Kevin Smith and Van Jensen Endorse Seeing John Stewart in Film

on June 30, 2014

Kevin Smith Van Jensen

There is good news for fans of Green Lantern John Stewart. Recently, film director and actor, Kevin Smith, endorsed using Green Lantern John Stewart in upcoming DC Comics related films on his podcast “Fatman on Batman,” while he was hosting comic book legend, Neal Adams, who happens to be John Stewart’s creator. This may not seem particularly notable, seeing as how there are many people who want to see John, but there very well may be something special to this.

Smith happens to be great friends with Ben Affleck, who is set to play Batman in the upcoming film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Zack Snyder, the main driving force behind said film. Kevin Smith has had plenty of inside information due to his connection with the two luminaries. For example, he was privy to the new batsuit and batmobile before other outsiders, and he confirmed the list of films that was reported by Nikki Finke to be announced at San Diego Comic-Con, stating that he’s known about it for a while but couldn’t say anything.

In short, if any outsider knows anything, it’s Kevin Smith. He has unofficially become the mouthpiece of the DC Cinematic Universe. During the “Fatman on Batman” podcast, both Smith and Neal Adams expressed displeasure at the 2011 Green Lantern film for using Hal Jordan as the lead character instead of John Stewart. If Kevin Smith knows WB’s plans for Green Lantern, (as he very well may), it’s highly unlikely that he would publicly disparage using the Hal Jordan version of Green Lantern if he knows WB is planning on using that character. That means if Smith is aware of WB’s plants, it’s pretty apparent that John Stewart is a sure thing!

When Smith was specifically asked about The Flash and Green Lantern team up film in a “Hollywood Babble” podcast, he stated:

“All of it’s good. I’m just so delighted that we’re going to see that. The Sandman movie is more like, ‘I’m happy to see it, but it’s a little bit outside of the hero movies. But I’m happy to see that, too.”


The Flash and Green Lantern team up gets Smith’s seal of approval, and he feels strongly about John Stewart being used? Could that be telling?

Zoom to the 46 minute mark to hear Smith and Adams discuss Green Lantern on “Fatman on Batman.”

That’s not all! Van Jensen, current writer of Green Lantern Corps, and another figure who may have an idea of WB’s Lantern strategy, has also publicly endorsed Green Lantern John Stewart via Twitter.

Jensen is pretty clearly implying that if the supposed Flash and Green Lantern team up film does not have John Stewart, he’s not interested in it. That’s a pretty bold statement for a current writer of Green Lantern and Flash comic books to make.

Another factor to keep in mind is that according to the show runners of The Lego Movie, Warner Bros. executives did not want them to use Hal Jordan in the film, but the producers really wanted to, so WB acquiesced.

From an interview from IAmRogue.Com:

“So the relationship between Superman and Green Lantern came out of them improvising together?

Miller: Well, we had the idea basically, which was Superman is cool and Green Lantern wants to hang out with him, but Superman does not want to hang out with Green Lantern. Then we just put in everything we could think of, rolled with it and tried a bunch of things. There are a couple of really funny things that just didn’t end up making into the film.

Lord: Channing does a really loveable version of trying to get rid of somebody because he’s such a genuine guy. He’s really polite. So it seemed like a good pickle to put him in and to have this guy just bothering him all the time. Then Jonah does a really funny and loveable version of trying to get on the team and wanting to be part of something.

Miller: He’s the friendly, annoying neighbor.

Lord: So it was a way of doing it without being mean.

Miller: It took a little convincing over at the Brothers Warner to get to do it.

Lord: Green Lantern was a fresh wound at the time we were making the movie.”


Of course, there is a big difference in being a lego with a bit part and appearing again in a big budget live action film with an integral role.

So, John Stewart fans, do you think any of these recent developments mean anything toward the chances of us seeing a live action John Stewart in the burgeoning DC Universe? Are you optimistic, or do you have reservations? Also, if John Stewart is NOT the Green Lantern in the DC Cinematic Universe, how will you personally respond to that? Will it make no difference to you? Will you be upset but still go see the films? Will you boycott them altogether?

