RUMOR: WB Casting John Stewart for Green Lantern Lead

on April 17, 2015

Jeff Sneider from the Youtube channel Popcorn Talk has dropped a scoop he’s heard from several agency sources that DC and WB are casting John Stewart, who will be the lead character in the Green Lantern movie scheduled for 2020. If so, you can count on seeing him make his debut in the Justice League film due out in 2017.

I’m not jumping for joy just yet, but considering all the other John Stewart movie news we’ve heard over the past year, and what is currently going on at DC Comics, with Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns recently taking an interest in John Stewart and quite possibly putting him on the Justice League, this has the ring of truth to me.

I have a feeling DC/WB will finally put this to rest at Comic-Con. Zoom to the 21:40 mark on the video below for the relevant information.

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  1. Corey A Lee says:

    I really need this to be true

    • Hudson Faber says:

      Me too, man. Based on when they started filming BvS, I’m guessing they’re probably going to start shooting Justice League part 1 soon. Hopefully we get some confirmed casting not too much longer. I want this to be settled.

  2. Desh Derringer says:

    ATTN:EVERYONE! There is another Green Lantern poll going on and John can always use your support:

  3. Banesheart says:

    Green Lantern
    Volume 1: The First Warden

    The Era of Kryptonian expansion… a time of renaissance and hope. The advanced civilization of Krypton seeking new worlds to settle upon sent thousands of advanced Scout Ships into the void.
    These ships possessed some of the most advanced bio-technology in the Universe… a Genesis Chamber allowing the growth of Bio-replicant Kryptonian children with synthetic DNA grafted from The Registry of Citizens. These ships also possess a stored registry yield of 2,000 settlers each to colonize these worlds provided the ship’s memory core remained undamaged.
    But this expansion into the unknown Universe was not without it’s risks….and costs.

    An immensely powerful exiled alien ruler named Mongul discovered a Scout Ship with Kryptonians in stasis. He then captured the vessel, mapped the Kryptonian technology, and took control of their vessel.
    The captured Kryptonians were extensively studied, and after Mongul had learned everything he could from them they were destroyed.. Desiring to use the newly aquired technology for warfare, Mongul was able to activate the Kryptonian Genesis chamber, and from the Scout Ship’s stored registry yield Mongul began to grow, and raise a Kryptonian army that was totally subservient to him.
    The powerful Alien was also able to use the Scout Ship’s tracking technology to discover and capture additional sub-light-speed Scout Ships. Sixteen vessels in addition to his one, and in time his now adult Kryptonian scientists and workers constructed for him an enormous Battle station he named Warworld. It could travel above light-speed, and housed his legion of Kryptonians and weapons.

    And so the Mongul War began…

    Mongul first selected habitable Planets with younger, brighter stars to launch his invasion. Although this requirement still continues to slow the progress of Mongul’s conquest, In these environments his Kryptonian army could not be matched, thus allowing his forces to conquer and harvest dozens of worlds with few casualties to his forces. The stasis chambers, also adapted from Kryptonian technology and mass produced throughout the Mongul Expanse allowed his Kryptonians to enjoy a near limitless lifespan as they fought his wars for him.

    The Green Lantern Corps soon entered the war and fought valiantly against Mongul’s Kryptonians. But the Kryptonians that the Lanterns refer to as Bionoids possessed abilities and powers that they had only seen in the most powerful and ancient of alien races. These vast abilities included super speed, flying ability, enhanced regeneration, enhanced strength and senses, heat vision, sight of the entire subatomic and
    electromagnetic spectrum, molecular structures so incredibly dense that they could survive any Green Lantern attack. And these abilities all scaled in power depending on their cells level of solar saturation and the atmospheric composition.

