IGN.Com Interviews Tyrese Gibson on Green Lantern

on March 26, 2015

IGN.Com had a chat with Tyrese Gibson about playing Green Lantern John Stewart in the DC Cinematic Universe. Tyrese said he’s ready to play John Stewart whenever Warner Bros. is.

Earlier today, Gibson posted an image of himself as the Green Lantern on his Instagram account, along with the caption “The Oath – See you soon……..”. Hours later, the post was mysteriously removed. Could it be that Tyrese actually has been cast for the part, and WB thought his post was telling too much too soon? Or could Gibson have just felt like taking it down? We don’t know. A screen capture of the post can be seen below:

The IGN interview is rather inconclusive. If Gibson does have the role–as it seems he intentionally led people to believe–we know he cannot say so since the Instagram post that alludes to him being cast has vanished. As such, all he says to IGN is that he’s ready to play John and the decision is up to Warner Bros. He then tells a bit about the glories of social media.

Take a look at the interview at the link below:

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3 responses to “IGN.Com Interviews Tyrese Gibson on Green Lantern”

  1. Steve Rogers says:

    Hey Clyde, don’t let that Zeeguy91 poster get to you. I know he’s gone off the deep end. That’s why lots of people is calling him out on his B.S.

    If anyone is interested in getting entertained, read here:

    • Clyde says:

      Yeah, i read his most recent comments, and i actually don’t have anything to say on that front, but i so have some interesting info that i’d like to share.

  2. Clyde says:

    She may not be the Shayera Hol version, but its still a start. Now all we need is to get John Stewart announced by DC/WB to be used in some capacity.

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