Let us know in the comments section below!

Oa, by the way


The preview of Green Lantern #33 is available at The Nerdist, and it features John Stewart! This is the fifth part of the six part “Uprising” arc. Things are really building toward the climax as the Green Lantern Corps attempts to defend the planet Zezzen from the Durlans. This title will be available July 2. Go check out the preview!

9 responses to “Kevin Smith and Van Jensen Endorse Seeing John Stewart in Film”

  1. Clyde says:

    I’m liking what I’m noticing about the nationality casting choices from Warner Bros. studios. A british actor (Henry Cavill) to play Superman is fine with me, because the man of steel is an alien from Krypton anyhow. Some may not fancy it, because they’re so used to a caucasian mid western face for all these years; but truth be told Superman is an alien that has caucasian-like features, and if Hollywood wants him played by a non-american…I say bring it on. As for Batman being played by a Boston American native, whose tall with a cleft chin and whose popularity among movie fans isn’t that great, I say I’m all for second chances, so you better not miss it up Ben, The DC cinematic universe is riding on your character. Next Wonder Woman being played by an Israeli actress whose body of work is unproven at this level for a huge role like this. My issue with her is only the fact that she’s unproven and doesn’t seem physically defined for the part. I’d much rather see a female from the UFC, WWE or TNA wrestling to play the role, then at least the audience can imagine an intimidating presence. However even if the casting director did chose a fighter/wrestler for Wonder Woman…the next question would be, can she act? I’m all for yet more racial diversity, having a greek amazonian princess being played by an Israeli (Gal Gadot), however I have more reservations as to if she’s ready for big time than I feel concerning Ben Affleck. Next…Cyborg, if my concerns of Wonder Woman wasn’t concern enough, in comes the casting of Ray Fisher a theater actor to play on the big screen for the first time ever. He’s an unknown that has absolutely very little to lose since he’s virtually unknown to the masses. So if he doesn’t do well it’s not like he was a major league member player anyhow. That move screams token black guy to me. Especially if John Stewart isn’t used. Let’s be real, Cyborg is ranked 7th of the seven founding Justice League members. So how how of an impact player will he really be anyway. To me he’s just being used to fulfill the afro-american quota and to co-incide with the New 52 format. Next the casting of Jason Mamoa as Aquaman. I absolutely love that choice. Finally someone who can bring seriousness to Aquaman based on his previous roles. Some cry and complain about him not being white or blonde enough to play the role, well his skin color suits many audiences just fine and as for his hair…yall have heard of hair dye right! It has been invented. Next I personally would’ve liked the Martian Manhunter to be in the original founding team over Cyborg, and perhaps when the Martian disguises himself as a human detective, maybe he could be an asian guy. Let’s keep this racial equality going. If Shayera Hol / Hawkgirl ever gets live action screen time, I’d like for her to be played by an hispanic woman, along the lines of a Sofia Vergara or Michelle Rodriguez. As for the Flash I don’t think many people would care as much as to who plays him, as there is an interest in which Green Lantern will be used…Hal or John, and which actor will play the role. Personally I think that DC creative team and Warner Bros. have conflicting views of whom to use. My theory is that DC creative staff wants to stick with their New 52 format as closely as possible. Which of course means shoving Hal Jordan down our throats as if he were our Obamacare health coverage. That would of course mean signing on another actor to replace Ryan Reynolds. Now considering what happened with the animate series, and what happened with the live action movie, Dc Entertainment would have to be insane to ignore that massive financial losses for continuously using a character that isn’t giving them the production that they’ve hoped for. However Warner Bros. studios knowing this fact in my opinion is basically saying that we don’t care which Lantern hits the big screen as long as he/she can make us money, and since the character isn’t a productive part of our studios then we’ll have to review other (John Stewart) options. When this country was at the brink of revolution as this country was all too disgusted with former president Bush, we the people rebooted the face of the white house with change that was unprecedented, and Obama was elected. When Chris Evans took up the mantle as Capt. America, Fox studios rebooted the image of Johnny Storm to continue the Fantastic 4 franchise and as controversial as it is, Michael B. Jordan is Chris Evans’ replacement, and now Dc like Marvel faces a reboot scenario in which all signs point to John Stewart, however will they ignore Dc’s support for their Hal Jordan love fest, or will they do what’s good for business? Comic con will surely reveal a lot, including what role Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will play in all this because I always smell what he’s cookin. Will I still be interested in watching the DC films even if John Stewart isn’t a part of it, sure; but with less enthusiasm. And if he’s a part of it, then that to me is like winning the lottery and I will surely spend my tax paying dollars to support this movie multiple times.

