Van Jensen and Nick Jones Jr. Teaming Up for a Project

on April 18, 2014

Van Jensen

Van Jensen, the writer of the comic book series Green Lantern Corps, and actor Nick Jones Jr. have said via Twitter that they’re teaming up this summer to bring fans something special. For those not familiar, Nick Jones Jr. was slated to play Green Lantern John Stewart in the 2011 Green Lantern film, but his scenes were cut. When asked if he was disappointed with that, Jones said:

“That’s fine, it was a little disappointing at first but when I took a step back to see the big picture I was reminded how blessed I am to be where I am today. I remember dressing as Tony the Tiger when I first jumped into acting so I understand that this is an uphill grind. I’m prepared for that and I welcome the challenge. One of my favorite quotes is from Barack Obama, “I never expected to be here. I always knew this journey was improbable. I’ve never been on a journey that wasn’t.” What I get most from that quote is to always stay positive and to also know what you’re getting yourself into. I think working on those two particular projects helped me most with my professionalism. I need to be able to hold my own with actors I grew up watching and admiring. Something I thought I couldn’t do at first because I’m a fan at heart. It’s hard not to nerd out at times. Now I have that comfort level and confidence. The more I do in this business the more it will help me to create my own presence and that’s a major key to success.”

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Van Jensen

Jensen and Jones have kept a public correspondence through Twitter and even discussed Green Lantern projects:

Other pro John Stewart tweets include:

The two made their alliance public earlier today with these tweets:

It’s pretty clear Nick Jones Jr. has not given up on the prospect of playing the Emerald Crusader, and now he’s teaming up with the very man who writes his adventures in comics?
Let me just state this again for effect. Here, we have two people highly involved with Green Lantern John Stewart -one being a writer and the other being an actor- and they are teaming up… for something. When asked if the project involves Green Lantern, they replied:

So, we don’t know for sure what’s going on here. It could either be a rather large coincidence, or it could somehow mean something for Green Lantern John Stewart. Stay tuned!

Oa, by the way

John Stewart Diggle

Speaking of Arrow, there is a bit of a cult crackpot theory going around that the character John Diggle is actually Green Lantern John Stewart. This is a long shot, though, especially since I hear John Diggle has, or will be introduced in the current Green Arrow comic book series. Still, it’s something to have a little fun with. I’m not a typical watcher of Arrow, but this theory prompted me to check out a few episodes. I must say, there are some strong similarities between the characters.

5 responses to “Van Jensen and Nick Jones Jr. Teaming Up for a Project”

  1. Corey A Lee says:

    I would watch this. And yes, it is a really good thing that his scenes were cut from the Green Lantern film because of 2 reasons: 1) John Stewart would be ruined, and 2) They would then have no excuse not to reboot the series starring Hal. So yeah it does suck that his scenes were cut but it was probably for the greater good.

    • Desh Derringer says:

      Definitely. John and his fans dodged a bullet there. Or… more like an atom bomb.

      I was thinking more about this. They could talking about an appearance on Arrow, and maybe Van Jensen is brought in as a guest writer? The team doing Arrow is the same as the one that did the Green Lantern movie (believe it or not), who Nick Jones Jr. already has ties with. Also, he’s tweeting to the Arrow guy, Greg Berlanti, talking about John Stewart, and he even specifically says John should be on the show. Van Jensen might be saying the project involves Green Lantern “indirectly” because John Stewart may not yet be Green Lantern in this hypothetical appearance.

      Huge speculation on my part, and I’m probably wrong, but I’m just throwing it out there :p

  2. Hudson Faber says:

    Uh, I have to pass on Diggle as John. I have to agree with Corey about John dodging a bullet with that Green Lantern movie. Also, I’m guessing Nick Jones may just write a forward on one of the collected editions. Based on the tweets, it seemed like he was fighting Greg Berlanti for another shot at John Stewart. IDK.

    • Corey A Lee says:

      John Diggle is an awesome character but I would only support him being Stewart if it lead to him getting his own show like The Flash. But then again, we see that his brother;’s name is Diggle so I doubt he is Stewart unless it is his middle name. Also I kind of hate that AGAIN he is a back-up to the main white hero. But he is a great character that David Ramsey portrays enthusiastically. We need more characters like that. Oh and yes, he was introduced in the GA comics this year

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