18th April 2014

Van Jensen and Nick Jones Jr. Teaming Up for a Project

Van Jensen

Van Jensen, the writer of the comic book series Green Lantern Corps, and actor Nick Jones Jr. have said via Twitter that they’re teaming up this summer to bring fans something special. For those not familiar, Nick Jones Jr. was slated to play Green Lantern John Stewart in the 2011 Green Lantern film, but his scenes were cut. When asked if he was disappointed with that, Jones said:

“That’s fine, it was a little disappointing at first but when I took a step back to see the big picture I was reminded how blessed I am to be where I am today. I remember dressing as Tony the Tiger when I first jumped into acting so I understand that this is an uphill grind. I’m prepared for that and I welcome the challenge. One of my favorite quotes is from Barack Obama, “I never expected to be here. I always knew this journey was improbable. I’ve never been on a journey that wasn’t.” What I get most from that quote is to always stay positive and to also know what you’re getting yourself into. I think working on those two particular projects helped me most with my professionalism. I need to be able to hold my own with actors I grew up watching and admiring. Something I thought I couldn’t do at first because I’m a fan at heart. It’s hard not to nerd out at times. Now I have that comfort level and confidence. The more I do in this business the more it will help me to create my own presence and that’s a major key to success.”

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Van Jensen

Jensen and Jones have kept a public correspondence through Twitter and even discussed Green Lantern projects:

Other pro John Stewart tweets include:

The two made their alliance public earlier today with these tweets:

It’s pretty clear Nick Jones Jr. has not given up on the prospect of playing the Emerald Crusader, and now he’s teaming up with the very man who writes his adventures in comics?
Let me just state this again for effect. Here, we have two people highly involved with Green Lantern John Stewart -one being a writer and the other being an actor- and they are teaming up… for something. When asked if the project involves Green Lantern, they replied:

So, we don’t know for sure what’s going on here. It could either be a rather large coincidence, or it could somehow mean something for Green Lantern John Stewart. Stay tuned!

Oa, by the way

John Stewart Diggle

Speaking of Arrow, there is a bit of a cult crackpot theory going around that the character John Diggle is actually Green Lantern John Stewart. This is a long shot, though, especially since I hear John Diggle has, or will be introduced in the current Green Arrow comic book series. Still, it’s something to have a little fun with. I’m not a typical watcher of Arrow, but this theory prompted me to check out a few episodes. I must say, there are some strong similarities between the characters.

15th April 2014

UPDATE: Green Lantern Corps Writer Van Jensen Interviews in Preparation for “UPRISING”

Van Jensen

In preparation for next month’s “UPRISING” event, which will run between Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps, Van Jensen, writer of Green Lantern Corps, has taken some time to do some interviews. He discusses the recent struggles the Corps has been facing and what they’ll soon be up against with ComicVine:

“It’s hard to choose. My job is writing about aliens and monsters and heroes and sentient planets and all kinds of amazing things. But probably the best part has been the opportunity to shine the spotlight squarely on John Stewart.”

ComicVine Interview.

I think I speak for many Green Lantern John Stewart fans when I say that I’m very happy Van Jensen has focused on John Stewart as well as he has. It is quite weird that John Stewart has such a large audience and fanbase from television, but many of the comic creators couldn’t be bothered to give him the time of day.

Van also had a word with Comicosity to shed a little more light on the shape-shifting Durlan menace:

“The Durlans make a great villain for the Corps for a few reasons. The key one is that the Durlans as shape-shifters are all about deception. They can take any form, so they’re the perfect covert agents. And as we’ve seen, they have burrowed their way deep into the Corps. The Durlans also can take any form they think of, which is a neat analog of the Lanterns’ ability to create constructs in any form.”

Comicosity Interview.

I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Green Lantern John Stewart. Something tells me things won’t be the same after “UPRISING.”


Van Jensen has made the rounds across IGN, Newsarama, and Comic Book Resources offering even more great information about “Uprising.”

From CBR:

“This is something I really wanted to explore from day one with John. The “Batman: Zero Year” tie-in issue that we did, “Green Lantern Corps” #25, really set up that history with John, which is to say that he has gone through this type of situation once before. His experience with the Marine Corps and his leadership as part of a militaristic organization led him astray. I think that’s really natural and a truism of conflict, that it breeds more conflict. With the Marine Corps, the story was that John essentially saw an organization that was leading him astray, that he disagreed with, and he decided to walk away from it.”

Van Jensen Prepares for an “Uprising” in Green Lantern Corps”

It sounds like John Stewart may wind up being leader of the Green Lantern Corps after all. Robert Venditti and Van Jensen are into long-form storytelling, so perhaps they wanted to send John Stewart on a journey to prove himself before just being bestowed the title, like Hal Jordan was.

From IGN:

“Yeah, she’s a central part of the book. She’s a fascinating, complex character. She’s very passionate, but very strong-willed. Really, what her and John’s relationship brings to the book is — where we started, in Issue #21, John had been focused on the past and focused on past failures, and through her love for him and through her strength as a character, she sort of showed him a different path, getting over all the past failures and launching forward with a stronger sense of purpose and being more concerned with what tomorrow brings than what happened yesterday.”

Interview: Green Lantern Corps Writer Van Jensen Talks Uprising

Yrra Cynril (aka Fatality) has been a very interesting part of Green Lantern Corps. I don’t think her and John’s relationship will be in the same place after “Uprising.” Where will it be? We’ll have to wait and see.

From Newsarama:

“I think, at the end of “Uprising,” people are going to see that it seems like the Corps has gone through their darkest hour, and that things have changed in monumental ways, and it will seem like it couldn’t possibly go any worse for John Stewart or the rest of the Lanterns, but even after that, they’re going to have to dig down deeper.”


