28th December 2013

Rumor: Denzel Washington is Going to Play Green Lantern John Stewart

There’s some very interesting news to report, John Stewart fans. Rumor has it that Denzel Washington will be playing John Stewart in the upcoming Man of Steel film. Bleeding Cool has the full scoop here.

Denzel was supposedly a candidate to play Lex Luthor. I also heard Idris Elba might take that role. When I heard that news, I thought that perhaps the role that was being cast wasn’t for Lex, but maybe it was for Green Lantern John Stewart. I even debated updating this site with the news, but I opted not to because I had absolutely nothing to substantiate that. However, it seems like I may have been on to something!

I have mixed feelings about this. I really like Denzel Washington as an actor, and would absolutely love to see John Stewart on the big screen, but I feel the 59 year-old Denzel Washington is simply way too old for the role. I know he still has it in him to play action oriented roles, but I wouldn’t want to see John Stewart pushing 60 when the actor cast for Superman is a mere 30 years-old. Heck, regardless of Henry Cavill, I don’t want to see a 60 year-old John Stewart!

I’m still hoping Idris Elba takes the role, and it’s reassuring to me that he was in the running to play “Lex.” If you haven’t heard, Elba has stated more than once that he wants to play his own super hero, and has specifically expressed interest in playing Green Lantern, which was met with many a fangasm across cyberspace (you can learn more about that in this article here).

Let’s keep our fingers crossed, JS fans. I think we’ve got a really good chance at seeing our favorite Green Lantern on the silver screen.

Oa, by the way

Speaking of casting for John Stewart, it’s been kind of a dream of mine to see Selwyn Ward play the character. For those who don’t know, Selwyn Ward plays Theodore Jay Jarvis Johnson (shortened to T.J.) on Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers in Space. He’s quite a milestone in the Power Rangers franchise for being the first non-White leader of the Power Rangers, and I’ve been a huge fan of his since I was a small child.

Now, I know casting Ward probably wouldn’t realistically be the best course of action, and I would actually much prefer Idris Elba, but my inner geeky fan also loves the idea of seeing two of my favorite characters, T.J. and John Stewart, in one. Selwyn does already have experience playing a space faring Black man in a colorful costume, so he has that going for him… right?

You can enjoy some of the delightful cheesiness of Power Rangers in the video below, which showcases the very first scene T.J. has. He meets Cassie, the future Pink Ranger (played by Patricia Ja Lee), while on his way to the famed Angel Grove. I was right there in front of the T.V. spending the afternoon with Fox Kids when this originally aired, and I have loved both these characters ever since.

Here is Selwyn some 13 or so years after, giving a legendary interview with Black Nerd. As you can see, he’s aged quite gracefully!

24th December 2013

New Entries in Characters Section

There is new content in the character archives. This time, we take a look at…

Appa Ali Apsa

Appa Ali Apsa

“John Stewart was linked with the Guardian when Appa began lifting communities from all the worlds he visited and placing them on Oa. He linked with John in an effort to quell his loneliness, which is also why he began creating the strange patchwork of cities. Appa viewed John as a favorite pet, and planned on ruling over the cities as a god.”

Read more.

Moses Rockwell

Moses Rockwell

“Green Lantern: Mosaic is a fascinating story and Moses has a lot to do with that. It’s so interesting that an ordinary insurance salesman happens to be one of the main antagonists for Green Lantern. What else is interesting is that, in a sense, Moses actually wins! He defeats John Stewart and goes home, which is what he wanted the whole time.”

Read more.



“After the Central Power Battery on Oa was destroyed, Ch’p had one of the few functioning power rings in the universe. Despite this, living life on his planet, where no one remembered him, drove him to depression, and he was about to commit suicide before being stopped by Salaak.”

Read more.

Mosaic Kids

Mosaic Kids

“They prove how unorthodox John Stewart is, as granting power rings to children sounds like a very irresponsible thing to do, which is even brought out in the stories. Yet, on John Stewart’s Mosaic, it works like a charm.”

Read more.

