Lance Gross Hints at Green Lantern

on August 2, 2015

Actor Lance Gross, best known for his role in Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, took to his Instagram to drop a big hint about Green Lantern. Given Gross’ physical characteristics, it’s a sure thing the character he is suggesting is John Stewart.

In Brightest Day

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This is excellent news for John Stewart fans for a number of reasons. First, the likelihood of seeing John in film is just about a lock, given all these various actors’ hints at the role. Secondly, WB seems to be putting priority on casting John more than any other Lantern. If other Earth Lanterns do appear in the DC Extended Universe, these developments suggest the primary focus will be on John Stewart. Lastly, for those who aren’t ecstatic about Tyrese Gibson playing John Stewart, now there is hope that WB has not closed the deal with Tyrese and it may go to someone else.

Speaking of Tyrese, there have been other very interesting developments regarding Green Lantern’s place in film; the biggest being that Chris Pine–who was rumored to be playing Hal Jordan–is actually going to be playing Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman film. Apparently, the Green Lantern rumors were a smokescreen to detract from the real Wonder Woman discussions. That leaves the Hal Jordan character completely in the air. We have no idea what WB plans on doing with that character, if anything at all.

Tyrese Gibson continues to discuss Green Lantern in media.

Tyrese on ‘Green Lantern,’ New Talk Show

He sat down with USA Today to talk about how he got interested in the role. It’s the same old spiel we’ve heard from him by now, but what I find the most promising aspect about all of these occurrences is that it appears WB is going with John Stewart over Hal Jordan for the primary Green Lantern role, which is what I would prefer to see. I don’t think John Stewart should have to share his film with Hal Jordan, especially after the performance of the Hal Jordan headlined 2011 Green Lantern film, and I certainly don’t think John Stewart should be secondary to Hal Jordan.

It’s John Stewart’s time, he can carry his own film, many are ready to see people of color with more glamorous leading superhero roles in film, and I don’t think that should be diminished by continuing to bind them to White heroes, especially with them in subservient roles to the White characters. However, this goes beyond just some fuzzy “liberal sentiment.” The John Stewart character is actually more in demand. The Hal Jordan character actually did not perform well when he got a shot. It is John Stewart’s time.

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