Smallville: Lantern Parts 4, 5, and 6 Review

on April 26, 2014

Bryan Q. Miller’s rendition of the Green Lantern mythos continues in the digital first series Smallville Season 11: Lantern. You know GreenLantern.Co wouldn’t miss reviewing this!

“Smallville: Lantern continues to be an enthralling reinvention of Green Lantern. It’s not that the concept has been completely altered or bastardized. Far from it! Rather, Miller takes the finer points of the concept down some alternate paths, which, in some regards, makes for a more streamlined approach than what we get in the mainstream DC universe continuity. One of the things that make it more simplified and neater is that there isn’t an excess of Earth Green Lanterns. Miller picks John Stewart and sticks with him and only him, and I really applaud the writer for that.”

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Remember, you can pick this series up at A new chapter is released every Friday. There’s more content on the way. “Uprising” is right around the corner, and GreenLantern.Co will have a massive retrospective of the 2001-2004 animated series Justice League very soon.