future films. Luke Cage not too long ago was cast to appear on Netflix later down the line, Cyborg was already cast and will have his solo film plus appearances in others. Which then leaves John and Miles out in the cold. Unfortunately for Miles, until the people and the studios get tired of Peter Parker (which doesn’t seem to be the case at present), then Miles won’t be featured in anything beyond the animated universe for quite some time. That leaves John.

    We all talk about all the most powerful villains that the DC/Marvel universe has. Galactus, Darkseid, Thanos, Brainiac, Ultron, Doomsday, etc. and the most popular villains in the rogues gallery of our most beloved heroes. But there isn’t any villain in both DC/Marvel combined that is more powerful than the creators of all the fictional characters ever created. And when you have a man like Geoff Johns trying his best to do away with one of the characters (John Stewart), that to me s the biggest and baddest villain that I’ve ever seen. When Superman was killed that was a part of the storyarc. He wasn’t actually going to stay dead. Similar to when a WWE/TNA wrestler gets injured and its all a part of the storyline. When Jason Todd aka Robin aka Red Hood, died, that was all a part of the storyarc, but when John Stewart began to threaten Geoff Johns’ hand picked hero Hal Jordan’s spotlight after Bruce Timm featured him, Geoff Johns went on the war path to eliminate Lantern Stewart. No character in the history of all comics has ever encountered a real life villain who comes in the form of the CCO (Chief Creative Officer). For a man in his position to have such a bias opinion as it relates to the characters and what works and doesn’t work is simply outrageous.

    Which is why Geoff Johns deserved what the 2011 live action film displayed in the minds of the masses. And even then he still promoted Hal in comics as well as the animated movies. But WB basically looks at this and says look Geoff your concept is costing us $, we’re no longer listening to you, we’re now doing what’s best for business. And what’s best for business may not be Hal Jordan. While I sometimes think that Tyrese’s antics wrecks of desperation, I do like that discussions are running rapid all over social media about which Lantern will be used. And then win of character of the month just enforces those talks. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, between the Tyrese thing and character of black history month. Based on John Stewart’s origins story, there is no other black character better suited and more deserving of this representation. Enough respect goes out to the other black characters, but this is John Stewart’s time.

    Lastly, I believe that with all the corrupt politics going on behind the scenes, I truly believe that John might not have gotten another nomination until next black history month 2016 let alone a victory. Now that Lantern Stewart has taken his rightful place atop comicvine’s character of the month. People will get to know him more and more discussions will be brought up about him being in the DCCU. At this point in time the exec’s at WB studios has to know everything that is happening and comic vine along with Tyrese is only the beginning of good things to come as it relates to John Stewart getting attention. WB is going to have to end this at some point, so if they haven’t already done so they can end this in July 2015’s San Diego comic con.

    • Desh Derringer says:

      Great job, you guys. Keep bringing that passion and enthusiasm. The more we show DC/WB that John has an active and passionate fanbase, the better. It’s our responsibility to stand up and represent him, because if we don’t, no one else will, and some powers-that-be at DC will continue to try to ignore and diminish the character.

    • Steve Rogers says:

      Well said, Clyde. That was a brilliant post! It’s good to see John having a big fanbase.

      And yea John getting character of the month is perfect timing. There’s hints that it’s going to be big changes coming in February Green Lantern Corps. If anything good, it should be shown in John’s Character of the Month article.

  3. Clyde says:

    Hey guys, I was thinking…since we’re on the month of John Stewart plus we’re also reviewing his secret origins. I’d actually like to know each of your secret origins of how each of you became to like John Stewart as your guy. I’ll share my story once I get through with some comicvine business.

    • Desh Derringer says:

      Great idea, Clyde.

      As for me, like I suspect it was for many, my first introduction to John was through the Justice League cartoon. I was drawn to him because he was written really well, he had an awesome visual power (I like laser beams!), and he came from a mythology that quickly made me very curious about it. I had never heard of a superhero that was part of an army of superheroes before. I’m also into sci-fi and space-y stuff, so that made for a cool backdrop.

      Last, but not least, I had never seen a Black superhero that was treated as well as John was in that show. To me, he was depicted as being just as good as Batman and Superman. I hadn’t seen anything like that before. He led the Justice League on many occasions, even when Batman and Superman were present, he got a lot of focus and got to be the main hero many times, even when Batman and Superman were there, and he had a pretty love interest who was a great character in her own right. His love story was even considerably more developed than anything that was shown for Batman and Superman in that regard.

      So, basically, the writers let him be a superhero, instead of a “Black superhero.” He got to do all the things Batman and Superman would regularly do, but it was REALLY impressive to see, because he was a Black character. What’s more, his presence and all his accomplishments were so convincing because of the great writing and wonderful voice delivery of Phil LaMarr.