Well, I’m hooked! Jensen says many of the plot threads from Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps will be wrapped up here. Don’t miss this one, John Stewart fans.

Oa, by the way

Green Lantern John Stewart Movie

Newsarama recently ran a feature discussing ten superheroes who should get their own feature films right now, and… you guessed it, Green Lantern John Stewart is on the list!
10 DC COMICS Characters That Should Have Movies NOW

All the support for a rebooted Green Lantern movie franchise starring John Stewart is very encouraging. I’m sure WB has heard us. By now, I think that anyone who keeps up with superhero movie news and discussion has. I’d like to take this moment to post some comments from Twitter that show support for a Green Lantern John Stewart film.

Cee Jay ‏@CeeChalla Apr 12
If Green Lantern gets a reboot, please have John Stewart as the main man.

Kylie Haizlip ‏@KylieHaizlip Apr 12
I like the old Justice League cartoons because they have John Stewart as Green Lantern instead of Hal Jordan

Nichole ‏@Nichole__Online Apr 12
@HelenaWayneDCnU John Stewart has been and forever will be the only Green Lantern that matters to me

Eli Hernandez ‏@EliHernandez Apr 10
@SuperHeroReport oh God no! Ryan Reynolds was awful! They need to reboot it and have John Stewart as Green Lantern.

wp ‏@WinstonShaolin Apr 5
@IGN Yes I believe DC Comics can save Green Lantern w/ Gareth Edwards directing and Idris Elba as John Stewart/Green Lantern.

ashley! ‏@ashleyrools Apr 3
All I want in life is a John Stewart / Green Lantern movie.

Ig: mr_freshfeet23 ‏@Great_Britton23 Apr 3
@Legendary I believe that a krypton prequel with Russell Crowe is necessary i also think that the John Stewart green lantern is too

jones ‏@steel_thaboss Apr 2
“@ChickenColeman: I’m still PISSED they made the Green Lantern white in that movie a few years back” John Stewart the realest GL ever

BlackGirlNerds ‏@BlackGirlNerds Mar 31
Chadwick Boseman as John Stewart? Yep I can see it.

demon goat queen ‏@humhallelujahs Mar 28
for that matter, why make a green lantern movie thats not about john stewart green lantern

ai-shah ‏@AishahRdzn Mar 27

dan costales ‏@phanurius Mar 24
@TDSpidey616 just if you weren’t aware, Taimur, John Stewart is the best Green Lantern and Hal Jordan is the worst.

Andrew Wheeler ‏@Wheeler Mar 22
@riskteenz For a lot of fans John Stewart is the Green Lantern, so casting a white actor in the movie felt to them like being denied a hero.

I’m just going to stop there, but I could go on all day with this stuff.
The market is there, WB. People are not shying away from a Black superhero lead. They are asking you for it. Please do not let us down!

12th April 2014

Green Lantern Corps #30 Review

Green Lantern Corps #30 is out, and GreenLantern.Co has a review comin’ atcha!

“Even though readers have come to expect a much higher level of quality from this title, Green Lantern Corps #30 features more cool character moments for John, Yrra, and Von Daggle, and it reveals the motives and history of the Durlans, making it a crucial part of this saga.”

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9th April 2014

Green Lantern John Stewart Revealed in Futures End

Futures End Green Lantern

There’s another comic series John Stewart fans should look into, and that is the upcoming weekly title Futures End. This series features a post-apocalyptic (or just straight apocalyptic) future, in which many heroes have become bug-like androids controlled by Brother Eye. It seems a few heroes have managed to avoid that fate, such as Grifter, Amethyst, Batman, and… Green Lantern John Stewart. Bleeding Cool has gotten a hold of issue #0 of the book, and has taken the liberty of spoiling a bit of it. You can view more images and get more of a lowdown on what’s going on there.
First Look: DC Comics’ Futures End #0 (BIG TIME SPOILERS)

Green Lantern John Stewart appearing as a hero in a high profile weekly title? You can definitely count me in! However, some art that was released (showcased in this update’s “Oa, by the way…) leads me to think that John may get assimilated. Yet, a spoiler caption on Bleeding Cool reads:

“John Stewart has managed not to die or become a bug. High five to Joshua Hale Fialkov? Sadly we can’t say the same for Blue Beetle.”

So, maybe John will avoid being turned into a robot slave? Let’s hope so.
Look for Futures End #0 to be released on May 3rd, 2014, free of charge!

Oa, by the way

Green Lantern Corps #30 Preview

The preview for Green Lantern Corps #30 has been released on Newsarama. This issue will give us the origin of the shape-shifting Durlan menace. I must admit that I’m somewhat disappointed, because this issue was solicited as having Bernard Chang doing the art, but Bernard’s work is absent here, sans the cover. In my opinion, the weakest Green Lantern Corps issues in Van Jensen’s run have been the ones without Bernard Chang on art, and I don’t think that’s at all a coincidence.
We’ll see how this goes.

Green Lantern Corps #30 will be available April 9th, 2014.
GREEN LANTERN CORPS #30 Preview Reveals More Durlan Spies in Their Midst

5th April 2014

Smallville: Lantern Parts 1, 2, and 3 Review

GreenLantern.Co has a review for the first three parts of the digital first comic Smallville: Lantern, which features Green Lantern John Stewart.

“DC has seen to it that John Stewart has not had the chance to be THE Green Lantern, as millions are familiar with him being from Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Smallville: Lantern breaks from that tiring trend and refreshingly establishes John Stewart as Earth’s Green Lantern, no ifs ands or buts about it, and for that reason alone, John Stewart fans should check this series out. Thankfully, it’s also a really entertaining comic!”

Read more.

Remember, Smallville: Lantern comes out every Friday, and you can get it at