Van Jensen USA Today Interview + Godhead Preview

on September 30, 2014

Gods and Monsters

Are you ready for the “Godhead” event? Van Jensen, the primary writer behind the upcoming one shot Green Lantern/New Gods: Godhead, had an interview with USA Today that gives interesting insight on the upcoming epic and features a preview of the issue.

“One of the things that has been really interesting to me as a person of faith is, what does it mean to you as a believer when all of a sudden somebody shows up and tells you that they’re a god and they’re wreaking hell upon you?”

New Gods Go on a Ring Hunt in ‘Green Lantern’ Crossover

This issue will be released alongside Green Lantern #35, which continues the “Godhead” story. Newsarama has a preview of that issue, and it features John Stewart!

DC Preview: 1st Two Chapters of GODHEAD – NEW GODS #1, GREEN LANTERN #35

Both of these issues will be out Wednesday, October 1st.

Oa, by the way

Here’s a fun article about a video that features Green Lantern John Stewart and Hawkgirl from ComicsAlliance.Com

“Suddenly, the rest of the Justice League is consoling a jealous John, as he learns the meaning of heartbreak and betrayal, while Bill Withers’ iconic “Who Is He? (And What Is He To You)?” plays in the background. The whole thing is better than I could ever describe, so I recommend you just check out the video below.”

Bill Withers Teaches Green Lantern About Love And Betrayal, All My Dreams Are Coming True

If you don’t feel like heading over there, you can take a look at the video below.