Green Lantern Corps Futures End Cover and Creative Team Revealed

on May 17, 2014

This coming September, DC Comics will release a series of one-shot issues of their New 52 titles, which will tie in with the new weekly series Futures End. These issues will depict a possible future for many of the DC Universe characters. The cover for the Green Lantern Corps “Futures End” one-shot has been revealed, and I’m pleased to see Francis Portela doing cover work on GLC again. I said a few updates ago that he’s my preferred choice whenever Bernard Chang can’t do a cover. His work on Green Lantern Corps #29 and #33 is absolutely gorgeous. This is an interesting cover. It depicts Green Lantern John Stewart the way I like to see him; in a sea of strange aliens serving as the human anchor for readers. He cuts a heroic and bold figure.

Futures End

These covers will feature a 3D effect that shows an image from the possible future. Contrariwise, the portion that depicts the possible future is exactly what I don’t want to see. We have John Stewart with facial hair in the incredibly lame Indigo Tribe. I’m certain the cover is supposed to appear like something that is strange, wrong, and unsettling, and in this, it greatly succeeds.

Futures End

The creative team has also been announced. Fortunately, Van Jensen writes this issue, but unfortunately, Bernard Chang uses this opportunity to sit another issue out.

Writer: Van Jensen
Penciller: Igor Lima
Inker: Ruy José
Cover: Francis Portela

Pick up this title in September!

11 responses to “Green Lantern Corps Futures End Cover and Creative Team Revealed”

  1. Corey A Lee says:

    They could have at least had him in his awesome Indigo Military outfit. But all in all it’s good to see a cover with him being directly in the middle looking badass

    • Desh Derringer says:

      Agreed. I have a long history of frustration with DC Comics’ handling of John Stewart (and I know I’m not alone), but I’m thoroughly impressed at what they’ve been doing in Green Lantern Corps with him. I have only positive things to say about his portrayal in Van Jensen’s run.

  2. Hudson Faber says:

    Van Jensen hasn’t let us down yet, but the further John is from the Indigo Tribe concept, the better. There’s this guy on Comicvine (CaptainMarvel4Ever aka Gene Femmel on Facebook) who keeps saying John should be an Indigo so that Hal is the only GL. It pisses me off, not only because it’s not right for the character and because it would hurt John’s growth and popularity, but also because CM4E masquerades as a fan and calls John “boring.”

    The sooner SDCC comes along and we (hopefully) get an announcement about John being the only Green Lantern in the Justice League movie, the better. I’m so tired of Hal fans.

    • Desh Derringer says:

      Yeah, I understand that. I can’t imagine any true John Stewart fan thinks the character is boring or would want him to be in the Indigo Tribe. And yeah, I often find Hal Jordan fans… interesting, to say the least. I always get a kick out of it when I find out that some frequent this website. The website dedicated to a character they supposedly don’t like.

      And then there are the (possibly even more annoying ones) that tell you they do like John, then proceed to say he needs to be Hal Jordan’ stooge in some way. Or that John Stewart fans should be completely happy with the character being ignored and crapped on.

      Some of the bolder, angrier Hal Jordan fans have even called me out on completely different websites for things I’ve written here. I take that as quite a positive thing, though, because it shows the message is spreading. Of course, they were too vile and cowardly to actually approach me on this website, where the actual content is at.

      That’s an awesome image, by the way.

      • Hudson Faber says:

        Desh, it may be cheesey, but I am really thankful that you started this site up. I’m sure there are lots of fans and readers who don’t comment as much as I do but who feel the same way. Keep up the awesome work, amigo!

        • Desh Derringer says:

          Thanks for the kind words. I really enjoy working on the site. And I basically realized that we (John Stewart fans) needed our own stuff and our own place. It helps to clearly and boldly get across what REAL John Stewart fans REALLY think and REALLY feel, and I think it’s good for such a place to exist. We need a clear voice. Not one that’s muddled and mixed with people with their own agendas who say they’re fans when they’re not, or who can’t at all hope to have the perspective that some of us do.

          That’s not to say we’re all one homogenous hive mind, but I like that we’re free to speak our minds here and that we’re represented. It’s good for creators and DC to know what true loyal fans of this character really want to see from him.

          And besides all that, the character just deserves it. John Stewart is amazing, and a huge accomplishment for the super hero genre, and his fanbase is awesome. I knew for years John and the fans deserved A LOT better than what they got during the Geoff Johns years (which was a travesty), so it’s cool to have a part in doing something like this for them.

    • Steve Rogers says:

      I’ve seen other posts from Hal fans that mentions John would be a better character if he becomes an indigo lantern. *smh*

      • Desh Derringer says:

        That just goes to show how much they see John Stewart as a threat. To be utterly blunt about it, John Stewart has the rather high potential of interrupting some Hal Jordan fans’ White male power fantasy. I hate to make it a race thing, but I think that element comes into it for some people, subconsciously or not.

        It’s interesting how much they desperately and aggressively try to hang on to something, and how much the notion of John Stewart stepping to the fore angers them and makes them nervous.

        For instance, I saw a guy on Twitter today who was saying that he HATES it that people actually like John Stewart. I understand not liking a character. That’s all well and good. But to HATE the fact that other people like a character? He said he hates that John has acclaim and notoriety from being on a cartoon show. I found that utterly ridiculous. I personally don’t care for Hal Jordan, but I don’t disparage people for liking him. They’re free to do as they please, in my book.

        • Steve Rogers says:

          Wow. Looks like people are jealous of John Stewart’s popularity, which is sad. It’s good that DC is doing more with him after Geoff Johns left the title.

          I congratulate Van Jensen’s work on John. I would like to see other notable writers such as Grant Morrison write him as well. I believe he likes John and Kyle more than Hal.

      • Jack says:

        why would anyone want that? john is the only one of the prime earth lanterns that didn’t sell out to the other corps (barring WotGL, that that was a workable concept/terrible execution thing). and hell, iroque aside, even johns made it clear that the indigos were a ticking time-bomb of space-jokers; so why would you stick john there (And not even in the cool uniform)

        really it would make more sense to either stick hal with the volthoom ring (blah blah angst blah blah) or shove a yellow on him and drop kick him off to sinestro for villain/hero buddy-cop stuff (on the far side of cosmic DC from anythign the other lantern books are doing) and let van jensen keep the awesome coming

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