Green Lantern: Starlit Crisis is Out!

on April 13, 2016

At last, Green Lantern: Starlit Crisis is released!

But what is Starlit Crisis?

Green Lantern: Starlit Crisis is the comic John Stewart has deserved since 2001, when he made his fateful animated debut on the hit show Justice League. When he became a hero to millions and millions of people. When he became the Green Lantern to an entire generation.

It is a comic by someone who loves John Stewart and appreciates what the character has accomplished, and recognizes what the character means to others. It is a story for them; those others who love John Stewart, or anyone looking for a great comic.

With Starlit Crisis, you are not getting face plates. You are not getting tokens. You are not getting wallpaper. You are not getting missing genitalia. You are not being ignored, marginalized, or downplayed.

Starlit Crisis is the work of one person, Neil Allen, also known as Desh. Rather than sit on the sidelines and complain about what I didn’t like in comics, I believed it was more productive for me, for the fans, and even for the professionals, if I set out to actually make the comic that I would like to read. It’s been a wonderful experience, and I’ve learned many new things along the way. I am delighted to have something to share with you.

Starlit Crisis is quite an undertaking, especially for one person… especially when that person has never made a comic prior to this. If you enjoy the project, I ask that you consider lending a hand toward keeping it going through its Patreon account, where you can pledge a certain amount of money each month that you’re comfortable with. It’s very easy to do, and though Starlit Crisis will always be totally free for anyone to read, your generosity would go a long way toward keeping the project afloat. If you’re already used to buying comics, you can think of this as another comic you’d like to support.

If you’re wondering exactly how Patreon works, the short video below will shed some light on it.

I hope you enjoy reading Starlit Crisis as much as I enjoy making it! You can find the first issue below:
Chapter 1: The Quest Begins! (Welcome to a Brand New Crisis)

There will be a whole lot of content surrounding Starlit Crisis coming very soon, including videos, music, and more. Stay on the look out!

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  • Blakk Jakk

    I’m liking this comic quite a bit. Now that I’ve processed it and have time to think about it, I think it’s a nice start. Grayven has my interest here more than he ever did in the comics but that’s mostly because DC seems to have forgotten about him at best. Stewart and Arisia look pretty good though if I have one critique, it’s this. Your forehead proportions could use a little work. They look somewhat small compared to the rest of the faces. Arisia’s hairline seems like it’s barely above her eyes and that just looks odd to me. Otherwise, it looks really good and I can see some Neil Adams stylized art in it. One panel in particular on page 16 looked pretty badass. I can tell by looking at how Stewart looks that he’s based off of this.

    Seeing the Anti-Monitor’s face in the background, I’m wondering how John is going to survive that. I don’t think the Green Lantern Corps or the New Gods are going to do much against a threat like that on their own. For some reason, I’m reminded of that one issue where Wally went to the Crisis and fought the Anti-Monitor himself. If I’m remembering right, Wally actually managed to stun him by stealing his speed and punching his armor apart though that didn’t really stop him. I would die if (Pre-Flashpoint/DCAU) Wally makes an appearance in this.

    • Desh Derringer

      Thanks for checking the comic out. I’ll be sure to watch those foreheads. Thanks for pointing that out. About Arisia’s hairline, she has bangs that are covering most of her forehead, so you can’t quite see exactly where it sits.

      We’ll see how John fairs against Anti-Monitor! It will be an interesting confrontation. I’m actually really fascinated by the Anti-Monitor’s character. So, lots of neat things in store for him.

      Grayven has tons of potential that DC essentially left untapped, and I’m hoping to bring all of that out here. He’s a really important character. So is Shadowfall.

      I’m glad you like the comic. There’s a lot more interesting things about it on the way soon! Protection Status