All of these characters play very important roles in the legend of Green Lantern John Stewart. Keep on the look out for more content. I wanted to get this batch up sooner, but I became a bit ill, so please bear with me!

Oa, by the way

As you might be aware, it is currently the season to be jolly. As such, shares some holiday themed treats featuring Green Lantern John Stewart. First up, some fun images!

Here’s a cool picture of John spending the holidays with his Justice League family.

Another group shot of John with his fellow DC heroes.

The cover to the classic Green Lantern: Mosaic #9, which features a great holiday story.

An interior shot of the above issue, in which Rose Hardin and John Stewart host a Christmas party on the Mosaic and John ponders on the meaning of Christmas.

In this one, by Lil’ Hawk, John Stewart gives Vixen a Christmas present, but I don’t think it goes over too well.

And here we have John Stewart spending Christmas with his Justice League girlfriend, the feisty Hawkgirl. From the Justice League Christmas special, “Comfort and Joy”…

Speaking of Hawkgirl, let’s see how she likes to celebrate in the following video. It’s not quite what GL had in mind.

And speaking of “Comfort and Joy,” here’s a touching fanfic by S-Bumblebee, starring Green Lantern and Hawkgirl during the Christmas season.
Twelve Days of Comfort and Joy

That’s it for now, John Stewart fans. Until next time, I wish you happy holidays!

13th December 2013

Green Lantern Corps #29 and Injustice Year Two #3 Solicitations

The solicitation for Green Lantern Corps #29 is out. Green Lantern John Stewart finds himself in trouble as the conflict with the Durlans and the Braid Clann heats up. Check out this cool cover art by Francis Portela, followed by the official solicitation.

Written by VAN JENSEN
1:25 Robot Chicken Variant cover
On sale MARCH 12 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
John Stewart and his team are surrounded by Durlans and Braid Clann on an unfriendly world. Their only hope is to fight their way out! And in the shadows of the Universe, the Corps’ worst nightmare is coming true: The Sinestro Corps is stirring!

Portella draws a great John Stewart! And return of the Sinestro Corps, hmm? That should be interesting. It seems the Green Lantern Corps just can’t get a break. What else is of interest is that Van Jensen is solely credited with the writing. Perhaps Robert Venditti is no longer co-plotting the book at this point.

But that’s not all! John Stewart will also be playing a crucial role in Injustice Year Two #3.

Written by TOM TAYLOR
On sale MARCH 26 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T • DIGITAL FIRST
Superman’s increasing hold over the Earth has concerned the Guardians of the Universe. And with Hal Jordan believing in Superman’s world vision, his allegiance to the Green Lantern Corps is being tested. So under the direction of the Guardians, two more Lanterns – Guy Gardner and John Stewart – are sent on a diplomatic mission to Earth to see the effect of Superman’s rule.

I have heard many great things about the digital first Injustice comics, based on the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us. It’s great to see John Stewart appear. Hopefully he will be a regular occurring character.

Be sure to pick these up in March 2014.

Oa, by the way

Here are some pictures of John Stewart in his old school Silver Age threads. I always thought it was nice seeing John in this outfit.

A classic picture from Dave Gibbons. This was during the time when John first assumed the responsibility of being the full time Green Lantern of Sector 2814.

This is John as depicted by Alex Ross, from the series Justice. It was nice seeing John appear in that.

This Keith Pollard image is so Bronze Age. This is from Green Lantern Vol. 2 #165. That issue features a story in which John and Green Arrow team up to defeat a crystal monster that threatens the Earth.

And speaking of the Bronze Age, it would be a shame to not include an image from John Stewart’s creator, Neal Adams. From John Stewart’s debut in 1971…

Looking at these images makes me think of how great a character and concept John Stewart is, as well as his rich history. I think it’s very interesting that he’s a cosmic defender that comes from the ghetto. Going from that environment to the weird wonders of outer space and being granted such vast power is jarring. But it’s a good kind of jarring! I have never seen that done in any kind of serious context aside from John Stewart.

