Green Lantern Corps #26 Review

on December 12, 2013

Green Lantern John Stewart returns in Green Lantern Corps #26, which features him finally confronting Hal Jordan over the leadership of the Green Lantern Corps. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. .co gives you some thoughts and analysis on the ish.

“Going back to Van Jensen’s earnest character based writing, he’s actually getting me to care about the relationship between John and Yrra, which is quite a feat, because the writers who actually set the relationship up could not do that in the slightest. Now, it seems very sweet, natural, and likable, as many touching scenes in this issue help it blossom and come into its own. This is another feature that helps Green Lantern Corps stand out as a fun, exuberant, and delightfully touching read in a sea of grim and gritty DC titles.”

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Oa, by the way

Michael Stewart has put together a compilation of some of the best Green Lantern John Stewart moments from the hit cartoons Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Let’s sit back and enjoy some classic moments featuring our favorite Green Lantern! Enjoy.

At the 2:44 mark, he uses a line that has somewhat become a catchphrase of his. “The name’s John Stewart.”