Tyrese Gibson Suggests Landing the Green Lantern Role – UPDATE

on March 25, 2015

Tyrese Gibson returned to his Instagram account to post himself as Green Lantern after taking about a month long break from flooding the internet with manipulated images depicting himself as the cosmic superhero. Last time, it seemed to be with the agenda to build support and awareness, and cultivate conversation about the prospect. This time, he suggests that he has sealed the deal with WB and gotten the role for the Emerald Crusader. He posted a picture of himself as Green Lantern along with the quote “The Oath – See you soon……..”

The Oath – See you soon……..

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There is no other way to interpret this other than Tyrese has gotten the role for Green Lantern in WB’s upcoming DC cinematic projects. Prior to this last post, he suggested that he landed a meeting with WB executives about the part and then he went quiet about it. This is the strongest evidence we’ve thus had that John Stewart will be the cinematic Green Lantern. I, for one, am extremely excited.

I know Tyrese isn’t everyone’s top choice for John Stewart, but I greatly appreciate the passion he has for the character and I think he has a great look for the role. I look forward to seeing him soon.


The Instagram post has since been removed. Make of that whatever you will. As for me, it gives me even more assurance that John Stewart will be making his way to a theater near you. Tyrese has left us with a more general post that features many different images depicting him as Green Lantern, with the Green Lantern oath as a caption.