Tyrese Gibson Suggests Landing the Green Lantern Role – UPDATE

on March 25, 2015

Tyrese Gibson returned to his Instagram account to post himself as Green Lantern after taking about a month long break from flooding the internet with manipulated images depicting himself as the cosmic superhero. Last time, it seemed to be with the agenda to build support and awareness, and cultivate conversation about the prospect. This time, he suggests that he has sealed the deal with WB and gotten the role for the Emerald Crusader. He posted a picture of himself as Green Lantern along with the quote “The Oath – See you soon……..”

The Oath – See you soon……..

A photo posted by TYRESE (@tyrese) on

There is no other way to interpret this other than Tyrese has gotten the role for Green Lantern in WB’s upcoming DC cinematic projects. Prior to this last post, he suggested that he landed a meeting with WB executives about the part and then he went quiet about it. This is the strongest evidence we’ve thus had that John Stewart will be the cinematic Green Lantern. I, for one, am extremely excited.

I know Tyrese isn’t everyone’s top choice for John Stewart, but I greatly appreciate the passion he has for the character and I think he has a great look for the role. I look forward to seeing him soon.


The Instagram post has since been removed. Make of that whatever you will. As for me, it gives me even more assurance that John Stewart will be making his way to a theater near you. Tyrese has left us with a more general post that features many different images depicting him as Green Lantern, with the Green Lantern oath as a caption.

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  1. Clyde says:

    Hum…yeah, I’m not really feeling this concept if it is true that Tyrese has landed the role, but I also know that as fans of John Stewart, we’ve waited for what seemed to be a lifetime to see him get his due diligence. Common would’ve had the role if the “JL: Mortals” was actually made. And we all would’ve loved to see other actors play the part, especially overall fan favorite Idris Elba, which Tyrese knows about and told him that he got this. If it is true, I will support Tyrese, because I want so bad for our character to be done well and put into the hands of a writer, director and actor that could make John Stewart as epic as Bruce Timm & Van Jensen had done for him. Tyrese had better realize what’s at stake here if this is true. He better not disappoint us. Until DC/WB makes the announcement official, Tyrese’s post to me is just nothing more than rumor still.

    Which now leaves me with one final thought. There was also talk of Chris Pine being GL as well. Could it be that DC/WB will use both lanterns? I could understand that for the GL reboot, but I could only see one lantern being in the JL films at one time. Which would it be? If we hear that both Hal & John are cast, it will present a very interesting discussion on how they will be used and what would be the dynamic between them, and would they have Hal as the lead, John as the lead, or both be on equal footing? The count down is on until the big GL announcement, and the anticipation is excruciating.

    • Desh Derringer says:

      ” There was also talk of Chris Pine being GL as well. Could it be that DC/WB will use both lanterns?”

      There was a rumor from El Mayimbe who said it was a “BIG if.” I would stake a lot more on Tyrese, a legitimate star, than a “BIG if” rumor from El Mayimbe.

      Going by his own words, I think Tyrese realizes the importance of this role and that it can’t afford to be screwed up. Green Lantern the franchise can’t afford another misfire. Black superheroes in cinema can’t afford a screw up, because that could potentially hinder future prospects. And John Stewart the character is too important to stain. He HAS to succeed where Hal Jordan failed in order to shut up all the Hal Jordan fans who doubt him, complain about him, undermine him, and ridicule him. A successful Black Green Lantern in cinema will mean A LOT for Black superheroes.

      I think Tyrese realizes all of this.

    • Hudson Faber says:

      Having both of them would be bad for John. He needs to be at the center, like he is on GLC and JLU. That’s what gave him the chance to shine. Otherwise he’d likely be shifted to the background because Hollywood often shifts people of color to supporting or background roles.

      Hopefully this tweet means we’ll find out what going on this week.

  2. Hudson Faber says:

    It seems to have been taken down…

    Which only makes it seem more likely to be true. Maybe we’ll really find out soon. Anybody have screenshots?

