“Best Of Warner Bros. – 25 Cartoon Collection DC Comics” DVD Set Now Available.

on August 29, 2013

Best of Warner Bros.

A three disc DVD set collecting DC Comics based cartoons is now available from Warner Home Video with an MSRP of $26.99. Best of Warner Bros. -25 Cartoon Collection DC Comics includes episodes from Justice League Unlimited, Superman: the Animated Series and many more cartoons, both classic and recent. Of interest to fans of Green Lantern John Stewart is the episode “Chaos at the Earth’s Core,” which features him, Supergirl, and others battling the evil wizard Deimos in the hidden land of Skartaris. It’s a pretty fun episode.

I would have liked to see episodes focusing on more heroes, however. “The Doomsday Sanction,” “Destroyer,” “For the Man Who Has Everything,” and “Epilogue” are Justice League Unlimited adventures focusing on Batman and Superman – two characters who already get a lot of attention from other shows’ episodes included in this set. What about stronger focus episodes for The Flash, Wonder Woman, and heck, Green Lantern John Stewart? “Chaos at the Earth’s Core” is better than nothing, but if they really wanted to celebrate the best of the character, or of Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, that is certainly not it. How about episodes like “Hearts and Minds,” “Legends,” or even unforgettable episodes with a broader focus, like “A Better World”?

Going a bit more into that, there aren’t any episodes from Justice League, which is a real shame, as I feel season 2 of that show is The Best set of DC cartoons around. Perhaps Justice League’s two-parter episode format presented some problem. Still, I think the single part Christmas special “Comfort and Joy” would have fit in great in this collection.

This DVD set is not the most exciting thing ever, but it’s something. It’s an interesting overview of the history of DC cartoons. At least John got a spot in this celebration of DC’s greatest properties. And hurray for him getting to make it on the cover!

Here is the official product description:

A collection of classics in a league of their own! It’s a heroic hall of fame as all your favorite DC Comics crime fighters are here in an all-new 3-disc collection that bursts from the Warner Bros. vault! Legendary heroes, infamous villains and daring deeds await as Superman confronts old enemies in “Little Big Head,” Batman battles to take back Gotham City in “Legends of the Dark Knight” and the Justice League suit up for adventure to battle “Chaos at the Earth’s Core.” Victory is sure to be yours with 25 action-packed episodes that helped contribute to 90 Years of Warner Bros. cartoon magic, It’s a timeless celebration with something for every hero of your family!

And here is a list of all the episodes and the shows they come from:
1941 Fleischer short:
Superman (A.K.A. The Mad Scientist)
Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show:
The Bride of Darkseid, Part 1
The Bride of Darkseid, Part 2
The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians:
The Death of Superman
The Seeds of Doom
The New Batman Adventures:
Mad Love
Legends of the Dark Knight
Superman: The Animated Series:
Heavy Metal
Little Big Head
Batman Beyond:
Out of the Past
Justice League/Justice League Unlimited:
For the Man Who Has Everything
The Doomsday Sanction
Chaos at the Earth’s Core
Epilogue (Batman Beyond tie-in)
Teen Titans:
Krypto the Superdog:
The Streaky Story
Legion of Super Heroes:
Man of Tomorrow
Batman: The Brave and the Bold:
The Golden Age of Justice!
Revenge of the Reach!
Clash of the Metal Men!
Young Justice:
Independence Day
Green Lantern: The Animated Series:

Oa, by the way

Trashy Romance

Seeing as how we’re revisiting the Justice League cartoon shows, I thought I would post a fanfic about them. I always appreciate a well written fanfic, and “Trashy Romance” by xffan2000 and Nancy Brown is one of the best I have read about Green Lantern John Stewart.

Remember the episode “War World” from season one of Justice League? It’s pretty notable for being a definitive spot you can point to for a beginning to the Hawkgirl/Green Lantern relationship. This story explores what may have happened if their adventure to save Superman and Martian Manhunter took a different course. Take a look, and don’t worry. There’s a real meaty story here, not just some mindless fluff:

3 responses to ““Best Of Warner Bros. – 25 Cartoon Collection DC Comics” DVD Set Now Available.”