    • anonsaga says:

      I like your point about WW, Clyde. I think many people picture her as having a somewhat thicker and more athletic build than what Gal Gadot has. I always pictured a build like Lucy Lawless’ during her Xena days. Xena is also what comes to mind when I think of what a well written WW film might look like. That and the WW animated movie that came out a few years ago. But speaking of female physiques in Hollywood movies, to this day, Linda Hamilton’s physique in T2 continues to impress, all the more so when you consider her rather ordinary appearance in T1. The transformation completely sold me on her character. But with regard to WW, who knows? Just like you said, the acting might make up for any physical imperfections. It’s happened before (ex. Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman).

      And yes, if Shayera Hol ever gets screentime, I too see her as a Hispanic/Latino woman. It would be appropriate, considering her appearance in the animated series, as well as the fact that Maria Canals voiced her, and that all the Thanagarians were purposefully voiced by Hispanic/Latino actors.

    • Desh Derringer says:

      Hmm, Sofia Vergara. I wouldn’t mind at all if this was Hawkgirl:

      That would be perfect!

      As to your theory about DC and Warners not being on the same page, I believe that. But I think WB forced DC to go along with them, hence why John isn’t being nearly as mistreated in the comics as he was before. If John is used in hit films and hit cartoon shows, Hal Jordan could potentially be forever remembered as that ‘other’ Green Lantern who sucks, and DC Comics might be afraid of that.

      If that happens, then I just say ‘whatever’, because it can’t be said that Hal Jordan did not have his chance. DC Comics and WB did more for him than they have for most of their characters. It’s just that Hal Jordan was not able to capture an audience outside of comics.

      • Clyde says:

        Desh thank you for posting Sofia Vergara’s pic; she is stunning isn’t she? Yes now many others can visualize what I see when casting Shayera Hol. Ultimately Warner Bros. has more say so over which characters go on the big screen than Dc Entertainment. While Dc does own the rights to the characters, Warner Bros. studios has the finances and the hollywood backing to put them on the big screen. And with the disappointing box office results of Hal Jordan as well as Hal’s animated series…Warner may in fact be ready to pull the plug on him and to go with John Stewart. Now I do disagree with one thing that you said, you stated that DC Comics might be afraid of John Stewart’s potential onscreen popularity (depending on the right actor playing the role of course) to coincide with his animated series popularity and exposure, well my disagreement with you is I don’t think Dc Comics “might” be afraid of that. I think they will be “TERRIFIED” of that. That last thing that they want is for Americans and international audiences to fall in love with a character that they tried to assassinate in order to solidify the top spot for Hal.Imagine the John Stewart t-shirts, toys, lunch boxes and other misc merchandise. That would drive them crazy and then they will have to make Hal Jordan a villain again like how Sinestro did with putting on the yellow ring. Yes Desh I can’t wait to see Geoff Johns and his team miserable. Their pain of seeing John Stewart’s success will bring me nothing but pleasure!

