Green Lantern: Lost Army Cancelled at issue #6

on September 14, 2015

I have extremely upsetting news to report, John Stewart fans. Cullen Bunn and Jesus Saiz’s series Green Lantern: Lost Army is cancelled with November’s issue #6. DC has recently cancelled a number of titles, such as Omega Men, Lobo, and Doomed, but these cancellations aren’t terribly surprising when considering the low sales of the books. Lost Army, however, has been a solid seller, just as Van Jensen and Bernard Chang’s Green Lantern Corps was before it.

In a recent Q&A session on Reddit.Com with fans, Cullen Bunn said that he had planned for at least fourteen issues to tell his story. I don’t think anyone expected Lost Army to last forever, given its premise, but what I’m distraught about is that Cullen Bunn clearly won’t be able to tell the story he wanted to tell the way he wanted to tell it.

This makes me lose a lot of faith in DC, because it shows they have little creative integrity. I’m honestly very tired of them interrupting the narratives of books with either endless obtrusive crossovers or outright premature cancellations. It becomes very difficult to enjoy their products when writers and readers have no assurance that the stories they are investing in will have organic conclusions. Thus, why bother investing in their stories? If DC doesn’t have any faith in them, why should the readers?

On this subject, Bunn had this to say to Newsarama.Com:

“Issue 6 will be the last issue of the series,” Bunn tells Newsarama. “There’s more to the story of these lost Lanterns, and their story will be resolved in another limited series or in the pages of another Lantern book. I developed a plan for them, and I hope to be part of how it plays out.”

It sounds like the Lanterns are going to stay lost by the conclusion of Lost Army, and Bunn isn’t sure of what the future holds for these character, or whether or not he will be able to continue their story. At this stage, all we can do is hope that John, Arisia, and Kilowog return in another series of their own and that Cullen Bunn will be able to finish the tale he has for them.

GreenLantern.Co will keep you up to date with the situation.