IGN Supports John Stewart as the Cinematic Green Lantern

on October 25, 2014


IGN throws their support behind John Stewart for being the cinematic Green Lantern in their feature:
I’ve Got Issues: How to Make the New Green Lantern Movie Work

John has been getting huge support from both fans and critics, more than any other incarnation of Green Lantern, by far! Using John Stewart really is the most logical thing to do, and it’s not a difficult conclusion to arrive at. The last Green Lantern movie was one of the movie industry’s biggest bombs ever, and the character that was the star of that film –Hal Jordan– will be tainted by that. To dissociate the brand from that failure moving forward, the wisest course of action is to go with John Stewart. He’s already a hugely known and loved character from his large roles in animation.

I do have some thoughts about certain other points in the video. One of the commentators points out that WB/DC has put their support behind Hal Jordan in recent years. That is true, but a lot of that was due to them gearing up for the terrible Green Lantern movie, and then doing projects meant to coincide with the movie’s media push, such as Green Lantern: The Animated Series. With that whole endeavor proving a giant bust, it’s time to switch gears and go back to John Stewart, which I feel they’ve steadily been doing. John is starting to elbow his way back into additional media, and was chosen to be Green Lantern in certain comic book projects, such as Smallville: Lantern, and Futures End #0.

Also, I don’t agree with the point one of the commentators makes about John Stewart not having any good comic book stories. Not at all. In my opinion, John Stewart has some of the best comic book stories among the Lanterns. The character totally rocked the ’80s with many great stories written by Steve Englehart. The early ’90s Green Lantern: Mosaic is one of the best comic series I’ve ever read. Though not comics, in the 2000s, John was kicking serious butt on the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons, which were defining runs that introduced millions of people not only to that character, but the whole Green Lantern concept. Currently, John Stewart is starring in some of the best Green Lantern stories I’ve ever read in Van Jensen’s Green Lantern Corps.

What I believe the fellow may be referring to is the Geoff Johns period of Green Lantern. If so, then I agree that John Stewart wasn’t interesting during that period, but I believe that’s because the writer did not like him and was very partial to the Hal Jordan version of Green Lantern. Thankfully, that’s over.

I think WB is going to have to use John. It makes too much sense and there’s way too much demand for him. John has only ever succeeded. Every comic run, every video game, and every cartoon he’s starred in has been a success. Warner Bros. would be fools to disregard that and the large, passionate following calling out for the character.

Take a look at the IGN article in the link below:
I’ve Got Issues: How to Make the New Green Lantern Movie Work