      I’ll be saying more about this in an article I will be writing for John for Black History Month, so keep on the look out.

    • sandtrap12 says:

      same as above. The justice league cartoon. John was the most level headed and practical character, which was why he was the most relatable to me. I only started reading green lantern after the cartoon, but unfortunately John was on the bench for the Geoff era, I’m glad he’s finally getting some attention the past year or so.

      Good luck on the whinevine

      • Steve Rogers says:

        I also got into Green Lantern, because of the JL/JLU cartoon, but it was around when Geoff Johns was writing Green Lantern. Well you know the rest.

        I’m hoping they raise his profile this year.

    • Hudson Faber says:

      Hi, Clyde! Great story! I learned about John through the Justice League cartoon. I was really happy to see such a powerful, respected everyman character who looked like me and who I wanted to be like. The mature storylines hooked me, and I knew I was watching something great.

      I got into comics through Marvel’s Ultimate Universe because it was new-reader-friendly and because the character designs were similar to the ones I saw in the video game X-Men Legends.

      While googling the Ultimates one day, I saw an article in Wizard Magazine about “Ultimizing the DC Universe.” The guys at Wizard thought John should be THE Green Lantern of a hypothetical Ultimate DCU, and I started to see a DCU that reminded me of the cartoon.

      When I tried to start reading Green Lantern comics, I was bitterly disappointed to discover Johns never wrote John any real storylines and that when Johns did write John he made him Hal’s bootlicker. That wasn’t the John I grew up with, and that wasn’t the John I wanted to see. I wanted to see the independent, confidant character who was CHOSEN over all others for the strength of his will and the quality of his character. I wanted to see the hero who made me proud because he was the epitome of cool and was made of pure wish-fulfillment. None of the other Green Lanterns appealed to me. They didn’t have John’s grit, maturity, or sense of humor.

      I kept re-watching the cartoons for a while before tracking down Green Lantern: Mosaic. I’ve been pushing for John ever since. When I learned that DC editorial wanted to kill off John after not doing ANYTHING with him for so many years, I was PISSED–as were many, many others. That story really blew up the internet, and it pissed off John’s creators.

      When the new Green Lantern writers took over, I was incredibly happy to see Jensen give John the respect he was due in some extremely well-written stories.

      I will be a John Stewart fan for life.

      • Hudson Faber says:

        Here’s Wizard Magazine’s pitch for “Ultimate Green Lantern”:

        THE ORIGIN: Dishonorably discharged by the military’s highly
        trained Delta Force, John Stewart’s life is going nowhere…until he’s recruited
        into the intergalactic police force called The Green Lantern Corps. A rookie
        grunt assigned to Sector 2814—Earth—Stewart’s mentor is the Corps’ most senior
        officer: Sinestro.

        THE CHARACTER: No one knows why Stewart was thrown out of
        Delta Force but as he puts it, “I had one bad day.” A social activist now in
        Los Angeles, Stewart’s happy to serve out his days not fighting in anyone’s
        wars, until he’s given the power to truly make a difference.

        SUPPORTING CAST: A slew of alien GLs fill the title, but
        Stewart’s main interaction is with his training officer Sinestro. A brilliant
        strategist and one of the most powerful Green Lanterns ever, Sinestro will give
        John Stewart—and the reader—the vibe that this Green Lantern may be furthering
        a dark agenda.

        THE SET-UP: Trained by Sinestro, Stewart quickly gains a
        reputation as a hotshot upstart. And, like his fellow officers on the GLC
        planet Oa, he still never sees their commanders called The Guardians, who are
        said to give the rings their power.

        THE FIRST ARC: Think “Training Day” in outer space. The
        rookie GL asks, “What happened to the other Green Lanterns before me?”
        “Simple,” says Sinestro with a smile. “It didn’t work out.” As Sinestro reveals
        his shadier side while the story progresses, Stewart grows more and more
        interested in just where the Guardians and his new ring and power battery come

        THE BIG PICTURE: Over time, Stewart discovers the Guardians
        are dead—killed by Sinestro, who’s been secretly running the Corps for some
        time now. He also learns that his mentor has been giving rings to inadequate
        Green Lanterns to dupe the various solar systems into a false sense of
        security, murdering any Corps member who gave Sinestro any potential
        opposition. His ultimate goal: the creation of robotic Manhunters deep inside
        Oa to destroy the flawed GL Corps, subjugate the planets under their protection
        and set Sinestro up as the conqueror of the galaxy.

