Red Lanterns #33 Review

on July 25, 2014

Red Lanterns #33 features a prominent John Stewart guest appearance, so it’s got the attention of .Co. Check out the review for this one.

“Good character interactions, an engrossing atmosphere, and fun dialogue make this issue worth checking out, but It seems like it’s biding its time for the Annual to hit next week, and the overarching plot of the story is rather stale.”

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Oa, by the way


As most of you are probably aware, San Diego Comic-Con is underway. I’m betting many John Stewart fans are excited about news regarding the character, so I’m here to help out. Remember that poll DC Comics ran that allowed fans to choose the next New 52 action figure? Well, it looks like John Stewart is the winner, because there is a New 52 figure of him on the way. Here’s some info courtesy of Comic Book Resources:

“DC also shared some special extra preview pieces not being displayed over Comic-Con weekend, including New 52 figures for Harley Quinn in her roller-derby glory; The Joker as re-imagined by Tony S. Daniel in “Detective Comics” #1; and the New 52 version of John Stewart.”

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I am definitely looking forward to seeing the figure. I hope it is based on Marcelo Maiolo and Bernard Chang’s art from Green Lantern Corps.

Speaking of Green Lantern Corps, the writer of the title, Van Jensen, attended a DC Universe panel and had some things to say about John Stewart. Also from CBR:

“Meanwhile in “Green Lantern Corps,” the long simmering plot of the character Fatality being replaced by a Durlan will come to a head in issue #33. “It was kind of hard to write in a way because it was such a tough wringer to run [John Stewart] through…this whole arc has been about him overcoming these past tragedies,” Jensen said, adding that the idea of the arc has largely been about who is more fit to the lead the Corps between Jordan and Stewart. “It’s a lot of big action combined with some really interesting spectacle and these intense character moments.” #33 focuses on Stewart’s hunt for the real Fatality, which Jensen joked, “It’s really nice to write a story without a thousand characters in it.”

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If you’re anxious to hear about movie information, that will likely happen on Saturday. GreenLantern.Co will keep you posted on the latest!