Green Lantern Corps Futures End Cover and Creative Team Revealed

on May 17, 2014

This coming September, DC Comics will release a series of one-shot issues of their New 52 titles, which will tie in with the new weekly series Futures End. These issues will depict a possible future for many of the DC Universe characters. The cover for the Green Lantern Corps “Futures End” one-shot has been revealed, and I’m pleased to see Francis Portela doing cover work on GLC again. I said a few updates ago that he’s my preferred choice whenever Bernard Chang can’t do a cover. His work on Green Lantern Corps #29 and #33 is absolutely gorgeous. This is an interesting cover. It depicts Green Lantern John Stewart the way I like to see him; in a sea of strange aliens serving as the human anchor for readers. He cuts a heroic and bold figure.

Futures End

These covers will feature a 3D effect that shows an image from the possible future. Contrariwise, the portion that depicts the possible future is exactly what I don’t want to see. We have John Stewart with facial hair in the incredibly lame Indigo Tribe. I’m certain the cover is supposed to appear like something that is strange, wrong, and unsettling, and in this, it greatly succeeds.

Futures End

The creative team has also been announced. Fortunately, Van Jensen writes this issue, but unfortunately, Bernard Chang uses this opportunity to sit another issue out.

Writer: Van Jensen
Penciller: Igor Lima
Inker: Ruy José
Cover: Francis Portela

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