Green Lantern #27 Review

on January 10, 2014

Green Lantern #27 is out and .co is back with another review. Robert Venditti continues to be the scourge of many a Hal Jordan fan, but let’s see how things look from the perspective of a particular John Stewart aficionado.

“We still can’t quite tell where Venditti is headed, but there’s a definite deconstruction of Hal Jordan going on. While several Hal Jordan fans are taking offense to this, I find it makes for rather interesting stories.”

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Later this month, Green Lantern Corps #27 and Green Lantern Corps Annual #2 will be released. Be sure to pick those up and visit for a nice rundown of what new adventures Green Lantern John Stewart will find himself in!

Oa, by the way

Hey, guess what? John Stewart will be featured in a new DC Comics weekly series called Futures End. The series is written by Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Jeff Lemire, and Dan Jurgens, and will jump five years into the future of the new 52 universe. It seems John Stewart and other high profile heroes have been possessed by OMACs and are evil cyborgs. Here is some concept art from Ryan Sook:

It’s very cool that DC is using John Stewart more. You can view more art and discover more about this series in this interview page from CBR, right here.

In other news, the lettered preview for Green Lantern Corps #27, due out this coming Wednesday, has been released, and it looks awesome. Great dialogue and character work from Van Jensen, as usual.

Take a look at the pages right here.

We’ll stay on the lookout for more GL John Stewart news for you, so be sure to check back. It seems quite a bit is happening with the character lately.

10 responses to “Green Lantern #27 Review”

  1. Hudson FAber says:

    Hopefully the fact that the image for Future’s End features John, Flash, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkman is an indicator that John will be featured in the Justice League book because he’s being tapped for the Justice League movie. 😀

    Thanks for the article and the preview!

    • Desh says:

      You’re welcome.

      It looks like they’re showing the Justice League there, and John is in it. It’s my personal feeling that WB sent a message down to DC that they want more John Stewart. If you listen to the Van Jensen podcast interview with posted in the last update, Jensen says that DC “wanted more John Stewart.” I don’t mean to get ahead of myself, but I get the feeling DC is getting ready for a big push for John, which I’m hoping is connected to a cinematic appearance. On Twitter, Jensen said 2014 will be a huge year for John Stewart. I also feel that has something to do with why they’ve been tearing down Hal Jordan so much in the comics.

      • Hudson FAber says:

        Desh, I’m going to send you a message on comicvine. It could make you pretty happy. That’s all I’ll say here.

        You’ll find some pretty funny superhero texts featuring John in this thread:

        • Aktivizz X says:

          Interesting TMNT analogy, but for my money I would peg Guy Gardner as Ralph more than Hal but I get what you are saying.

          Similarly(and bear with me here), I would like to put the top 3 GLs as the Power Puff Girls.

          Blossom = John Stewart: Tactical leader that cares for troops and is the most logical of the three. Might not seem like the best choice for a leader in terms of visuals, but has proven that strength and character are what deems a great leader.

          Buttercup = Guy Gardner: I don’t think I have to explain this one.

          Bubbles = Hal Jordan: The one with the most “ideal” qualities that society thinks should be the best. Let me explain. Bubbles has the most stereo-typically girly qualities that most of society believes that makes her more feminine\valuable than the others based on her superficial qualities. Hal is a tall, white, square-jawed, red-blooded,military, hetero american. He is the “ideal” hero that society caters to. He was the first GL and has been replaced by an Irishman, an African american, and then by a young artist that reminded him that he is a relic of a time long past. Both of these characters fit a mold for their respective classes but that does not mean that they are the best nor best suited to lead their respective teams.

          This was a little longer that I meant it to be but hopefully my point got across.

          • Desh says:

            That was a really interesting post. I totally get what you’re saying, though! Cool analysis and comparisons.

      • Hudson FAber says:

        Also, I don’t think they are tearing Jordan down. He’ll likely always have a big role in the franchise, but that doesn’t mean he should be a leader. That’s what I think Venditti is trying to say. Hal works as a maverick, not as a guy in charge. He’s Raph not Leonardo.

        • Hudson FAber says:

          Simply put, they are converting Hal from Mary Sue to plausible personality.

          • Desh says:

            You could be right. I’m quite interested to see what the outcome of what Venditti is doing will be. Whatever he’s doing, it’s quite risky, because I’ve seen quite a few Hal Jordan fans taking issue with what he’s been doing with the character.

            I saw your messages on comicvine, by the way. I sent you a reply.

        • Aktivizz X says:

          Basically Hal Jordan fans are getting a taste of what non Hal fans had to put up with since the Johns run with the characters.

          • Desh says:

            Pretty much. I can’t stand the Johns run. Not only is it terrible and filled with dumb ideas, for the most part, John Stewart fans basically had nothing to look forward to for years. It was so bizarre that John was featured so awesome in the cartoons, but in the comics of the day, it’s like he was a total background stooge, if he was there at all. Man, I hated that crap. So glad it’s over 🙂

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