Kevin Smith and Van Jensen Endorse Seeing John Stewart in Film

on June 30, 2014

Kevin Smith Van Jensen

There is good news for fans of Green Lantern John Stewart. Recently, film director and actor, Kevin Smith, endorsed using Green Lantern John Stewart in upcoming DC Comics related films on his podcast “Fatman on Batman,” while he was hosting comic book legend, Neal Adams, who happens to be John Stewart’s creator. This may not seem particularly notable, seeing as how there are many people who want to see John, but there very well may be something special to this.

Smith happens to be great friends with Ben Affleck, who is set to play Batman in the upcoming film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Zack Snyder, the main driving force behind said film. Kevin Smith has had plenty of inside information due to his connection with the two luminaries. For example, he was privy to the new batsuit and batmobile before other outsiders, and he confirmed the list of films that was reported by Nikki Finke to be announced at San Diego Comic-Con, stating that he’s known about it for a while but couldn’t say anything.

In short, if any outsider knows anything, it’s Kevin Smith. He has unofficially become the mouthpiece of the DC Cinematic Universe. During the “Fatman on Batman” podcast, both Smith and Neal Adams expressed displeasure at the 2011 Green Lantern film for using Hal Jordan as the lead character instead of John Stewart. If Kevin Smith knows WB’s plans for Green Lantern, (as he very well may), it’s highly unlikely that he would publicly disparage using the Hal Jordan version of Green Lantern if he knows WB is planning on using that character. That means if Smith is aware of WB’s plants, it’s pretty apparent that John Stewart is a sure thing!

When Smith was specifically asked about The Flash and Green Lantern team up film in a “Hollywood Babble” podcast, he stated:

“All of it’s good. I’m just so delighted that we’re going to see that. The Sandman movie is more like, ‘I’m happy to see it, but it’s a little bit outside of the hero movies. But I’m happy to see that, too.”


The Flash and Green Lantern team up gets Smith’s seal of approval, and he feels strongly about John Stewart being used? Could that be telling?

Zoom to the 46 minute mark to hear Smith and Adams discuss Green Lantern on “Fatman on Batman.”

That’s not all! Van Jensen, current writer of Green Lantern Corps, and another figure who may have an idea of WB’s Lantern strategy, has also publicly endorsed Green Lantern John Stewart via Twitter.

Jensen is pretty clearly implying that if the supposed Flash and Green Lantern team up film does not have John Stewart, he’s not interested in it. That’s a pretty bold statement for a current writer of Green Lantern and Flash comic books to make.

Another factor to keep in mind is that according to the show runners of The Lego Movie, Warner Bros. executives did not want them to use Hal Jordan in the film, but the producers really wanted to, so WB acquiesced.

From an interview from IAmRogue.Com:

“So the relationship between Superman and Green Lantern came out of them improvising together?

Miller: Well, we had the idea basically, which was Superman is cool and Green Lantern wants to hang out with him, but Superman does not want to hang out with Green Lantern. Then we just put in everything we could think of, rolled with it and tried a bunch of things. There are a couple of really funny things that just didn’t end up making into the film.

Lord: Channing does a really loveable version of trying to get rid of somebody because he’s such a genuine guy. He’s really polite. So it seemed like a good pickle to put him in and to have this guy just bothering him all the time. Then Jonah does a really funny and loveable version of trying to get on the team and wanting to be part of something.

Miller: He’s the friendly, annoying neighbor.

Lord: So it was a way of doing it without being mean.

Miller: It took a little convincing over at the Brothers Warner to get to do it.

Lord: Green Lantern was a fresh wound at the time we were making the movie.”


Of course, there is a big difference in being a lego with a bit part and appearing again in a big budget live action film with an integral role.

So, John Stewart fans, do you think any of these recent developments mean anything toward the chances of us seeing a live action John Stewart in the burgeoning DC Universe? Are you optimistic, or do you have reservations? Also, if John Stewart is NOT the Green Lantern in the DC Cinematic Universe, how will you personally respond to that? Will it make no difference to you? Will you be upset but still go see the films? Will you boycott them altogether?

Let us know in the comments section below!

Oa, by the way


The preview of Green Lantern #33 is available at The Nerdist, and it features John Stewart! This is the fifth part of the six part “Uprising” arc. Things are really building toward the climax as the Green Lantern Corps attempts to defend the planet Zezzen from the Durlans. This title will be available July 2. Go check out the preview!