IGN Supports John Stewart as the Cinematic Green Lantern

on October 25, 2014


IGN throws their support behind John Stewart for being the cinematic Green Lantern in their feature:
I’ve Got Issues: How to Make the New Green Lantern Movie Work

John has been getting huge support from both fans and critics, more than any other incarnation of Green Lantern, by far! Using John Stewart really is the most logical thing to do, and it’s not a difficult conclusion to arrive at. The last Green Lantern movie was one of the movie industry’s biggest bombs ever, and the character that was the star of that film –Hal Jordan– will be tainted by that. To dissociate the brand from that failure moving forward, the wisest course of action is to go with John Stewart. He’s already a hugely known and loved character from his large roles in animation.

I do have some thoughts about certain other points in the video. One of the commentators points out that WB/DC has put their support behind Hal Jordan in recent years. That is true, but a lot of that was due to them gearing up for the terrible Green Lantern movie, and then doing projects meant to coincide with the movie’s media push, such as Green Lantern: The Animated Series. With that whole endeavor proving a giant bust, it’s time to switch gears and go back to John Stewart, which I feel they’ve steadily been doing. John is starting to elbow his way back into additional media, and was chosen to be Green Lantern in certain comic book projects, such as Smallville: Lantern, and Futures End #0.

Also, I don’t agree with the point one of the commentators makes about John Stewart not having any good comic book stories. Not at all. In my opinion, John Stewart has some of the best comic book stories among the Lanterns. The character totally rocked the ’80s with many great stories written by Steve Englehart. The early ’90s Green Lantern: Mosaic is one of the best comic series I’ve ever read. Though not comics, in the 2000s, John was kicking serious butt on the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons, which were defining runs that introduced millions of people not only to that character, but the whole Green Lantern concept. Currently, John Stewart is starring in some of the best Green Lantern stories I’ve ever read in Van Jensen’s Green Lantern Corps.

What I believe the fellow may be referring to is the Geoff Johns period of Green Lantern. If so, then I agree that John Stewart wasn’t interesting during that period, but I believe that’s because the writer did not like him and was very partial to the Hal Jordan version of Green Lantern. Thankfully, that’s over.

I think WB is going to have to use John. It makes too much sense and there’s way too much demand for him. John has only ever succeeded. Every comic run, every video game, and every cartoon he’s starred in has been a success. Warner Bros. would be fools to disregard that and the large, passionate following calling out for the character.

Take a look at the IGN article in the link below:
I’ve Got Issues: How to Make the New Green Lantern Movie Work

29 responses to “IGN Supports John Stewart as the Cinematic Green Lantern”

  1. Steve Rogers says:

    I just know DC and WB should be aware that IGN is supporting John Stewart to be in the JL movie. I don’t see why they shouldn’t be, after all of various sites that’s supporting the idea for John being the main GL.

    DC/WB should hear people screaming John Stewart by now.

    • Desh Derringer says:

      They hear it, I’m sure. The support for John Stewart is undeniable, which probably pisses DC Comics off. They tried so hard to establish Hal Jordan as THE Green Lantern, and all they’ve done is make people rally to John Stewart EVEN MORE.

  2. Clyde says:

    As I’ve stated on “”, the sands of time is running out for Hal and John Stewart is creeping into the live action mainstream very quickly. Oh and just as a side note, on Mon Oct 27th 2014 at 6PM east coast USA time, the cartoon network is going to air a Batman beleaguered lego animation. It features all the characters from the live action cinematic universe…all except Hal Jordan? Now if that’s not a major statement, then I don’t know what is. I’m sure the Hal Jordan fans are sweating bullets right now. Lol.

    • Desh Derringer says:

      Yes. Moves like that, and not using Hal Jordan in “JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time,” as well as the steady rise of John Stewart in comics and other media, only lend credence to the idea that WB will use John Stewart for the cinematic universe. All this secrecy from WB only supports us, in my opinion. I’ve mentioned it before, but I won’t be surprised if Jordan leaves the League in the upcoming “Throne of Atlantis” DTV to mirror his departure in the comics. And I have a strong feeling that John will be the GL in Bruce Timm’s “Gods and Monsters” movie. I’m pretty confident about the future.

      • Steve Rogers says:

        I agree. But regarding Gods and Monsters, does Bruce Timm have power over which characters he can choose from in the JL: Gods and Monsters film? Sorry if that’s a dumb question.

        • Desh Derringer says:

          Probably. This is just speculation (but with pretty solid footing), but I think Timm left because DC wanted him to adapt certain stories and use certain characters, and he was used to more or less having more creative freedom than that. And he also had huge success while having more creative freedom. WB may have courted him back by allowing him to do what he wanted, like the old days of the DCAU. “Gods and Monsters” is billed as an ‘alternate’ take on the League, so Timm probably doesn’t have constraints.

          Time will tell, for sure.

