21st May 2014

Green Lantern Corps #31 Review

GreenLantern.Co has a review of Green Lantern Corps #31, part 2 of the “Uprising” crossover, which came out last week. I know I’m a bit late on this one, but bear with me. I have been extremely busy with assignments lately!

“Van Jensen borrows elements from Bruce Timm’s approach to the character, presenting him as a seasoned Lantern with a vast knowledge of the universe. In Justice League, John Stewart would sometimes relate experiences he had on some distant world, which would have some meaning to the situation at hand. An example of this is seen in the episode “Maid of Honor,” in which John Stewart already had knowledge of the type of secret weapon Vandal Savage had –a rail gun- because he had seen the same thing before while out in space. What I appreciate so much is that Van Jensen realizes all the subtleties of the John Stewart character. Previous writers were more like, “Okay, I see he’s serious, Black, and a Marine. Gotcha!” Van Jensen knows there is way more to the character than that, and he showcases it brilliantly.”

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The solicitations for August 2014 have been released, and we’re treated to another great Green Lantern Corps cover for issue #34, this time by artist Trevor McCarthy, who depicts an excellent image of Green Lantern John Stewart freaking out in the rain.

Green Lantern Corps #34

Written by VAN JENSEN
DC UNIVERSE SELFIE variant cover
On sale AUGUST 13 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for more information.
After last issue’s shocking revelation John Stewart’s world is turned upside down! Is it too late for him to find the truth, or has he started down a dark path he can never return from?

I’m led to believe that whatever happens at the end of “Uprising” won’t be all that great for John Stewart. Perhaps it will spell the end of his relationship with Yrra Cynril? If that’s the case then I’ve got two words for ya’…


I hope you’re listening, DC. Shippers have been waiting forever for you to acknowledge that relationship in your mainline continuity. Shayera Thal Hawkgirl’s obviously not doing anything better!

Something for you to think about…

17th May 2014

Green Lantern Corps Futures End Cover and Creative Team Revealed

This coming September, DC Comics will release a series of one-shot issues of their New 52 titles, which will tie in with the new weekly series Futures End. These issues will depict a possible future for many of the DC Universe characters. The cover for the Green Lantern Corps “Futures End” one-shot has been revealed, and I’m pleased to see Francis Portela doing cover work on GLC again. I said a few updates ago that he’s my preferred choice whenever Bernard Chang can’t do a cover. His work on Green Lantern Corps #29 and #33 is absolutely gorgeous. This is an interesting cover. It depicts Green Lantern John Stewart the way I like to see him; in a sea of strange aliens serving as the human anchor for readers. He cuts a heroic and bold figure.

Futures End

These covers will feature a 3D effect that shows an image from the possible future. Contrariwise, the portion that depicts the possible future is exactly what I don’t want to see. We have John Stewart with facial hair in the incredibly lame Indigo Tribe. I’m certain the cover is supposed to appear like something that is strange, wrong, and unsettling, and in this, it greatly succeeds.

Futures End

The creative team has also been announced. Fortunately, Van Jensen writes this issue, but unfortunately, Bernard Chang uses this opportunity to sit another issue out.

Writer: Van Jensen
Penciller: Igor Lima
Inker: Ruy José
Cover: Francis Portela

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15th May 2014

Smallville: Lantern Parts 7, 8, and 9 Review

Smallville: Lantern draws closer to its conclusion, and you won’t believe what’s in store for Green Lantern John Stewart. GreenLantern.Co is here to review chapters 7, 8, and 9 of Bryan Q. Miller’s stunning take on the Green Lantern mythos.

“While Miller is very respectful of the Lantern-verse -understanding what’s great about it, what it needs, and what it doesn’t- he’s also very daring with it, taking full advantage of this alternate continuity and presenting the Green Lantern world in a way we’ve never seen, and guiding John Stewart down a bold new path.”

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DC Comics is running a poll to determine what New 52 character will receive an action figure. Green Lantern John Stewart is on the list, so head over to the site and vote for our favorite Green Lantern!

DC Collectibles: Choose Our Next New 52 Action Figure

9th May 2014

Green Lantern Corps #31 Preview

Green Lantern Corps #31 Preview

ComicVine has an exclusive preview of Green Lantern Corps #31, which is part 2 of the “Uprising” story arc.

ComicVine Preview

I really like that role call bit, and it’s great to see R’amey Holl and Bloobert Cob. Putting John Stewart in a sea of bizarre aliens is exactly what I want to see! I’m very happy to see Bernard Chang back again. We can always count on a stellar issue with the team of Marcelo Maiolo, Bernard Chang, and Van Jensen.
Pick this one up May 14th.