Apparently, not everyone shares my fervor for that combination, however, as we see in this short article:
Marvel VS. DC: Nigga Edition

The writer compares John Stewart to Luke Cage, and prefers Cage because:

…he is a real nigga who stays on the streets real heavy. He was always on the block real heavy in Harlem and took no bullshit. John Stewart is powerful and shit but he’s not on the streets though, I’m not a fan of that outer space shit as much. And plus there are other dudes in the Green Lantern Corps that can do the same shit.

Luke Cage has a big house he paid a dollar for ($1) and he has a white girl on his arm and a kid. This nigga came up from the struggle and is now living the American Dream. While John Stewart is in outer space and shit not making the situation work for him.

What this individual dislikes about John Stewart is exactly one of the things that draws me to the character. What’s cool about John Stewart is he has the ‘for the people‘ aspect to him, as was recently touched upon in Green Lantern Corps #25, while also being a very powerful intergalactic peace keeper. What sets John Stewart apart from some other Bronze Age Black characters is that he’s more than just a ghetto fighter.

How generic is it to have a Black man in the ghetto fighting people? Luke Cage does it, Black Lightning does it, Static does it, and so on. John Stewart is more than just your typical Black superhero, which is a reason why I like the character so much. Honestly, there aren’t many Black superheroes I like. That has nothing to do with their race at all. I just don’t often find them to be interesting concepts and captivating, well fleshed out characters, which might be more a fault of the industry at large than of the characters themselves. To me, great Black characters in comics (at least the ones I’m familiar with) are rare.

After John Stewart, my favorite Black comic character is Mist, who is from a Japanese Manga called Knights, by Murao Minoru. If you’re interested in reading about a great leading Black character, or just interested in a fun manga, I recommend it. You can check it out here:
Knights Manga

But back to that article, I’m not quite sure what the person is talking about when they say…

Luke Cage has a big house he paid a dollar for ($1) and he has a white girl on his arm and a kid.

That’s fine and all, but Hawkgirl over Jessica Jones any day of the week!

Above image by Lil’ Hawk.

12th December 2013

Green Lantern Corps #26 Review

Green Lantern John Stewart returns in Green Lantern Corps #26, which features him finally confronting Hal Jordan over the leadership of the Green Lantern Corps. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. .co gives you some thoughts and analysis on the ish.

“Going back to Van Jensen’s earnest character based writing, he’s actually getting me to care about the relationship between John and Yrra, which is quite a feat, because the writers who actually set the relationship up could not do that in the slightest. Now, it seems very sweet, natural, and likable, as many touching scenes in this issue help it blossom and come into its own. This is another feature that helps Green Lantern Corps stand out as a fun, exuberant, and delightfully touching read in a sea of grim and gritty DC titles.”

Read More.

Be back soon for more John Stewart content, and thanks again for visiting!

Oa, by the way

Michael Stewart has put together a compilation of some of the best Green Lantern John Stewart moments from the hit cartoons Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Let’s sit back and enjoy some classic moments featuring our favorite Green Lantern! Enjoy.

At the 2:44 mark, he uses a line that has somewhat become a catchphrase of his. “The name’s John Stewart.”

5th December 2013

Green Lantern #26 Review

Issue #26 of Green Lantern is out, and .co takes a look. Let’s see how Hal Jordan messes things up this month!

I still have a hard time sympathizing with Hal Jordan or his actions. He makes up rules on the fly that affect the entire universe without even consulting anyone else, he does not clearly define those rules, he doesn’t show much respect for the people he’s supposed to be protecting, he brushes suggestions made by other Corps members (like John Stewart) aside, and he’s basically all around bumbling. We have to wonder where all of this is going.

Read More.

There’s more content on the way, so come back soon, and thanks for visiting!

Oa, by the way

The video game Young Justice: Legacy has recently released for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo 3DS, and it features our favorite Green Lantern, John Stewart! What else is interesting is that he’s the only Green Lantern who appears in the game! Here’s a look at John in Legacy:

I’m happy to see John Stewart appearing in more media. Keep it coming, WB! You can find more information about Legacy at the official website right here.