Green Lantern Corps #27 Review

on January 17, 2014

Green Lantern Corps #27 is out and is coming at you with another review:

“One of the things I find most refreshing about Green Lantern Corps is the vision the creative team has for it. It is fun, exciting, bold, and charmingly witty. The book isn’t going to have readers rolling on the floor clutching their stomachs, but Van Jensen does impart it with a distinct sort of humor that’s bound to elicit regular chuckles and keep the title from being too dour.”

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Be sure to pick the issue up if you haven’t, and check out Green Lantern John Stewart’s heroic exploits for yourself. Also, Green Lantern Corps Annual #2 will be out on January 29th, so get your bodies ready!

Oa, by the way

If you keep up with comic book news, you may have heard by now that The Flash will receive a new creative team with issue number 30. And guess who is part of that creative team.

It’s Van Jensen!

That’s right! The writer who is currently giving all of us one of the strongest depictions of Green Lantern John Stewart there has ever been will be taking over writing duties for The Fastest Man Alive, along with frequent collaborator, Robert Venditti.

What’s more, Van Jensen will have the honor of playing a part in the return of Wally West in The Flash Annual #3.

This is spectacular news to me, because Van Jensen is one of my favorite comics writers and Wally West is one of my favorite comics characters. I’m one of those people who says that Wally West is their Flash. I honestly don’t have any fond feelings toward Barry Allen. His heyday as The Flash happened well before I ever took a big interest in DC Comics, and he was never interesting to me in anything I encountered him in.

I scratched my head when DC brought Barry Allen back and pushed Wally aside, because I assumed most of Barry’s fanbase to consist of 40 to 50 year-olds, whereas the current generation literally grew up with Wally West in comics and various cartoons. I’m certainly not saying 40 to 50 year old fans aren’t worth anything in the comics fanbase, but I will openly say that –for the sake of superhero comics as a part of the industry– it is generally unwise to shoot for that demographic when working on superhero comics. I’m not saying it wouldn’t work at some level, but for the progression of the industry and the audience, I do not think it wise in the long run. It’s certainly great if the material appeals to them (or many other people of different ages and backgrounds), but to aim for them in particular isn’t a good idea.

Speaking of which, I know that some Hal Jordan and Geoff Johns fans have slagged off the new Green Lantern titles and creators because they’re not catering to them, but I can honestly say that Van Jensen and the rest of the creative team of Green Lantern Corps (which includes Robert Venditti) have rejuvenated my interest in DC Comics. They have taken my sorely neglected favorite character (again, who many people grew up with and continue to grow up with), and have done wonders for him and show no sign of letting up. I have a lot of faith in them, am proud to see them rise higher, and I look forward to them building up new fanbases for Green Lantern and The Flash, as well as rekindling the interest of older fans.

You can find out more about the upcoming Flash projects from this article by Comic Book Resources right here.