          • Hudson Faber says:

            To add to that, when Johns’s GL run ended, DC commemorated the even with a bunch of industry people wanking him. DC has a Geoff Johns month of variants coming up. It’s my theory that they are doing all that stuff to make him happy because he doesn’t have as much clout as he used to and they are afraid of him leaving because of it. I mean, why would the movie execs listen to the guy who helped produce the 2011 film? I think they took him off of his “Ultimate Spider-man” (see Bendis) and told him to take Hal off the Justice League team two years ago for a reason. The higher up must recognize that John Stewart is the sensible choice and are trying to find a way to make the transition organic.

          • Desh Derringer says:

            Yeah. There had to be a reason that whoever wanted to kill John Stewart wanted that to happen. That’s not just something you do. I get the feeling that was more an act of desperation than anything else.

            And yeah, I think Johns lost some clout. Apparently, DC wanted re-writes of his Trinity War story, and there were reports of friction between Johns and Didio.

            I think DC in general is losing clout, though. It seems WB is taking more direct control of them, which I like. I’ve got no real love for the higher ups at DC Comics.

          • Hudson Faber says:

            If that was the reason they tried to kill of John, it definitely backfired, lol–and for good reason.

          • Desh Derringer says:

            Every negative thing they’ve done to John has backfired. They tried to bury him and establish Jordan as the preeminent GL with that movie, cartoon, and lukewarm DTV’s, but that was a phenomenal disaster, and it seems to me that John has more support than he’s ever had before.

  3. Hudson Faber says:

    I’m happy to see all of this support for John. He’s such a rich, dynamic character that he deserves to be pushed more and more. He’s the Green Lantern of this generation and a clear symbol of something fresh and new.

    • Desh Derringer says:

      I agree. John being pushed more is what got me back into comics. I left because my favorite character was treated like a worthless after thought for years during the Geoff Johns days. So glad that’s over.

  4. Clyde says:

    Hey everyone I have some more news to add. Okay, so when you all get the chance, log onto “Youtube” and in the search field type in the following: “Beyond the trailer: DC movies confirmed today. The Flash 2018 with Ezra Miller.” You know you have the right video if its run time is 13mins & 24secs. Once you watch the clip, the most relevant part will be from 10mins through the end of the clip. This should show us that we’re not alone with our thought process.

  5. Hudson Faber says:

    ComicBookCast supports John Stewart as the cinematic Green Lantern:

  6. Hudson Faber says:

    Marvel just confirmed Chadwick Boseman for Black Panther!

    He’ll be great in the role even though I was hoping he would play John Stewart.

    I saw Dear White People last night, and there were two actors in there who I thought could play John:

    1) Brandon P. Bell –

    2) Marque Richardson –

    • Steve Rogers says:

      Good list! Black Panther really needs an ongoing with a high profile writer.

      The same can be said about Cyborg too.

  7. anonsaga says:

    I’m glad that IGN supports John Stewart and I’m glad they too raised the point about how the ring is used. ‘Flyswatter’, ‘boxing glove’ and ‘mecha’ constructs may translate well on the pages of a comic book and amongst geek fandom but not necessarily on the big screen or among people who aren’t part of that fandom. Hal’s characterization is very niche… and there’s nothing wrong with that. I think the problem is that the people who made the movie didn’t realize that so what ended up happening is that they put a niche character in a movie for a general audience when they should have: 1) put a niche character in a niche movie, or 2) put a character with general appeal in a movie for the general audience. The former is why Hal failed (and why Kyle would too); the latter is why John Stewart will succeed. His characterization has consistently been more realistic and more grounded and that’s the tone that WB and DC are trying to set for their cinematic universe. Furthermore, that’s the tone the general audience wants to see.

    As an aside, they also mentioned what some might regard as DC’s ‘honorable’ (I call it ‘shameful’) practice of restoring the original character to their respective mantles in the comics. Two words: REGRESSIVE STORYTELLING. Sorry Ryan Choi, you aren’t the ‘real’ Atom. Sorry Miles Morales, you aren’t the ‘real’ Spider-Man. No matter how progressive comics become, it will mean little when concepts like this persist. Pay tribute to what came before and move on. As Hudson Faber pointed out in his comment on “Addressing Arguments Against Using John Stewart as the Cinematic Green Lantern – Part 2”, right now with Marvel, they are using newer interpretations of Ant-Man and Captain America as their current definitive versions, due to their popularity. Granted, these are still white characters, but in the case of Nick Fury, I do like the fact that the popularity of Samuel L. Jackson’s persona has helped ‘black’ Nick Fury become the definitive version for this generation. DC really needs to do the same with John Stewart. In fact, DC needs to stop hindering progressive attitudes and just get out of the way (like you said).

    Commenter Clyde brought attention to another Beyond the Trailer video by Grace Randolph and she and I share similar sentiments about how the comic book industry treats minority and female characters. Support them, invest in them, treat them well and they will make you proud (as well as a ton of money). The A:TLA spin-off, The Legend of Korra stars a non-sexualized somewhat muscular ambiguously brown female… and she is AMAZING. The whole series is amazing and just as good as its predecessor. Female and minority characters can be just as formidable, just as nuanced, and just as popular as their white male counterparts when the people in charge are serious about making them something worthwhile. The audience is ready… so why isn’t DC?

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