    I would be ecstatic if John Stewart were the DCCU’s central Green Lantern. He’s my favorite superhero ever. Tyrese can do the soldier thing well, but I’m concerned about his ability to depict John’s intelligence, and I’m not sure if he’d do John right in that I don’t see him as a franchise lead yet and don’t want a repeat of 2011. I feel the same way about him as I do Gal Gadot right now. But alas, at least John is on the docket where he should be, which should put his character on the map again. 🙂

  3. Clyde says:

    Thank you Desh for sharing that clip of Tyrese’s interview. I must say that I liked the vibe that I got from him. Now to address what Hudson & Desh stated about wanting to just see John, and not wanting Hal to rain on John’s parade. I agree, if I had a choice I’d want to just see John, which would give the audiences a chance to connect with him the way that they did in the series, without Hal’s interference. However realistically speaking, I cannot ignore how passionate Hal fans are as well as we are about John. I cannot ignore how much DC has been behind Hal. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Hal somehow re-emerges back to the big screen. Which is why I questioned how WB would use both characters. I don’t want to spoil our happiness and ruin the moment, but gentleman it’s not time to crack open the champagne bottles yet. Over the years I have become more of a realist than an optimist or pessimist. Therefore I have a hard time believing that DC would just willingly hand the keys to the luxury car over to John Stewart, when just 4 years ago they wanted to kill him off. Even when John proved successful in the animated series, they still put him on the back burner, and promoted Hal. DC’s track record dictates that no matter what John has done to prove himself and how much the people support him, they constantly find the way to force Hal down our throats. Now since WB calls the shots as it relates to the cinematic universe, they can pass or veto which character is put into film. I have no doubt that we’ll be seeing John on the big screen, but will DC pull their usual stunts of the past by manipulating WB into undermining John through Hal’s insertion?

    • Desh Derringer says:

      I get what you’re saying. Am I confident we’ll see John? Very much so. I can’t say what WB will do in regards to Hal Jordan. I think DC attempted to kill John Stewart to stymie the character from appearing in movies. To me, the attempt on John Stewart’s fictional life actually adds more credence to the idea of him being in the films. Something had to have made DC THAT desperate to try to kill their most popular PoC character.

      It’s WB’s decision, however, and Hal Jordan lost them A LOT of money, whereas John has only ever worked for them, and the continuous questions of “Why is he White?” in regards to the 2011 film could not have gone past their notice.

      One El Mayimbe “BIG if” rumor, and an extra that is listed as a drone pilot is not much compared to the flood of rumors from legit actors surrounding John Stewart. As such, personally, I do not think there is anything going on with Hal Jordan in terms of cinematic appearances, but it’s pretty hard to deny that SOMETHING is going on with John Stewart at this point.

      Hal Jordan fans may be passionate, but their passion didn’t translate into $$$ for WB. There is ultimately not enough of them. Hal Jordan was likely chosen for the 2011 film because people like Geoff Johns no doubt pointed to the success of the Green Lantern comics and said they can make a ton more money if they’re given the cinematic platform. They were given that platform with Hal Jordan and it flopped. I don’t think DC can manipulate WB into anything now. WB already has the data to see how well Hal Jordan has done for them.

      • Clyde says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more Desh. But make no mistake, I still think that DC will try whatever it takes to get their guy on the big screen. However as you alluded to Desh, the movie industry is all about money, reviews, and marketability. The first attempt at a GL film starring Hal failed on all three accounts. WB remembers this each day, as they are trying to recoup the money lost not just from that feature film, but from the others that they lost money on that year as well as the subsequent years thereafter. So with that being said, it’s too much of a risk for them to play Russian roulette, rather than to make the smart choice as well as the safer choice, as Scott Mendleton wrote in his Forbes article concerning GL.

        • Desh Derringer says:

          Yes. I think this future Green Lantern will be as different as it can be in many ways in comparison to the 2011 film, which would likely mean no Hal Jordan. At least not in any kind of leading man role. I think WB will try to get as far away from the 2011 film as they reasonably can.

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