  1. […] Last time one of these sorts of collections was announced, I posted a superbly written Justice Leagu…. That story was about Green Lantern and Hawkgirl being stranded on the garbage planet they happened across in their “War World” adventure. It is a fanfic I can’t recommend enough, which is not something I often do for fanfics unless specifically asked. […]

  2. anonsaga says:

    I tried to post a review of ‘Trashy Romance’ by xffan2000 and Nancy Brown on fanfiction (dot) net but I’m not sure it went through, so I will post it here.

    I, like many people, enjoyed the paring of John Stewart and Shayera Hol in the JL/JLU animated series and fanfiction like this really helps me appreciate how appropriate that paring was. Both are soldiers. Both have been stranded from home. Both have a sibling-like relationship with the Flash. All of these similarities are touched upon in ‘Trashy Romance’.

    The characterization of John and Shayera is pretty accurate. There’s all the witty and sarcastic banter that you would expect when it comes to these two and their ability to exchange insults without being insulting. I found it humorous how John was very prudish about eating bugs and sleeping under moldy blankets but Shayera was completely comfortable with it. There are lots of nice touches here. For instance, when John first wakes up on a strange world, he is very methodical when analyzing the situation, asking himself such questions as: Where am I? Am I hurt? Is Hawkgirl hurt? What do we need in the short term? In the long term? What are the advantages and risks associated with each action? – Like I said, very methodical. Shayera demonstrates impressive familiarity with Earth literature. I didn’t know about the poem, ‘Gunga Din’ until I read this, and I have to say, her conversation with John about books and their similar backgrounds is my favorite part of this piece (What can I say, I like the quiet moments). The use of descriptive words such as ‘chattel’ to refer to a specific type of slavery and ‘carapace’ to create the image of their food as a type of shelled worm or spider or crab is very good writing!

    For anyone who is familiar with the Berserk manga or the anime series produced in the late 90’s, John and Shayera’s relationship in the first chapter is very reminiscent of the turning point in Guts and Casca’s relationship during the Golden Age arc. Specifically, Casca’s fever, her refusal to tell anyone, how she and Guts both end up stranded as a result, and how their relationship softens afterward. There are other parallels here as well. Since Berserk is one of my favorite anime series ever, I rather enjoyed the way John and Shayera’s relationship unfolds in this story.

    The tone of this piece is more mature than the JL/JLU animated series. It has some profanity and explicit references to sex and alcohol, none of which would be a problem but for the fluctuation in tone. I felt that the sexual encounters between John and Shayera possessed a more mature tone than anything else in the story, including the events that come before and after. As a minor example, the first three chapters have minor instances of mild profanity but suddenly in the fourth chapter, phrases like “son of a bitch” and “Thanks for the fuck” appear. Regarding this, my opinion is simply that the story could benefit from a more consistent tone.

    The only other problem I have is that even though this is a story about John Stewart and Shayera Hol’s relationship, I found it disconcerting that the plight of Superman and Martian Manhunter was reduced to little more than a plot device. They’re the reason John and Shayera get stranded, and then they are never mentioned again for the whole month or so the two are together. I felt they deserved better.

    I won’t ruin the ending for those who have not read this fanfic but it certainly was a surprise. It didn’t contribute anything to the main plot, but then again, I don’t think it was meant to. Sort of a ‘to be continued…’ which I thought was cool.

    Keep up the good work,

    • Desh Derringer says:

      Oh, I think xffan2000 will see your review. I think some authors have it set up to where they have to approve reviews before they get posted, but they’re notified when someone posts one.

      Very insightful review. I’m also a big fan of Berserk, and now that you mention it, there are some similarities between the relationship between Shayera and John here and the moment when Guts and Casca’s relationship really blossoms when they’re nearly killed by Lord Adon and his men.

      I think this is another person who has a very strong grasp of the unique dynamic between John and Shayera, and all the idiosyncrasies that go with it. One of my favorite parts was when John thought Hawkgirl was a worm and he smacked her hand away, and then she retaliated by punching him in the shoulder. Fun stuff 😀

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