Green Lantern Corps #38 Preview

on January 10, 2015

Green Lantern Corps #38 Preview

Newsarama.Com has the preview for the latest issue of Green Lantern Corps, in which John Stewart is finally declared by the Guardians to be the leader of the Corps. It’s not quite as big a moment as I thought it might be, but I think Van Jensen’s story may be in the fast lane now, due to him having to wrap it up fairly quickly. I’m upset to see that Bernard Chang did not draw this entire issue, but Marcelo Maiolo’s coloring is ever splendid. Go take a look at the preview for yourself, and be sure to pick this issue up this coming Wednesday.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS Regroup as Their Clock Ticks Down

One response to “Green Lantern Corps #38 Preview”

  1. Will Pray says:

    yeah the news that should have come around years ago it is good to hear now. sad they had to make it in the time when the corps are about to be destroyed (maybe) it’s likely it will face something to explain more of whats going on in the future’s end story we got way back. and it’s nice to see the star sapphire ring is still there i wonder what that might have to do with future story’s.

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