John Stewart Set to Appear in Justice League: Darkseid War

on April 2, 2015

Justice League writer, Geoff Johns, has confirmed that John Stewart is set to appear in his upcoming “Darkseid War” storyline. Check out his Instagram post below:

What is interesting is that Johns is reading complete comic book runs that star John Stewart, in seeming preparation for writing the character. This, along with an upcoming roster change to the League, leads me to believe that John Stewart may become a member of the Justice League. I don’t know if Johns would take the time to research and reacquaint himself with John Stewart if not for the character becoming a regular part of the Justice League title’s cast. It would certainly be nice to have another ongoing book (alongside the upcoming Green Lantern: The Lost Army) to find John Stewart in. Stay tuned for more news.

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  1. Hudson Faber says:

    From Twitter:…35620506935297

    • Steve Rogers says:


      If you look at one of Johns twitter posts about reading John Stewart, there’s a Hal Jordan fanboy complaining about the situation in the tweets. Hal fans squirming these days lol.

      I couldn’t stop laughing.

      • Desh Derringer says:

        Haha, I know. It looks like Geoff Johns has ‘defected’ to Team Stewart. And he was the Hal Jordan fans’ main guy :p

      • Hudson Faber says:

        Yeah, I laughed pretty hard myself. 😀
        There’s a guy like that on the Instagram too!

  2. Hudson Faber says:

    1. THIS IS HUGE NEWS! I don’t care who is writing the book. The fact that John is on the Justice League means he is going to be where the action is and hints at his use in the DCU! He can be developed in his solo book. The rest is great marketing for John!

    2. Lol, I can imagine WB telling Johns that John is the cinematic GL and him thinking, “Well, I better go do my homework.” Haha

    3. The fact that Wonder Woman’s costume reflects the movie version makes me think this is a sign that John will be appearing on film. Apparently the Batman v. Superman trailer is coming out on May 15th. Maybe we’ll get a casting announcement before then?

    4. Hopefully Johns having to buy the back issues online from EBay and John’s rising star mean DC finally collect Mosaic in trade.

    5. Make sure you guys show support on Twitter and Instagram, if you can! We can’t let any haters come across as the dominant voice!

  3. Clyde says:

    I for one am glad that John Stewart is having one hell of a breakout year starting with his Feb 2015 induction as COTM, Van Jensen did state on the record that John’s future looked very bright. So we shouldn’t be at all surprised by this. But my surprise comes from Geoff Johns himself. What is this, a PR move to show the world that he isn’t anti -John Stewart? For the record guys, I still don’t trust Geoff Johns. For a guy who claimed to grow up on John Stewart, how did he show his love for our guy, he buried him in the forgotten zone and tried to kill off his character. So please forgive me if I’m not buying what Geoff Johns is selling. I don’t know what went on behind closed doors, if it was WB or if it was the DC Entertainment President, or the investors, or a combo of the three, but whatever went down, it seems that Geoff Johns is now behind endorsing John Stewart on this latest JL run. Don’t get me wrong, this is great news for the character as well as John Stewart fans all over the world…it just doesn’t come without my mistrust of Geoff Johns. I will never forget his actions over the years towards John Stewart …never!

    • Desh Derringer says:

      That’s understandable, but if one of the most anti-John Stewart creators is now endorsing the character, then I think the future is indeed very bright for John Stewart. If Johns really wants to get the John Stewart fans on his side, I’m willing to give him a chance. I appreciate that he is researching the character so extensively. It shows that he’s serious about getting John right this time around.

      I really dislike what Geoff Johns did with John in his Green Lantern run, but here is a chance for him to improve things. In regards to this, I’m excited about the present and the future, and though I am not going to forget the past, if Johns REALLY wants to do right by John and his fans, then I’m not going to go into this happy that John Stewart is finally getting his due, and not bitter about what happened before.

      • Steve Rogers says:

        I agree. I think even if John Stewart is making an appearance in the Justice League, I don’t think that Johns would take his time posting up multiple John Stewart tweets, investing in John Stewart merchandise, and doing research if he isn’t serious or interested with the character like he was during his time with Green Lantern. And he knows good and well that John Stewart has a lot of fans and Stewart been talk about throughout the media lately by popular media, tv, stars, rumors etc.

  4. Clyde says:

    Well said Desh & Steve, point well made. Which is why I will engage this latest development with Geoff Johns the way the old school saying was… keeping your friends close and your enemies even closer. I may distrust the man, but that doesn’t mean that I or we all won’t keep an eye on his actions from here on out.