    All of this coupled with the fact that Kryptonians required no life-support technology to survive or fight in deep space. Because of this, the Green Lantern Corps took devastating loses
    over a period of thousands of years. And Mongul was able to conquer 1/4 of all known space before the Green Lanterns could stop his advance. However, due to the Kryptonian’s advanced genetic conditioning they were all sterile and could not reproduce, thus leaving Mongul with a finite supply of ever dwindling Kryptonians that he could not replace. Some say that this was done to teach the explorers humility and faith. A constant reminder to the proud explorers that everything with a beginning should also have an end. Others say that it was to prevent this very event from happening, and to limit any potential damage that these powerful beings could inflict on the Universe. The Green Lantern’s could be replaced as fast as they fell. But for every Lantern’s light that was extinguished the Guardians would loose some of their own life force in the process…..and the war had taken a great toll their bodies. So as the last of their kind, the Guardians sought new hope in the fires of willpower itself.

    And in their darkest hour developed new and more advanced technology to aid them in their struggle. They harnessed the power of will to a greater degree than they ever thought possible
    to create even more powerful Green Lanterns that they also called Wardens. The Warden selection process is unknown…. Yet they are hailed as the greatest leaders and champions among the Green Lantern Corps. This is the Story of John Stewart, The First Warden, and how he helped turn the tide of a war that has raged on for such a time that few remain who remember its beginning.

    –Green Lantern Dreadnaught Mothership–

    *John Stewart and Hal Jordan views a destroyed planet from the Bridge of a Green Lantern Mothership*

    Mothership Intelligence & Reasoning Interface (MIRI): Green Lanterns, I have detected 2 Bionoid energy signatures on the planets surface. Be advised that the system’s sun is a G-type main-sequence yellow star. Bionoids exposed to it’s radiation are considered extremely dangerous….Proceed with caution.

    Hal Jordan: Thanks Miri. *Looks over at John* You’ve never seen a Bionoids before have you?

    John Stewart: Nope, but I hear they’re pretty nasty. Any last minute advice before we hit the LZ?

    Hal Jordan: Just be careful, they look human but they’re not. Even with your shield up they can still break every bone in your body with just one shot… and they’re fast enough to drag you into high orbit in under ten seconds. Remember to concentrate… and your ring will do the rest.

    John Stewart: Gotcha.

    Hal Jordan: Lets get this show on the road. *Miri, take us into the planet’s low orbit and make sure we’re not seen*

    Miri: Compliance, we are now at maximum hull dissipation…. entering the planets lower orbit now… good luck, and good hunting.

    Sector: 1480
    ==Mongul Expanse==
    -Planet Salith-

    Warm sunlight spreads over a desolated and beaten world now a shadow of its former glory. Dark smoke blanketed the skies hiding the sun behind its lasting presence. And a single fortress stood atop the rubble… a lone reminder of this once vibrant and peaceful world that once was, and never will be again. Surrounding the fortress gathered the remaining people of the planet all on bent knee awaiting their fates from their new conquer.

    Inside the fortress on a throne of glass and gold sat a man…. his eyes glowing red as he considers vaporizing everything within sight. He was one of Mongul’s Kryptonians completely engineered for war. Soaked in the planets yellow sunlight he felt invincible, yet his clothing still lay in tatters from the battle he had finally won against the Salithians.

    Man: Long has this troublesome world resisted my masters rule, now your fleets are destroyed, and your cities lifted from existence. And sadly not from my hand, but by the very weapons that you hastily constructed to destroy me.
    If not for your ability to forge such vicious weapons I would have killed you all by now…. a mercy. But now your resistance has captured the attention of my master… and he now desires for his slaves create weapons for him. Do any of you who remain reject this offer? If so speak now, and I Daresh of Mongul will show you the way to oblivion.


    Daresh: To be expected.

    *And suddenly a man entered the hall, he was covered in a hooded garb and walked with purpose. He glided past the Salithians and stood before Daresh quickly capturing the Kryptonian’s attention.*

    Daresh: *Using his X-Ray vision as he cracks a wicked smile* ….I welcome you to Salith Green Lantern, I’ve gathered a great many broken rings…have you come to add yours to my collection?….. well….. get on with it, I quite enjoy your speeches.

    *The man lowered his hood to reveal himself. He had no mask, with eyes that burned with the fiercest green light. His ring also began to brightly glow as he sharply began to speak.*

    Lantern: I am Green Lantern John Stewart of sector 2814 and I hereby place you under arrest for violation of the Weapons Proliferation Act of Oa.
    You are to be remanded in custody where you will accompany me to the Planet Oa for decommissioning.

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