22nd April 2015

Green Lantern: The Lost Army #2 Solicitation

DC Comics has released the solicits for their July 2015 comics and merchandise, and among them is Green Lantern: The Lost Army #2. We’re shown the first worthwhile piece of artwork from this series and I am quite pleased by artist Jesus Saiz’s efforts. Take a look at the cover and sales pitch below.

Written by CULLEN BUNN
Art and cover by JESUS SAIZ
1:25 Variant cover by BEN OLIVER
On sale JULY 15 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
Retailers: This issue will arrive in stores with two covers. Please see the order form for details.
John Stewart and a small group of Green Lanterns find themselves lost and far from home! Now, they’re going to have to team up with one of their greatest enemies to find a way back where they belong.

The only thing that disappoints me is the way the emerald aura looks around the Lanterns. It’s just a dinky green outline. This may seem like a weird thing to complain about, but in a Green Lantern comic, I think it’s a really important visual feature, and after having Marcelo Maiolo on Green Lantern Corps, who displayed the emerald energy better than anyone, what’s seen here is just weak.

I’m very happy that John and the Corps did not get redesigns like how many of DC’s heroes have, though I would have liked it if the artists used this opportunity to return John’s black gloves. I’m hoping his eyes are green instead of brown.

A point of interest is the female recruit whose face is conveniently blocked out by Arisia’s lovely hips and John’s elbow, and who also has Katma Tui’s skin tone. Could it be that long lost Lantern? Writer Cullen Bunn has said in previous interviews that we will see a character we haven’t seen in green in a while, and we’ve only seen Katma as a Black Lantern in recent history. We’ll see. Be sure to pick this issue up on July 15.

Oa, by the way

Comixology.Com is running a “Convergence Sale,” which includes one of John Stewart’s greatest comic book runs by writers Len Wein and Steve Englehart, and artists Dave Gibbons and Joe Staton. These 1980s comics are what took John Stewart from being a supporting character to a full fledged leading man. If you don’t have these issues, I recommend using this opportunity to pick them up, as they are definite must reads for any John Stewart fan.
Convergence Week 3 Sale!

If you would like to learn more about this particular run, head over to GreenLantern.Co’s Essential Reading and Viewing article Green Lantern Volume 2 #182-200 + DC Retroactive: Green Lantern – the ’80s.

17th April 2015

RUMOR: WB Casting John Stewart for Green Lantern Lead

Jeff Sneider from the Youtube channel Popcorn Talk has dropped a scoop he’s heard from several agency sources that DC and WB are casting John Stewart, who will be the lead character in the Green Lantern movie scheduled for 2020. If so, you can count on seeing him make his debut in the Justice League film due out in 2017.

I’m not jumping for joy just yet, but considering all the other John Stewart movie news we’ve heard over the past year, and what is currently going on at DC Comics, with Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns recently taking an interest in John Stewart and quite possibly putting him on the Justice League, this has the ring of truth to me.

I have a feeling DC/WB will finally put this to rest at Comic-Con. Zoom to the 21:40 mark on the video below for the relevant information.

12th April 2015

Justice League: The Animated Series

I’m very proud to announce that there is a massive addition to the Essential Reading and Viewing area of this site. At long last, Justice League has been covered by GreenLantern.Co, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the most in-depth and thorough retrospective of the series to be find anywhere.

Most Green Lantern John Stewart fans became fans of the character because of his role in this groundbreaking show, so it holds a special place in many of our hearts. I put more effort into this retrospective than I have for any other project I’ve worked on for this website, and it’s the largest essay I’ve written… ever, for anything. I did all of that because Justice League deserves it. It is quite literally my favorite cartoon show. Head over to the article to find out why.

“Bruce Timm has arguably done more for DC Comics properties than anyone in the last twenty five years. He introduced millions of people to the various mythologies of the DC Universe through his popular cartoon shows. He has had a huge hand in keeping Batman the powerhouse franchise that it is. For many people, their first introduction to the Green Lantern was through Justice League, an incredibly daring show that continues to resonate with people. Bruce Timm challenged the rules, broke them, rewrote them, and in so doing created a primer for how to do the modern superhero cartoon show. Timm rose to the challenge of tackling DC’s most iconic, coveted properties all at once and honorably displayed the larger than life spectacle of the DC Universe, and quite regularly exceeded the comics in terms of how to portray those properties and in telling a gripping narrative.”

Read more.

2nd April 2015

John Stewart Set to Appear in Justice League: Darkseid War

Justice League writer, Geoff Johns, has confirmed that John Stewart is set to appear in his upcoming “Darkseid War” storyline. Check out his Instagram post below:

What is interesting is that Johns is reading complete comic book runs that star John Stewart, in seeming preparation for writing the character. This, along with an upcoming roster change to the League, leads me to believe that John Stewart may become a member of the Justice League. I don’t know if Johns would take the time to research and reacquaint himself with John Stewart if not for the character becoming a regular part of the Justice League title’s cast. It would certainly be nice to have another ongoing book (alongside the upcoming Green Lantern: The Lost Army) to find John Stewart in. Stay tuned for more news.