Notable Creators

on July 5, 2013

Green Lantern John Stewart has had the benefit of having some extremely talented individuals work on him over the years. The best and brightest are chronicled here.

Van Jensen
The current writer of Green Lantern Corps. Van takes on the task of returning John Stewart to a leading role and delving deep into his character as he guides John’s astral escapades.

Bruce Timm
The legend behind the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoon shows, which prominently feature John Stewart. Through his visionary work, Bruce Timm greatly raised John’s profile, and established him as this generation’s Green Lantern.

Gerard Jones
The mind behind the breakthrough Green Lantern: Mosaic series, starring Green Lantern John Stewart. Jones’ work within the pages of Mosaic may be the greatest the Green Lantern franchise has ever known.

Phil LaMarr
The Voice of Green Lantern John Stewart. This voice acting legend provided voice work for Green Lantern on the hit shows Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, as well as the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us. He has had a huge part in defining the character to millions.

Neal Adams
The Creator of Green Lantern John Stewart. The entire legend is thanks to a spark that was lit in this artist’s mind. Neal Adams is one of the most legendary comic artists in history, playing a crucial role in not only giving us the Bronze Age Green Lantern, but in also ushering in the whole Bronze Age of comics.

Dwayne McDuffie
The most prolific writer of the shows Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Dwayne McDuffie’s unforgettable stories endeared millions of people to Green Lantern John Stewart, and made him iconic in the role of Earth’s Green Lantern.

Len Wein
A true legend of the comics industry. Len Wein is the writer who first established John Stewart as an independent lead character in his classic Green Lantern run in the ’80s, thus causing a chain reaction that led to John being the Green Lantern to millions of fans.

More coming soon!

  • Aktivizz

    I have not read the Green Lantern: Mosaic books but from what I’ve heard. they’re pretty good. I do want to get into it but the storyline got cancelled and wrapped up over BS reasons. Because it “Didn’t fit with the direction” of the DC universe sounds like a pretty lame excuse to me. I might just buy the hardback if I can find it.

    • Desh

      Unfortunately, Mosaic has never been collected. Your best bet for reading the whole story is to get it from eBay :[

      On the up side, it can be had for a relatively low price, usually, and it is a great, great story. I certainly recommend it.

    • Hudson Faber

      You can also find it on Comixology. DC should collect it in soft or hard cover though. It’s a crime that it hasn’t been yet.

      • Desh

        Last I checked (which was maybe about two or three weeks ago) comixology only had Mosaic up to, I think, issue #11. Dunno’ why that is. Maybe they’ve added more now (hopefully).

  • Will Pray

    I have the whole mosaic collection

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  • Carly Qian

    Very good.
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