  2. Hudson Faber says:

    First of all, I don’t care about the DCCU if John Stewart isn’t the *central* Green Lantern. Period. John Stewart is the reason I love superheroes. I wouldn’t have gotten into the genre if it weren’t for him. While I don’t think that Van Jensen or the comicbook writers are informed of the movie plans, I think the Kevin Smith news is a VERY good news. He has had scoops before anyone else due to his connections, as Desh mentioned above, and it wouldn’t make sense for Kevin Smith to bash WB’s choices right now. That, and using John Stewart makes too much sense. Bruce Timm’s JL/JLU is still popular to this day and still airs to this day, meaning John is still prominently in the minds of the public, who wanted him on screen back in 2011. He’s the people’s Green Lantern. Using him would be a decisive break from the recent Green Lantern failures related to Hal Jordan. In addition, a buddy cop movie in today’s summer blockbuster environment pretty much always has a black hero in it. And WB will want to follow Marvel’s lead in racial diversity to bring in more money by broadening the target demographic. I really cannot wait until San Diego Comic Con, because I have a feeling that we’ll get some good news–especially after Chadwick Boseman’s hints.

    • Clyde says:

      Hudson, I’m with you buddy…preach on!

    • Desh Derringer says:

      “First of all, I don’t care about the DCCU if John Stewart isn’t the *central* Green Lantern. Period.”

      I’m with you, Hudson. I won’t accept any less at this point. It makes SO MUCH sense to use John Stewart, that if they don’t, I’m going to be offended by that, and I won’t have any interest in their cinematic universe. The line’s got to be drawn somewhere.

  3. anonsaga says:

    The ‘Fat Man on Batman’ podcast was really fun! I never heard the story behind John Stewart’s name until now. So glad Neal Adams had the cultural awareness to recognize that ‘Lincoln Washington’ (aka Black Blackman) is a slave name. Julie’s response that Lincoln Washington is a good name took me straight back to the ‘Toby scene’ in Roots. Naming him Lincoln Washington would have been akin to the ‘Black’ prefix attached to so many black superheroes or the ‘superpowers-by-nationality’ trope that out of touch comic book writers love so much.

    I really enjoyed The Lego Movie. It was as good as I had heard. “Anyone got any kryptonite I can borrow?” But of all the Hal Jordan hijinks that will live in infamy, nothing beats ‘Hal vs Yellow Paint & Lemonade’ from ASBAR #9. That was too funny! Then mood whiplash happened…

    I hope to see John Stewart in the movies but until a definitive announcement has been made, I wait with quiet optimism. However, it’s like Kevin Smith and Neal Adams and countless others have said: it’s a common sense move that should have been done the FIRST time. If anything, there are more reasons to use him now than there were before. If WB and DC lack the acumen to understand that, I’d seriously wonder about the judgment used in other aspects of the film. That alone would be reason enough for me to refuse it.

  4. Clyde says:

    As I sat back and analyzed John Stewart’s role and importance in the Justice League animated universe, I started to look at it from the perspective of a sports team depth chart. And if anyone feels differently or has a different order in mind please by all means enlighten me. So I figure in terms of the league depth chart factoring in leadership skills, strength, strategy, and wit. I’d put Superman as #1, Batman as #2 (although I think he should be #1, but him not being as strong as Superman or a true team player makes him #2), Wonder Woman at #3 and John Stewart at #4 (although it could be argued that he may be tied with WW or even may be above her. But the only reason why she ranks ahead of him is because she’s one of the triad. Aquaman at #5, Martian Manhunter at #6, Hawkgirl at #7, Flash at #8, Shazam at #9 and Cyborg at #10. Now Shazam and Cyborg might be interchangable in the final two spots, I’m not sure. But this is my take on the depth chart using the combined New 52, JL/JLU, and old school comics as it relates to founding members. Does anyone have a different take on the depth chart, I’d welcome any feedback. And for Hal Jordan, he we were to remove John and replace him with Hal, I don’t see him ranking up there on the WW level, as a matter of fact I’d rank the king of Atlantis over him. And that opinion of him is based on my last memories of Hal and that was in JL:WAR, Hal was such an a**hole in that animated film.

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