Green Lantern Corps Volume 4: Rebuild is Out

on July 4, 2014

Kevin Smith Van Jensen

Green Lantern Corps Volume 4: Rebuild is out! This trade paperback collection contains Green Lantern Corps #21-27 and Annual #2, which is the start of the Van Jensen, Bernard Chang, and Marcelo Maiolo run of Green Lantern Corps. This is an absolute must have for Green Lantern John Stewart fans, being John Stewart’s first solo comic book series since Green Lantern: Mosaic, which was roughly a whopping twenty years ago.

At long last, the character made famous to millions from the Justice League animated series returns to the limelight, and in an incredibly strong showing that takes full advantage of his potential. Fans of John Stewart from the cartoon series who often lamented the character’s portrayal in Green Lantern comics will likely be very pleased, as the creative team brings that character, in all his greatness, to the printed page in his own adventures.

If you haven’t been following the periodicals, I can’t recommend this enough. And even if you have, I think picking this up is a good idea to support our favorite Green Lantern and have these stories in one neat package. Besides that, this story is just that satisfying to where it’s worth double dipping.

Oa, by the way

Here is a classic Green Lantern John Stewart tribute from WONDER BOONE, which features clips from Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. This one has always been a favorite of mine. Enjoy!