      • Hudson Faber says:

        Art from Wizard’s Ultimate Justice League:

    • Colton Williams says:

      Sorry about being real late to the party but I want to join in as well. Much like everyone else, I was exposed to John Stewart through the JL/JLU cartoons. However, I was living in Würzburg, Germany at the time when I was watching it and I got to watch it in both English and German which was pretty cool but I found myself liking Phil LaMarr better than Tilo Schmitz although he is actually a very great voice actor. Phil LaMarr, to me, captured and encased a perfect Green Lantern. He had a commanding voice that wasn’t threatening or demeaning, he had a fair bit of charisma without being arrogant and the endearing moments felt genuine. It was so perfect and as a 7 year old kid seeing that, it stood out to me to this very day.

      It would take some years to get into comics which I didn’t get into until I came to the States. Nonetheless, I was a huge fan of anime and particularly giant robot/mecha anime such as Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, Mobile Suit Gundam, Macross, Transformers, Voltron, etc. Gundam was my favorite out of all of them because of just how real the characters were. The original Gundam especially stood out to me because of Amuro Ray and I always thought that him and John were almost the same guy. And reading the comics later on, I’m almost right about that. When looking at their overall arcs, I see a lot of overlap. To go further, I see Hal Jordan as Char Aznable (albeit far less interesting and striking as a character even as Parallax) given how much Amuro and Char rival and feud with one another in the way John and Hal do. Not to mention, Char, under the alias of Quattro Bajeena during Zeta Gundam, only saw Amuro as a nominal ally and I feel that’s how Hal sees John but unlike Hal, Char did see Amuro as a genuine friend in some respects. But enough of my comparisons, I should go onto what got me into comics when I came to the States because I will go on forever with this.

      I got into comics by getting into Captain America and the whole storyline with the Winter Soldier and Bucky taking over as Cap. I was hooked and I loved it and I started looking at other comics at the time. One of them I stumbled upon was Green Lantern. Needless to say, I was disappointed but I was determined to see John Stewart. This was of course from the Geoff Johns run and eventually I figured that John was either not a Lantern or just dead and I just quit comics altogether for years. It wasn’t until my move to Colorado and seeing one of my friends reading Mosaic that I asked if I could borrow his issues. I came back thoroughly amazed at what I read. This was the magic I was looking for but couldn’t find. It was practically a treasure for me! I loved it from start to finish and it’s practically sacred to me. The saddest moment was definitely giving them back but thankfully, I got them back and I still have them to look to for inspiration. Perhaps what’s sadder to me is that Mosaic was immediately torn down and John’s success put on a leash again. Mosaic is a series that has aged like fine wine and this is coming from a time when comic books were all around pretty terrible as well as being cut short. Mosaic is like that painting from the game, Xenogears where the painting is incomplete but it’s a beautiful and meaningful painting to both the characters in-universe and the audience. With those facts in mind, it makes Mosaic pretty incredible and I proudly call it one of the best stories in comic book history.

      What followed Mosaic was pretty awful for me. I had heard of a Muslim putting on the ring and becoming a Green Lantern. The news of that was pretty exciting at the time because Muslim heroes are very much appreciated in my book. I read some of the Geoff Johns issues surrounding Simon Baz and I put them down extremely angry. I had some very high expectations and Johns failed to meet even just one expectation: address Islamophobia in an intelligent way. Thankfully, Ms. Marvel helped wash down the anger but seeing the writing on the wall about Johns wanting to replace John with Simon, I got riled up again. Same exact thing with Cyborg. It was pretty clear Johns was trying to push John Stewart out of the spotlight as much as he could and he did for a lot of comic book readers. But for fans of John Stewart, it made us desire him all the more and all of us uniting for him has made so much possible from preventing his un-celebratory death to giving us a series dedicated to him to a very likely chance of him appearing in the DCCU. It’s somewhat disheartening to hear the anti-Stewart brigade try to diminish his success but it’s obvious why they do it. They’re trying their damnedest to push him out of the spotlight when he got there naturally throughout the years and his success staying with the mainstream for years, not just in the States but worldwide. I would know this well as everyone in Germany loved John when the series was running and people still love John there. My girlfriend who is from Setagayu-ku, Tokyo that too moved to Germany as I did and then came to the States, associates Green Lantern with John Stewart solely. That speaks miles that people all around the world see John Stewart as the essential Green Lantern and will do that for years and years to come.

  4. Desh Derringer says:

    Excellent posts, everyone. I’ll tell you about my experience trying to get into Green Lantern comics.

    I loved John from the show, and naturally, I wanted to see more of him, so I turned to the comics. I actually got into the comics before Geoff Johns came on. The first Green Lantern issue I bought starred Kyle Rayner and was written by Benjamin Raab. John was in one single panel. He would show up in that title, but would never do anything notable. I was happy to see him, but I felt unfulfilled. Fortunately, he was a regular in JLA at the time, so I would read those comics. They weren’t terrible, but they didn’t resemble the cartoons I loved as much as I would have liked, and they certainly weren’t of near the quality of the cartoons.

