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on December 24, 2013

There is new content in the character archives. This time, we take a look at…

Appa Ali Apsa

Appa Ali Apsa

“John Stewart was linked with the Guardian when Appa began lifting communities from all the worlds he visited and placing them on Oa. He linked with John in an effort to quell his loneliness, which is also why he began creating the strange patchwork of cities. Appa viewed John as a favorite pet, and planned on ruling over the cities as a god.”

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Moses Rockwell

Moses Rockwell

“Green Lantern: Mosaic is a fascinating story and Moses has a lot to do with that. It’s so interesting that an ordinary insurance salesman happens to be one of the main antagonists for Green Lantern. What else is interesting is that, in a sense, Moses actually wins! He defeats John Stewart and goes home, which is what he wanted the whole time.”

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“After the Central Power Battery on Oa was destroyed, Ch’p had one of the few functioning power rings in the universe. Despite this, living life on his planet, where no one remembered him, drove him to depression, and he was about to commit suicide before being stopped by Salaak.”

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Mosaic Kids

Mosaic Kids

“They prove how unorthodox John Stewart is, as granting power rings to children sounds like a very irresponsible thing to do, which is even brought out in the stories. Yet, on John Stewart’s Mosaic, it works like a charm.”

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All of these characters play very important roles in the legend of Green Lantern John Stewart. Keep on the look out for more content. I wanted to get this batch up sooner, but I became a bit ill, so please bear with me!

Oa, by the way

As you might be aware, it is currently the season to be jolly. As such, shares some holiday themed treats featuring Green Lantern John Stewart. First up, some fun images!

Here’s a cool picture of John spending the holidays with his Justice League family.

Another group shot of John with his fellow DC heroes.

The cover to the classic Green Lantern: Mosaic #9, which features a great holiday story.

An interior shot of the above issue, in which Rose Hardin and John Stewart host a Christmas party on the Mosaic and John ponders on the meaning of Christmas.

In this one, by Lil’ Hawk, John Stewart gives Vixen a Christmas present, but I don’t think it goes over too well.

And here we have John Stewart spending Christmas with his Justice League girlfriend, the feisty Hawkgirl. From the Justice League Christmas special, “Comfort and Joy”…

Speaking of Hawkgirl, let’s see how she likes to celebrate in the following video. It’s not quite what GL had in mind.

And speaking of “Comfort and Joy,” here’s a touching fanfic by S-Bumblebee, starring Green Lantern and Hawkgirl during the Christmas season.
Twelve Days of Comfort and Joy

That’s it for now, John Stewart fans. Until next time, I wish you happy holidays!

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  1. Hudson Faber says:

    Ahh, the memories! Thanks for all the new content!

    Maria Canals sounds like Rita Repulsa in the very last bit of that video. 😀

    Merry Christmas and happy new year! The ten year anniversary of the first episode of JLU is around the corner.

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