Green Lantern Corps #39 Review

on February 17, 2015

.Co is back with a review for Green Lantern Corps #39. I know I’m a little later than usual with this, but there’s been quite a bit going on. Give this a read. Green Lantern Corps is ending, but it’s going out with a bang:

“This issue earns a full five stars because I really can’t think of anything wrong with it at all. It’s not just that it’s competent, everything is exceptional. It is a very dense read that captivated me the whole way through and made me want to know more about what was going on. The villains are intriguing, the character designs are excellent and unique, all the characters are used to great effect, the art is astonishing, the coloring is extraordinary, and the script is solid and affecting. Lost Army is going to have to be unbelievably good to trump this title.”

Read more.

Stay tuned for more, folks. There’s been a lot of John Stewart information coming in, and there’s likely more to come.

Oa, by the way

Great news, Lantern fans! There’s more John Stewart merchandise around the corner. This Wednesday, February 18, a John Stewart chess piece will be released. Here’s the information for it:

The DC Chess Collection continues with the Justice League chess set. Each character is superbly rendered, cast from a specially formulated metallised resin. Each chess piece is accompanied by a fascinating 16-page magazine featuring superb DC Comic artwork plus vital chess tips for players of all levels. Continue your Justice League collection with:
#73 Vibe – (White Pawn)
#74 Arcane – (Black Pawn)
#75 Green Lantern John Stewart – (White Bishop)
Item Code: OCT141862In
Shops: 2/18/2015:
SRP: $16.00

I’ve said multiple times that it’s important for us to support John Stewart’s merchandise to ensure that we keep getting more of it, so be sure to pick this cool collectible up.

Moving on, ComicVine.Com continues pitting John Stewart against other comic book characters in their weekly character battles. John has defeated Magneto and Ronan the Accuser. Now, he’s up against his toughest opponent yet – Beta Ray Bill.

The victor will be decided by vote, so be sure to head over to Comic Vine to support John Stewart. We have got to get together and campaign for this again, like how we did to get John to become character of the month. So spread the word via Twitter and whatever other social media you use. We can do this, John Stewart fans!

Battle of the Week: Green Lantern (John Stewart) vs. Beta Ray Bill

Lastly, the site Batman News has come to the conclusion that John is the likely cinematic Green Lantern. Check out the article and the reasons why, and continue supporting John in the comments. It never hurts to stand up for our favorite character and represent his fanbase.

Zack Snyder’s Green Lantern will likely be John Stewart

19 responses to “Green Lantern Corps #39 Review”

  1. Hudson Faber says:

    Lots of cool news and merchandise surrounding John right now! I already tweeted about his Battle of the Week and posted about it on Tumblr. We definitely need to get the word out this week.

  2. Clyde says:

    The way that the polls look very early in the week at comicvine, it would appear to be a blow out, which I think is so disrespectful to the ring’s abilities and its user. But that’s okay, these jealous haters can have their day and bask in the glory of a John Stewart loss, but I’m smiling inside, because heroes win and lose battles everyday, but winning the war is getting John on the big screen and that’s the only battle that I ultimately care about.

  3. Steve Rogers says:

    Good review!

    It looks like Hal Jordan is back in the JL book on the latest issue. Not surprising though.

  4. Clyde says:

    Hey, did someone mention name? Lol. Yeah guys, after i remembered the effects on people via the 5 stages of grief, it makes their behavior all tear, which is why Desh doesn’t give a damn about their false opinions, if anything he pity’s them. Like he said, this is only the start, wait till an official word is posted. Sadly, some of these people posting negativity about John is finally revealing how they truly feel deep down. Some believe and are delusional to a fault to think that discrimination as it relates to race is over. But all its done since laws has been past, is lie beneath the surface. The character of John Stewart has been battling this since his creation. His character wad born because of the fact that comics lacked diversity. Its truly sad as a human race that we truly believe that the color of one’s skin makes another inferior or less important. Look at a box of crayons, they consist of all the colors of the spectrum (ROYGBIV), they are all different but yet brings something unique to the table. And when kids use these colors on paper. Together it makes art. And as a human race, together we make art. And when these Hal fans talk about John being Hal’s backup, they don’t mean he’s Scottie Pippen to Michael Jordan. What they mean is he’s Django and Hal is that guy sitting on his horse with a rifle and a whip.

    Its good to see you guys on Screenrant making your voices heard. I was about to post it on here, before i saw some familiar names. Lol. Lastly, these next few months will get ugly. Desh is prepared for racial charged posts and things getting out of hand. These laws that were past never ended bigotry, prejudice, racism, bias, inequality, segregation, sexism, and overall discrimination. The only thing these laws did was put a band aid over a gun shot wound.

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