3rd June 2017

John Stewart in DC Films Movie Intro

Movie Intro

WB has put an intro segment at the beginning of the recently released Wonder Woman film to advertise the budding DC Extended Universe. Two Green Lanterns appear in this. Well, technically three if you want to count Mogo. The two I’m referring to appear to be Hal Jordan and John Stewart. Take a look at the image below. Click for a larger version:

Movie Intro

You will see one Green Lantern to the left of Aquaman flying, and another standing to the right. I have seen some people speculate that the flying one is John Stewart, but I do not think so. That looks like Hal Jordan to me. The one standing in the foreground is wearing John Stewart’s uniform, and while everything is dark as all get out, I get an impression that the character on the right has a dark skin complexion. Though, I admit, the image is very vague, so I could be seeing things wrong.

This certainly isn’t bad news. It suggests what we already know in that John Stewart is scheduled to make an appearance in the DC Extended Universe, at the latest in the Green Lantern Corps film planned for 2020. IF that film even happens. Wonder Woman is being met with critical praise, so I imagine that will bolster WB’s confidence in investing in DC properties outside of Batman and Superman.

Yet, it’s not like I’m bouncing off the walls in excitement over this. DC has disinterested me in John Stewart and Green Lantern so much that it would actually have to put out something featuring John Stewart as good as the second season of the Justice League cartoon to rekindle that fire in my heart.

Practically everything DC and WB has (or hasn’t) done in regard to John Stewart since Justice League went off the air has told John Stewart fans they aren’t welcome. And so I more or less de-invested myself from this. I update this site more out of loyalty to my own wesbite, my own creation, than out of loyalty and love for John Stewart, and certainly not for Green Lantern. I’m not saying that anything DC/WB has done in this particular instance is bad. I’m just saying that it isn’t anything that really has me pumped up.

Perhaps whatever film appearance John Stewart may make will be explosively awesome. I don’t know. We’ll just have to wait and see. Patience is a virtue, Green Lantern John Stewart fan. Hopefully we get more exciting news about John Stewart soon. Keep an eye on GreenLantern.Co.

Oa, by the way


In the meantime, you can check out my own comic series, Zatswan: Multiversal Guardian, which, unlike Green Lantern, is something I know I can depend on to be awesome, and that I know won’t frustrate me. If you’re a fan of John Stewart, this series is tailor made for you. The latest page went up this last Wednesday, and another is scheduled tomorrow on Sunday. Those are the comic’s regular update days. Click the image above to get a look at what the Dimension Warriors are up to, and keep visiting Zatswan.Com for more exciting content!

29th May 2017

Zatswan.Com Launched!

The new website Zatswan.Com has launched, along with my series Zatswan: Multiversal Guardian, a comic book of cosmic proportions. If you aren’t content with how DC Comics has handled Green Lantern John Stewart, this is the comic for you. See the promotional video below:

Seven pages of the first chapter are currently posted on the site, and there will be updates every Sunday and Wednesday with new pages.

To find out more about this new series, check out the About page:

“Looking back on my history with Green Lantern, I can describe it as frustrating. Reading the comics was often annoying, and I found the fandom instantly hostile. Many of the fans seemed to hate John Stewart and the fact that he was on the Justice League show, as they believed one of the numerous white incarnations of Green Lantern to be more worthy and fitting for the spot.”

Read more.

If you’re curious about some of the Zatswan characters, there is information about them on the Characters page.

“A.C. Cooper is at a crossroads in life, where he can choose to keep trying to make his current situation work, or surrender himself to an outrageous adventure by becoming Zatswan, a mighty cosmic warrior who keeps peace throughout various parallel universes.”

Read more.

If you don’t feel like waiting for pages of Zatswan to be posted, you can read the whole first chapter by going to the Store and purchasing a .pdf file of the complete chapter. There are also music tracks from Zatswan Perfect Selection (heard in Zatswan videos) there for download.

Have a look at the Illustrations page where I dump artwork:

Zatswan.Com has a neat segment called “Black Character Showcase” where I discuss and rate various black characters in science fiction and fantasy entertainment. We start things out with Harlan Band from the Nickelodeon show Space Cases. Click on the link below to read more.

Harlan Band from Space Cases

“I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Harlan was originally conceived as a white character, or just a race-less character. Not that anything is wrong with any of that. I just want to point out that I imagine this is a case of us (science fiction/fantasy fans who like seeing black characters in strong roles) getting enormously lucky rather than the production setting out to “make a difference,” as in the case of a show like Static Shock. Harlan’s “blackness” is never once mentioned and is always a non-issue, which, for me, is perfectly fine.”

Read more.

If you like what you see, you can find out more about supporting the Zatswan project by watching this video:

You may also visit the Support page.

“I created Zatswan largely because I was tired of that. Instead of just being frustrated and complaining, I decided to take control. After many years of being left out and let down, I realize the only sure path to fulfillment for people who want to see what I do, is for them to be involved in the production process with key decision making roles. That doesn’t just mean writers, but also the people who approve what is written and decide the direction of a project.”

Read more.

Keep visiting Zatswan.Com for new content. This isn’t just a place where comic book pages will be posted. There will be more articles about Zatswan and other things that may interest you.

I’ll see you soon!

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13th May 2017

Green Lantern Artist Ethan Van Sciver Tells Fan Suffering From Depression to “Go Kill Yourself”

I have added yet another video to my burgeoning collection, John Stewart fan. The topic of this one is the recent ridiculous behavior of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps artist, Ethan Van Sciver. Check out the video below:

In case you missed it, you can see a five page preview with a cover of my own comic book series, Zatswan: Multiversal Guardian here. If the messages in my videos connect with you, my comic likely will as well.

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John Stewart Injustice 2 Skin and Gameplay Revealed

The premier skins for the fighting video game Injustice 2 have been revealed. John Stewart is included, along with Powergirl and Reverse Flash. These skins will be available as downloadable content to those who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition of Injustice 2. Have a look at them below:

John Stewart has a surprisingly excellent design and model, which is a large step up from his appearance in the original Injustice game, in my opinion. What’s more, he will have his own unique lines and interactions with characters instead of saying the same things Hal Jordan does. That said, aside from those features, John Stewart is just a different skin for Hal Jordan and controls the same. Likewise, Powergirl is a different skin for Supergirl. At this point, I am not sure whether these characters will have their own endings for the arcade mode.

While it is cool that John is present, looking awesome, and available to be played as from the get-go, it’s still a bummer that he is given secondary status. It isn’t surprising, however, as DC has made it very clear that’s the best we can hope for from this character. For the foreseeable future, scraps, slim pickings, second class status, and Hal Jordan’s leavings are all you’re going to get, John Stewart fan.

To ease that blow a bit, Phil LaMarr of Justice League fame return to voice John in this new game. Hearing him as John Stewart instantly took me back to better days for the character, giving me the urge to bust out my Justice League DVDs and remind myself why I ever bothered becoming a fan of Green Lantern. You can have a look at gameplay featuring John in the Youtube video below:

Injustice 2 will be released for Playstation 4 and Xbox one on May 16.

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26th April 2017

DC Comics Announces Dark Matter Line Featuring Superstar Artists Working on New Characters

It’s video time! This time, I talk about the announcement of DC Comics’ new Dark Matter line of comics and what I think of this development. Check out my thoughts by clicking the video below!

In case you missed it, you can see a five page preview with a cover of my own comic book series, Zatswan: Multiversal Guardian here. If the messages in my videos connect with you, my comic likely will as well.

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