Green Lantern Corps “Convergence” Art and Solicitation

on November 26, 2014

Come Spring, DC Comics is moving from New York City to Burbank, California to better integrate itself with its parent company Warner Bros. To give the staff time to get situated, a two month event called “Convergence” is being prepared, which features characters of previous DC Universe continuities, such as Post-Crisis, and Pre-Crisis. Green Lantern John Stewart gets involved in the third week of “Convergence,” in a Green Lantern Corps story situated in Pre-Crisis continuity. It seems to be based on the 1980s Steve Englehart era of Green Lantern, when John Stewart was the primary Green Lantern of Earth and a brain damaged, angry Guy Gardner was revived from a long coma. I’m especially fond of that portion of Green Lantern history.

DC Comics unveiled a page from this title along with a solicitation.

Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern Corps

Writer: David Gallaher

Artists: Steve Ellis and Ande Parks

Colorist: Hi-Fi

Say the Oath, save the world! If only being the Green Lantern Corps was that easy. Hal has resigned, John is busy, and Guy is pissed. Together for the first time—they’ll save Gotham or die trying.

Unfortunately, we don’t get a glimpse of John in the above picture. I wonder if he’ll sport an afro and the classic Gil Kain Green Lantern uniform? I hope so! I’m also hoping that “Convergence” showcases the DC Animated Universe and John Stewart with a 2001-2004 circa Justice League, with Wally West as The Flash and Shayera Hol as Hawkgirl. That would be a dream come true.

I’ll keep you posted on any other John Stewart “Convergence” information, if it comes.