    Yes Desh, Geoff Johns has a lot to make up for, and if he issues a public apology about his mistreatment of John Stewart in addition to making him look like he did with Hal, then I will forgive and pleasantly move on. Otherwise I’m keeping an eye on him.

    • Desh Derringer says:

      I don’t expect there will be any apologies. The best thing Johns can do is write John Stewart well, and with good roles and feats, and also independent of Hal Jordan or any other Green Lantern. To get John Stewart fans on his side, he’ll need to show he can write a captivating John Stewart without putting Jordan in front of him in some way. John Stewart has his own fanbase completely separate of Hal Jordan’s, and they don’t really appreciate seeing him as a background stooge to Jordan. Most of his fans were not drawn to him because they felt that was his role.

    • Steve Rogers says:

      I agree, Clyde. I understand that John Stewart fans out there don’t trust Geoff Johns after what he has done.

      And btw, since Zeeguy91 responded to your post, do NOT reply back to him. He’s cussing at you on that site. You and Desh should just report him immediately, before he edits his post. Bad languages aren’t tolerated on that site and it gets you banned.

      • Desh Derringer says:

        I’ll report him if you send me a link to the message.

      • Hudson Faber says:

        I flagged it as well. Wouldn’t be sad to see him go.

        • Steve Rogers says:


          I don’t get this. Clyde gets in trouble, but the other poster doesn’t. I think that poster edited his post before a mod seen it.

          I should’ve taken a snapshot or something.

          • Desh Derringer says:

            Well, to be honest, they were both acting ridiculously. I asked Clyde not to engage that user like that and to just report him when he gets out of hand, but he chose to get just as out of hand himself, and then fly off at the handle at a mod when he was warned. I just can’t say I’m surprised at how things turned out. Fighting annoying Hal Jordan fans with equal foolishness just isn’t the way to go.

          • Steve Rogers says:

            You’re right. But that user called Clyde f***ing little boy and other crap like that. Hopefully the mod warned him as well.

          • Desh Derringer says:

            You’re right. The other user deserved a reprimand as well. The mod might be biased on that particular issue involving those characters. I *think* I’ve seen them around before arguing fervently against John Stewart.

            Okay, yes I have. That moderator “Saren” is biased on the issue. He/she/whatever acts like they have a stick up their butt at the idea of having John Stewart. Observe their behavior in this thread:


            So, while I admit Clyde was way out of hand, I think it’s totally unfair that the other user, who was equally out of hand and has a track record of being that way, got off the hook. That is due to that particular mod’s bias.

          • Steve Rogers says:

            Couldn’t agree with you more. I did a little research on that mod too. You should read this:

            I think he’s more of a Kyle Rayner fan than Hal Jordan. But I think that mod has some sort of bias.

            I would say that Clyde should have pointed out faults against that anti-John Stewart poster. Not get mad at the moderator and take it out on him. It just makes him look bad, while that poster looks innocent. And it’s really funny that the poster re-edit his post, which is why I think the moderator didn’t take any actions with him unfortunately. If Clyde was smart, he should’ve taken a snapshot of the bad language before the poster re-edit he post and reported it.

          • Desh Derringer says:

            That moderator has an extreme bias against John Stewart. To top it off, he’s a total jerk. I have seen mods around comic sites that are totally biased on this issue and have let their bias out in unsavory ways. I have dealt with them. They always seem to be pro-Hal Jordan… or at least anti-John Stewart.

            They are upset that we have a voice and threatened when we speak up, because what we say is so contrary to what is going on in their minds. And they can’t write us off as singular loons because there are too many of us who share the same views. Therefore, they some times try to snuff us out if they can, or quell us from speaking our views.

            We have to deal with these people–and others who share their opinions–intelligently and not like lunatics. We defeat them when we call them out on their unreasonable behavior and have solid proof of it. We don’t accomplish anything by lowering ourselves to rampaging berserkers, except to get across the idea that we’re just as wacky as some of them.

            Remember, there are other people watching this whole “discourse” who are keeping quiet but forming opinions on the whole John Stewart vs. Hal Jordan thing. You get them to your side by putting forth strong, well put together arguments in a reasonable way. Not by resorting to petty mudslinging. That just gives the moderators with opposing opportunities to move against us.

  5. Steve Rogers says:

    I’m hoping that other user got warned as well.

    Hey, Desh, can you delete our post that relates to that site?

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