    Meanwhile, I scoured back issues for anything with John Stewart I could find. I got into the Gerard Jones stuff (early issues of Green Lantern Vol. 3), and after that, thanks to eBay, I got a hold of the ’80s Green Lantern comics written by Len Wein and Steve Englehart. I loved all of that material.

    By this time, Geoff Johns had started writing Green Lantern, and I quickly understood that those comics were not meant for me. I liked that the Green Lantern Corps had returned, but I didn’t care for anything else. Geoff Johns had no love whatsoever for John Stewart and seemed to intentionally bury the character. Like Hudson, I was upset because the John Stewart in these comics was nothing like the one I came to love from television. In these comics, he was a background stooge who would only lament the past. He wasn’t the confident, dynamic, and fun to watch character on JL/JLU.

    Another thing that bothered me was that every other Green Lantern was doing SOMETHING. Guy had GLC, Hal Jordan was in GL, Kyle Rayner was in ION, then 52 (or Countdown, can’t remember), then GLC, and John? He was NOWHERE. This greatly frustrated me and I just stopped following DC altogether for a time, because it was clear they were intentionally abusing my favorite character.

    I didn’t start becoming passionate about Green Lantern comics again until Van Jensen started writing John Stewart in Green Lantern Corps. I was amazed to see that with artist Bernard Chang, and colorist Marcelo Maiolo, DC actually seemed to be giving John Stewart an honest effort with a talented creative team. This was, of course, after they tried to kill him…

    All the rumors about John being the cinematic Green Lantern have gotten me even more excited, and this is the most excited I’ve been about Green Lantern since JL/JLU.

  5. Clyde says:

    To: Desh, Hudson, Steve, Colton, & Sandtrap + any other who may be reading this and will participate later. Thank you all for sharing your personal experience concerning John Stewart. No matter how much or how little you share. Its good to read the many different paths that we all took to get to the same place. Colton thank you for sharing your perspective coming from the point of view of someone who came from across the world. Desh thank you for your tireless service to keep John Stewart relevant. Steve thank you for posting the notice that John was a nominee, and Sandtrap I don’t believe I’ve seen you here before, but welcome nevertheless and I hope that you can join us whenever you can. I have posted my origins story on comic vine on the john stewart page. You can find me under the handle “CAGL” if you haven’t already figured that out. It feels good to do something and it makes a world of difference. There are some on Comic vine that is ignorant of the bigger picture. Please forgive them for some of us are awake and others are still asleep, and then there are the lost causes like “Zeeguy” that no matter what you say, he cannot nor will not be reasoned with. We could learn something from Desh’s approach as he doesn’t play into their classless behavior, that’s what they want. If you notice when you read many articles online, that the ones who post comments are mostly the negative minded people. And why is that? Because their lives are so small, that they have nothing else better to do than to bring down the world around them and watch it burn. But here on this site, we give each other thumps up and positive feedback and genuinely care about what we have to say. Negativity can’t last forever, Geoff Johns’ plan won’t work. He thinks he’s so damn slick, bringing in Simon Baz as a lesser known token character. Forcing feeding Cyborg to the public the way he does with Hal so that he could fulfill the racial quota, while at the same time making sure that John Stewart cannot succeed. As I stated on comicvine, this isn’t about the character of the month, this is about John Stewart (vs) Geoff Johns. And we John supporters will not stand for Geoff Johns’ tricks. Geoff Johns started this, and we the people will finish it.

  6. Clyde says:

    P.S. oops how could I forget to mention you Hudson, thank you for all your service to this site and beyond. You are truly dedicated and I look at you as Desh’s wing man in a way.

    • Desh Derringer says:

      Hahaha. You and Hudson are my top Generals. Clyde, you represent John Stewart across the web, at places like cinemablend and screenrant, and Hudson oversees our efforts at Comicvine and recently on Youtube. It’s good for us to be organized and connected : )

    • Hudson Faber says:

      Thanks for all of the kind words, guys. We have a really awesome community and network here. 🙂

  7. Hudson Faber says:

    Hey guys, show your support for John in his battle against Magneto:…m/1100-151183/

  8. Hudson Faber says:

    So, I just found out that Justice League Gods and Monsters is due out in March. If John is in it, maybe WB will release information about Green Lantern casting news around then. Also, we should probably be hearing more about that project within the coming weeks.

  9. Hudson Faber says:

    BAD NEWS: On Twitter, Van Jensen says DC has no plans of hiring him for the post-Convergence Green Lantern books. He also said “Never hurts to let the folks at DC know you’d like to see more.”

    I am begging ALL of you. Get on Twitter and tweet DC about bringing Jensen on for more. He’s put out nothing but stellar work, and he has shown far more respect for John Stewart than any other current DC writer EVER has.

    Also, keeping Jensen off the Green Lantern books makes no sense, since he was selling solid numbers…

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