UPDATE! Green Lantern Corps: Lost Army New Art

on May 6, 2015

An eight page preview of Green Lantern Corps: Lost Army was scheduled to be released today with Convergence: The Question #2, but it was mysteriously replaced with a preview of the upcoming Starfire title. Comixology.Com has released free digital samples of some of the DC titles due out in June, but, unfortunately, Lost Army was not among them, either. However, new art for the upcoming series has been released, which can be seen above in the header image of this article.

There are quite a few things to say about this. First, it is really impressive! The characters look incredible. Arisia is very beautiful while being heroically awesome looking. John Stewart is also excellent. I really like how artist, Jesus Saiz, depicts his physique and makes John dashingly handsome. We still don’t get a clear look at his eyes, though. I am hoping they are a green hue as opposed to brown. Kilowog is rendered very well. In the lower right hand corner is a view of what the book looks like when colored normally. It’s shaded very well and the colors are bold and vibrant.

Also of note is that the title has been changed from Green Lantern: The Lost Army, to Green Lantern Corps: Lost Army. Special mention goes to the logo, which I also love! What I’m particularly fond of is how it’s a call back to the classic Green Lantern Corps logo with how it is tilted. Here is the classic logo for comparison:

I am incredibly excited for this series. I believe the free preview will be released on Comixology.Com next week. Stay tuned for more about Lost Army.