Green Lantern #26 Review

on December 5, 2013

Issue #26 of Green Lantern is out, and .co takes a look. Let’s see how Hal Jordan messes things up this month!

I still have a hard time sympathizing with Hal Jordan or his actions. He makes up rules on the fly that affect the entire universe without even consulting anyone else, he does not clearly define those rules, he doesn’t show much respect for the people he’s supposed to be protecting, he brushes suggestions made by other Corps members (like John Stewart) aside, and he’s basically all around bumbling. We have to wonder where all of this is going.

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Oa, by the way

The video game Young Justice: Legacy has recently released for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo 3DS, and it features our favorite Green Lantern, John Stewart! What else is interesting is that he’s the only Green Lantern who appears in the game! Here’s a look at John in Legacy:

I’m happy to see John Stewart appearing in more media. Keep it coming, WB! You can find more information about Legacy at the official website right here.