Oa, by the way


The fan theory of the Arrow character John Diggle really being Green Lantern John Stewart has reached Arrow star Stephen Amell, and he weighs in on the notion, which seems to be growing in popularity. During a Facebook Q & A session, Amell was shown a fan manipulation image depicting Diggle decked out in Green Lantern garb. To that, he said:

“I mean it looks good. And if we know anything about television shows, if it looks good, it has a much better chance of happening.”

Fans have been suggesting that “Diggle” may be a nickname given to John during his time in the military, and his true last name is Stewart. It would certainly be cool to have John Stewart appearing regularly on a new television show again, and at the very least, this theory helps keep the character’s name in the public conscious. The media still clearly cares about the character, as he’s gotten much buzz and attention lately, and many people in the television and movie businesses have directly addressed him, which is always a good sign.

Here are some articles that elaborate on the John “Diggle” Stewart theories:

John Diggle Is Actually John Stewart Theorized As Flash TV Show Crossover With GL Corps Member Rumored!

Is John Diggle Really Going to be Green Lantern On ‘Arrow?’

2nd May 2014

Joshua Hale Fialkov Confirms DC Editorial Planned to Kill Green Lantern John Stewart

Joshua Hale Fialkov

After roughly one year, Joshua Hale Fialkov -who was once the writer of Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns, but who quit before a single issue of his shipped- stepped forward to shed some light on the fiasco involving DC Comics’ edict to kill Green Lantern John Stewart. In an interview with Bleeding Cool, Fialkov admitted it was DC editorial’s idea to kill off their most well-known and beloved minority character, and quite possibly their most recognized Green Lantern. This is the first official confirmation from any of the parties involved.
From Bleeding Cool:

RJ: So, exactly who was it who told you to kill off John Stewart? You don’t get these questions at CBR, I know.

JHF: Editorial felt that the story we were telling wasn’t ‘compelling enough’ and suggested that the murder of John Stewart would be. I disagreed.
It was all so long ago, but it still bums me out. I love those characters, and wanted to be a part of the launch so badly.

RJ: I notice he is now alive in the Futures End comic set thirty years in the future.

JHF: I know that those plans all got scuttled after I left, but, that wasn’t enough for them to ask me back.

RJ: Is there any way you could ever see yourself going back?

JHF: It was a toxic environment working there when I did. I was walking with a cane and suffering from migraines two or three times a week from all the stress. After I quit, that all went away.
I’ve lost probably 50 pounds, and, am training for a marathon.

RJ: They should probably bottle that as medication.

JHF: Just being out from under the negative energy contributed a lot of that change.

RJ: Tense, nervous headache? Cramps down the left side? Simply quit DC!

JHF: And let them make a PR mess out of it, completely vilifying themselves in the process, yes.”

Talking To Joshua Hale Fialkov About Hell, Atheism And Killing John Stewart

I’ve had a theory that the character Simon Baz -an Arab American Green Lantern- was meant to replace John Stewart, perhaps as an effort to keep John Stewart from being used in other media, like film, video games, and so on. DC could use Baz as a shield from accusations of racism if they killed John Stewart.

It’s well known that Green Lantern Hal Jordan -a favorite of DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns- hasn’t performed well in mainstream media, and that a great many people have asked for John Stewart to appear in film, animation, and so on. What’s the best way to keep John out of such projects and continue pushing Hal Jordan on audiences? Simply kill John Stewart in the comic books, of course!

Well, John Stewart fans, it’s been revealed. DC Comics has been intentionally trying to keep John Stewart down, and they’ve likely been doing this for many, many years. We did not imagine anything. We did not make up anything. We did not exaggerate anything. This stuff was really happening.

This makes me think rather low of DC Comics, because what it looks like is certain people at DC can’t stand the fact that many people recognize Green Lantern as a black person. That’s why they’ve shoved all this stuff at audiences starring the white Green Lantern, while attempting to bury John Stewart. What’s so hilarious is that audiences have shoved it right back in their face and have asked for the black one, and DC’s dirty secrets are coming out in the open.

Conversely, I have a lot of respect for Joshua Hale Fialkov. I think I speak for all John Stewart fans when I say how grateful we are for his great sacrifices. I’m very happy he’s doing much better now on a personal level, and I wish him all the best in his current and future endeavors.