RUMOR: WB Casting John Stewart for Green Lantern Lead

on April 17, 2015

Jeff Sneider from the Youtube channel Popcorn Talk has dropped a scoop he’s heard from several agency sources that DC and WB are casting John Stewart, who will be the lead character in the Green Lantern movie scheduled for 2020. If so, you can count on seeing him make his debut in the Justice League film due out in 2017.

I’m not jumping for joy just yet, but considering all the other John Stewart movie news we’ve heard over the past year, and what is currently going on at DC Comics, with Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns recently taking an interest in John Stewart and quite possibly putting him on the Justice League, this has the ring of truth to me.

I have a feeling DC/WB will finally put this to rest at Comic-Con. Zoom to the 21:40 mark on the video below for the relevant information.