Justice League: The Animated Series

on April 12, 2015

I’m very proud to announce that there is a massive addition to the Essential Reading and Viewing area of this site. At long last, Justice League has been covered by GreenLantern.Co, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the most in-depth and thorough retrospective of the series to be find anywhere.

Most Green Lantern John Stewart fans became fans of the character because of his role in this groundbreaking show, so it holds a special place in many of our hearts. I put more effort into this retrospective than I have for any other project I’ve worked on for this website, and it’s the largest essay I’ve written… ever, for anything. I did all of that because Justice League deserves it. It is quite literally my favorite cartoon show. Head over to the article to find out why.

“Bruce Timm has arguably done more for DC Comics properties than anyone in the last twenty five years. He introduced millions of people to the various mythologies of the DC Universe through his popular cartoon shows. He has had a huge hand in keeping Batman the powerhouse franchise that it is. For many people, their first introduction to the Green Lantern was through Justice League, an incredibly daring show that continues to resonate with people. Bruce Timm challenged the rules, broke them, rewrote them, and in so doing created a primer for how to do the modern superhero cartoon show. Timm rose to the challenge of tackling DC’s most iconic, coveted properties all at once and honorably displayed the larger than life spectacle of the DC Universe, and quite regularly exceeded the comics in terms of how to portray those properties and in telling a gripping narrative.”

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