“Best Of Warner Bros. – 25 Cartoon Collection DC Comics” DVD Set Now Available.

on August 29, 2013

Best of Warner Bros.

A three disc DVD set collecting DC Comics based cartoons is now available from Warner Home Video with an MSRP of $26.99. Best of Warner Bros. -25 Cartoon Collection DC Comics includes episodes from Justice League Unlimited, Superman: the Animated Series and many more cartoons, both classic and recent. Of interest to fans of Green Lantern John Stewart is the episode “Chaos at the Earth’s Core,” which features him, Supergirl, and others battling the evil wizard Deimos in the hidden land of Skartaris. It’s a pretty fun episode.

I would have liked to see episodes focusing on more heroes, however. “The Doomsday Sanction,” “Destroyer,” “For the Man Who Has Everything,” and “Epilogue” are Justice League Unlimited adventures focusing on Batman and Superman – two characters who already get a lot of attention from other shows’ episodes included in this set. What about stronger focus episodes for The Flash, Wonder Woman, and heck, Green Lantern John Stewart? “Chaos at the Earth’s Core” is better than nothing, but if they really wanted to celebrate the best of the character, or of Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, that is certainly not it. How about episodes like “Hearts and Minds,” “Legends,” or even unforgettable episodes with a broader focus, like “A Better World”?

Going a bit more into that, there aren’t any episodes from Justice League, which is a real shame, as I feel season 2 of that show is The Best set of DC cartoons around. Perhaps Justice League’s two-parter episode format presented some problem. Still, I think the single part Christmas special “Comfort and Joy” would have fit in great in this collection.

This DVD set is not the most exciting thing ever, but it’s something. It’s an interesting overview of the history of DC cartoons. At least John got a spot in this celebration of DC’s greatest properties. And hurray for him getting to make it on the cover!

Here is the official product description:

A collection of classics in a league of their own! It’s a heroic hall of fame as all your favorite DC Comics crime fighters are here in an all-new 3-disc collection that bursts from the Warner Bros. vault! Legendary heroes, infamous villains and daring deeds await as Superman confronts old enemies in “Little Big Head,” Batman battles to take back Gotham City in “Legends of the Dark Knight” and the Justice League suit up for adventure to battle “Chaos at the Earth’s Core.” Victory is sure to be yours with 25 action-packed episodes that helped contribute to 90 Years of Warner Bros. cartoon magic, It’s a timeless celebration with something for every hero of your family!

And here is a list of all the episodes and the shows they come from:
1941 Fleischer short:
Superman (A.K.A. The Mad Scientist)
Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show:
The Bride of Darkseid, Part 1
The Bride of Darkseid, Part 2
The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians:
The Death of Superman
The Seeds of Doom
The New Batman Adventures:
Mad Love
Legends of the Dark Knight
Superman: The Animated Series:
Heavy Metal
Little Big Head
Batman Beyond:
Out of the Past
Justice League/Justice League Unlimited:
For the Man Who Has Everything
The Doomsday Sanction
Chaos at the Earth’s Core
Epilogue (Batman Beyond tie-in)
Teen Titans:
Krypto the Superdog:
The Streaky Story
Legion of Super Heroes:
Man of Tomorrow
Batman: The Brave and the Bold:
The Golden Age of Justice!
Revenge of the Reach!
Clash of the Metal Men!
Young Justice:
Independence Day
Green Lantern: The Animated Series:

Oa, by the way

Trashy Romance

Seeing as how we’re revisiting the Justice League cartoon shows, I thought I would post a fanfic about them. I always appreciate a well written fanfic, and “Trashy Romance” by xffan2000 and Nancy Brown is one of the best I have read about Green Lantern John Stewart.

Remember the episode “War World” from season one of Justice League? It’s pretty notable for being a definitive spot you can point to for a beginning to the Hawkgirl/Green Lantern relationship. This story explores what may have happened if their adventure to save Superman and Martian Manhunter took a different course. Take a look, and don’t worry. There’s a real meaty story here, not just some mindless fluff: