20th September 2015

Green Lantern: Lost Army #4 Review

Green Lantern: Lost Army is not over yet. We’ve still got a couple issues left. Take a look at GreenLantern.Co’s review for issue #4:

“Green Lantern: Lost Army #4 is a decent issue that takes the Lanterns from point A to point B, but doesn’t really give us anything to chew on and contemplate regarding the bigger picture, which would be really nice right about now since there are only two issues left. It’s clear that Bunn won’t be able to address everything in the remaining space he has. According to a statement he issued, there is a chance there will be another limited series or Lantern book to fully resolve this story. Let’s all cross our fingers. While this isn’t my favorite issue of Lost Army, I’ve loved this series, and it has the most intriguing set up of a Green Lantern story I’ve seen since Mosaic.”

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15th September 2015

Green Lantern: Lost Army #4 Preview

Crave Online has the preview of Green Lantern: Lost Army #4, and it looks like we can breathe a sigh of relief. Issue #3 left us Arisia fans in suspense, but thankfully, John Stewart comes to her rescue. Click the link below for the full preview, and be sure to pick this issue up tomorrow, September 16.

Exclusive Preview: Green Lantern: Lost Army # 4

14th September 2015

Green Lantern: Lost Army Cancelled at issue #6

I have extremely upsetting news to report, John Stewart fans. Cullen Bunn and Jesus Saiz’s series Green Lantern: Lost Army is cancelled with November’s issue #6. DC has recently cancelled a number of titles, such as Omega Men, Lobo, and Doomed, but these cancellations aren’t terribly surprising when considering the low sales of the books. Lost Army, however, has been a solid seller, just as Van Jensen and Bernard Chang’s Green Lantern Corps was before it.

In a recent Q&A session on Reddit.Com with fans, Cullen Bunn said that he had planned for at least fourteen issues to tell his story. I don’t think anyone expected Lost Army to last forever, given its premise, but what I’m distraught about is that Cullen Bunn clearly won’t be able to tell the story he wanted to tell the way he wanted to tell it.

This makes me lose a lot of faith in DC, because it shows they have little creative integrity. I’m honestly very tired of them interrupting the narratives of books with either endless obtrusive crossovers or outright premature cancellations. It becomes very difficult to enjoy their products when writers and readers have no assurance that the stories they are investing in will have organic conclusions. Thus, why bother investing in their stories? If DC doesn’t have any faith in them, why should the readers?

On this subject, Bunn had this to say to Newsarama.Com:

“Issue 6 will be the last issue of the series,” Bunn tells Newsarama. “There’s more to the story of these lost Lanterns, and their story will be resolved in another limited series or in the pages of another Lantern book. I developed a plan for them, and I hope to be part of how it plays out.”

It sounds like the Lanterns are going to stay lost by the conclusion of Lost Army, and Bunn isn’t sure of what the future holds for these character, or whether or not he will be able to continue their story. At this stage, all we can do is hope that John, Arisia, and Kilowog return in another series of their own and that Cullen Bunn will be able to finish the tale he has for them.

GreenLantern.Co will keep you up to date with the situation.

7th September 2015

ComiConverse Interviews Phil LaMarr

The legendary Phil LaMarr, who voiced Green Lantern on the hit shows Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, did an interview with ComiConverse.Com that was recently posted. He shared some very interesting thoughts about John Stewart.

LKR: John Stewart’s Green Lantern was one of DC’s first black animated heroes. Did you feel any type of responsibility as you took on that role?

PL: Well, what’s funny is, he was not DC’s first black superhero. He wasn’t even DC’s first animated black superhero. I’m pretty sure that Static Shock gets the credit for that one. Although, it’s such a hard thing to parse because they had Super Volt on the “Super Friends” back in the 70’s and 80’s, which I guess sort of counts – but not really, because he wasn’t really a comic book hero, but he was, in fact, black!

I think the significance of John Stewart (starts with) Bruce Timm and the writers of “The Justice League” animated series creating their version of Justice League. This is the animated canon. These are the Big Seven. The Justice League is the Supreme Court of Super Heroes. They are The Best of the Best. If Superman needs help, these are the six people he calls. It really was the first time that an African-American face was up on a super hero Mt. Rushmore. And it wasn’t made an issue of! He wasn’t the ‘Black Lantern.’ He wasn’t there as a token. He was there because he was the Green Lantern of Earth. They had to go against the comic book continuity to do that, and yet they did it, effortlessly! They didn’t make any apologies for it; they didn’t say, “Well, Hal Jordan is in a secret dimension somewhere-.” Nope. It was, “This is just how it is.”

That to me was just way ahead of its time in the sense that he was just who it was, and that, I think, had an effect. I remember when the Ryan Reynolds movie (2011’s “Green Lantern”) came out, there were a lot of people who had grown up watching the animated series who were like, “Who is this white guy playing Green Lantern?!”

Most of the credit goes to the writing. They created a really well-rounded, real character that people invested in. I’m very proud to have been a part of it.

LKR: Did you have a favourite episode that you did as the Green Lantern?

PL: One of my favorite episodes was definitely one called, “Starcrossed” which was the culmination of the whole season and also the culmination of the Green Lantern-Hawkgirl relationship. In that storyline we find out that she’s actually a spy from Thanagar, and she was actually married to this guy who’s now trying to invade Earth. It’s great because it’s this massive alien invasion of Earth episode, but it’s also this huge dramatic breakup episode. (in John Stewart’s voice) “You lied to me!” It’s literally about betrayal and broken hearts and dealing with her crummy ex, but the fact is her crummy ex is actually trying to take over the planet, and you’ve got to fight him!

I love that one because it really played on this big, global, operatic stage, but it was real down and dirty romantic emotion at the core of it. I’ve never gotten to play anything that meaty on camera, so that’s definitely one of my favourites.

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We ComiConverse With Phil LaMarr

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