Van Jensen’s Message to Green Lantern John Stewart Fans

on February 20, 2015

In further celebration of John Stewart, the February 2015 Comic Vine Character of the Month, Green Lantern Corps writer Van Jensen has written a touching essay for the fans about what they and John Stewart mean to him. It also serves as a farewell message to his GLC readers, as Jensen’s final issue of Green Lantern Corps is scheduled for release next month.

The news of Green Lantern Corps‘ cancellation rocked the entire DC readership. Of all the titles slated for cancellation in March, Corps is the most perplexing. It is a very long running, critically acclaimed title with stable sales well above cancellation level. This is especially impressive because it stars a Black protagonist. What is also shocking is that Van Jensen will not be on an upcoming Green Lantern title where he can continue John Stewart’s adventures.

This is… weird to me, because DC Comics has not had the best track record with minority characters. A writer–Van Jensen–came along in a period when the fanbase was very distrustful of DC editorial, and actually won them over with his brilliant showing of DC’s most celebrated PoC character. I don’t know why DC would want to take Jensen off the character. Naturally, my perspective is very limited, because I don’t know what they have planned for John Stewart, and I have not been in the DC Entertainment meetings where such things are discussed, but from my current vantage point, I can’t understand this decision. DC Comics has recently trumpeted that they’re working hard to be more inclusive to varied sorts of people, and with John frankly being their most popular “diverse” character, I can only hope that DC has something grand in store for the Green Lantern.

Whatever does come, I will always, always cherish Van Jensen, Bernard Chang, and Marcelo Maiolo’s Green Lantern Corps run. As a huge fan of the ’00s Justice League cartoons, and someone who is about one-fourth African American, I finally found a comic series from DC in current publication that appealed to me and gave me what I wanted to see. At last, I did not feel excluded, or as if I was being lectured that everything I came to love about the DC Universe and Green Lantern, in particular, was wrong. Van Jensen’s run of Green Lantern Corps revitalized my interest in DC Comics, and I’ve had a blast since. It is quite literally what inspired me to build this site. People like me want to be fans, but when DC adamantly puts out material that is totally contradictory to what we came to love so much from television, it’s really hard to be a fan.

I know I speak for many when I say thanks to Van Jensen from the bottom of my heart. He gave me something to look forward to in Green Lantern and comics again, and that means so much to us who have wanted to enjoy them, but found it very difficult. I sincerely hope he returns to John Stewart some day. The fanbase will no doubt welcome him with open arms.

Check out Van’s message in the link below:
In Search of John Stewart–Green Lantern

Oa, by the way

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