Green Lantern: Lost Army #4 Review

on September 20, 2015

Green Lantern: Lost Army is not over yet. We’ve still got a couple issues left. Take a look at GreenLantern.Co’s review for issue #4:

“Green Lantern: Lost Army #4 is a decent issue that takes the Lanterns from point A to point B, but doesn’t really give us anything to chew on and contemplate regarding the bigger picture, which would be really nice right about now since there are only two issues left. It’s clear that Bunn won’t be able to address everything in the remaining space he has. According to a statement he issued, there is a chance there will be another limited series or Lantern book to fully resolve this story. Let’s all cross our fingers. While this isn’t my favorite issue of Lost Army, I’ve loved this series, and it has the most intriguing set up of a Green Lantern story I’ve seen since Mosaic.”

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