Arisia Rrab

on July 20, 2013


Arisia is the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2815. She hails from the planet Graxos IV and is especially interesting in that she comes from a long line of Green Lanterns. Her father, Fentara, was a Green Lantern, and so was her uncle Blish. She became a Green Lantern at an especially young age, but served well when the universe was threatened by Krona and Nekron. She also served under the command of Green Lantern John Stewart during the Battle of Qward’s Moon, in which the fate of the universe was at stake. She looked up to Green Lantern Hal Jordan a great deal, even to the point of developing a strong infatuation with him.

When the Guardians left our plane of existence to be with their Zamaron partners, they more or less let the Lanterns do as they please with a few exceptions. They assigned Hal Jordan and John Stewart to guard planet Earth, claiming that the next race of Guardians would be born there. Arisia decided to go to Earth to be closer to Hal Jordan.

There, her affections continued, but Hal told her he could not be with her because she was too young. She subconsciously used her ring to age herself so that the two of them could be together without breaking social taboos. Hal Jordan reciprocated her feelings and the two began a romantic relationship.


Arisia and the Green Lantern Corps.

Eventually, she lost her powers when the Corps disbanded and she and Hal -who was out of work at the time- were living in John Stewart and Katma Tui’s apartment, which led to some friction between the couples, due to it being cramped with the four of them there.

When Katma was murdered by Star Sapphire, the animosity got much worse, as John blamed Hal for his wife’s death. Hal and Arisia left. She eventually moved to Chicago, where she became a successful model. She and Hal broke up when Hal verbally lashed out at her and the two grew apart. She withdrew from him and became closer friends with Kilowog.

Around this time, all kinds of crazy things happened to this character. Due to a blow to the head, she reverted back to her teenage mentality. She got her memories back and took up work in Guy Gardner’s bar, where she was murdered by the super villain Major Force.

It turns out that her species has healing powers, and they revived Arisia. She joined the Green Lantern Corps when it had been restored. She frequently partnered with Sodam Yat, Green Lantern of Daxam, who was also the host of the Ion Entity.

I really like Arisia, but she’s a character that writers just did whatever the hell with, and in unflattering ways. Stuff like sub-conscious aging, losing her memory and going back to a 13 year-old mentality, and working at Guy Gardner’s bar just seems really lose and random. This is ultimately due the Green Lantern status quo shifting in such drastic ways, leaving her to being powered and de-powered at different times. Even when she wasn’t a Lantern, some of the writers still wanted her around in some capacity, which led to odd roles for her.

Arisia has done many impressive things, like oversee a Space Sector at the age of 13, rebuild her life on a world that is alien to her, and come back from the dead to continue the good fight. After the devastating events of “Rise of the Third Army” and “Wrath of the First Lantern,” which left the Guardians of the Universe dead and the Corps weakened, Arisia helped John Stewart in training Green Lantern recruits. She also fought valiantly at John’s side during the universal Uprising instigated by the shape-shifting Durlan race, and when the New Gods invaded the universe and sought to subjugate the Green Lantern Corps.

She is currently with John Stewart and a team of Green Lanterns as they desperately search for a way home after being mysteriously transported to the universe that existed before our universe.

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