Green Lantern Corps #38 75th Anniversary Flash Variant Cover

on October 17, 2014

Green Lantern Corps #38 Variant Cover

DC Comics continues its theme of charming variant covers. For January, 2015, they’re celebrating the 75th anniversary of The Flash. Green Lantern Corps takes part in this by featuring an awesome cover that is a throwback to Green Lantern (Volume 2) #87. That issue -released in 1971, written by Denny O’Neil, with art by Neal Adams- is the debut of Green Lantern John Stewart.

This cover is done by Bill Sienkiewicz. Click the lower link for a larger image:
Green Lantern Corps #38 Variant.

Oa, by the way

With the recent announcement of the 2020 Green Lantern film, the support for seeing Green Lantern John Stewart for the starring role is rolling in. Check out the comments section in this IGN article:

There’s heavy John Stewart support. Here are some comments:

“LopezOne jarrodwjones • a day ago
I’m leaning towards Stewart myself, but only because its the best way to distance yourself from the first GL movie.
But I’d want Hal Jordan done right. And I’m not ok with him being the SECOND human GL as part of his background.

Ultimately, John Stewart is by no means a bad call. He’s quite awesome and the cartoon has a huge generation of fans following.”

“Oden_The_Great arm30 • a day ago
I agree! Either is good even can use Kyle Rayner too but John Stewart seems it”

“LavsToSpooge • a day ago
Just out of curiosity, why do most people prefer John Stewart to Hal Jordan? I have never really followed the John Stewart story that much to know any better.. if anyone can explain.”

“Darkangel_Omega Jimmy_Five • a day ago
You know. I’m not against Cyborg on the League. I’m against how he got there. They trashed ALL of his history and put him there as the new kid on the block. That I don’t agree with. Vic from the Titans would have made a good JL member. But I’m sick of Hal Jordan being forced, down our throats lately. I like ALL the other Green Lanterns now alot more than him because of it. But I agree I’d rather have John on the team and J’onn added onto the team. They both need the live action treatment.”

“Kal-El385 • a day ago
Personally, this will always be my favorite “founding member” line-up:

Wonder Woman
Martian Manhunter
Green Lantern John Stewart
The Flash
Hawk girl”

That’s not even scratching the surface. I cannot post it all, because there’s too much. And it’s not just IGN. It’s Twitter, forums, website articles, and so forth.

DC and WB. I’m talking to you. I don’t care how much some of you may love Hal Jordan. You CANNOT deny the massive wave of support for John Stewart. You cannot. The fans are telling you what they want. Make the smart move.

Don’t let us down.

2 responses to “Green Lantern Corps #38 75th Anniversary Flash Variant Cover”

  1. Steve Rogers says:

    All other confirmed actors aren’t white and yet the “black” character Cyborg is the handicap character. It’s like saying a black character is inferior to white characters and other ethnicities, which basically sounds like they’re at the bottom of the barrel. That’s insulting and offensive to me (that’s if John isn’t the GL in the JL of course).

    I think it’s also possible that other people such as non readers will make a big deal out of this as well. I know I would.

  2. Clyde says:

    Even before DC/ WB made their announcement of the lineup of films from 2016 -2020, I have read many different articles from several websites, like “screenrant”, “forbes”, and “cinemanews”, just to name a few and I have posted my comments on any and all Dc Comics related news. I have been mentioning John Stewart’s name every chance I get and have been advocating for him. I’ve been bringing up facts and legitimate reasons why he’s better suited to be THE Lantern moving forward instead of Hal. I discuss the fact that the GL ring itself sought after Abin Sur’s successor and that the ring couldn’t decide between Hal & Guy, and because Hal was closer, it chose him. So I posted a question, if Hal was all that and a bag of chips, how come the ring couldn’t decide between a douche bag like Guy, and Hal? Here’s another fact, if you were going into combat with the Justice League team against villains like Brainiac, Darkseid or Doomsday, which background would appeal to you more in terms of having a Green Lantern on your team, (A) a test pilot; (B) a social case welfare worker + school teacher for disabled kids and an ex-cop; or (C) a former U.S. Marine and architect. Which of these options would the average person choose as the best suited for battle? If you chose (A) then you chose Hal, if you chose (B) then you chose Guy, but if you chose (C) then you selected John. In addition, I also asked who’s constructs would be more sophisticated, creative and imaginative from those same choices? No one can tell me that Hal &/or Guy could have better constructs than an architect. For god sakes, even the average non comic movie going audience fan could come up with the same constructs as Hal & Guy. I also brought up the point that Both Hal & Guy wore the rings of the rival corps. of the Green Lanterns. Hal for FEAR and Guy for RAGE. I then contrasted that by indicating that John wore Indigo for COMPASSION and Kyle wore White for LIFE. So which one of these Lanterns would you trust more? I also had to point out the comparisons to Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars) and Hal Jordan. Both had the right intentions, however the highway to hell was also paved through originally good intentions. Hal was consumed by Parallax and Spectre, he destroyed the corps. and killed all but one Guardian. Anakin was consumed by the darkside of the force, destroyed all the Jedi and left two masters left alive (Yoda & Obi Wan). You see the parallel in this analogy?

    Meanwhile John was on a guardian level status in the Mosaic saga, he was crippled in the comic not because it was a part of the story line, but because he was a threat to DC executives, he was almost killed off after the 2011 live action release of GL the motion picture and the launch of the NEW 52, he lead all Justice League members in being in the most amount of episodes, he has never failed audiences in real life, he has never faltered or lost his way the way that Hal has. He never had another person competing for his spot the way that Guy had with Hal and proximity is how Hal won his job, John has always been a better leader and follows instruction a lot better than both Hal and Guy combined, and he has earned the respect of his team mates both in the corps. and in the JL. So I ask the public, why should Hal’s character still be the guy? Why should a character that is considered to be the Darth Vader of the Green Lanterns, more qualified than John Stewart? And if anyone says because he is the original Lantern…I will laugh in their face (if I could) and ask what about Alan Scott? If they argue because he came before John, my argument would be that the ring couldn’t even decide between Hal and Guy. John didn’t have that problem. There’s absolutely no excuse that anyone could give me of why John doesn’t deserve a title shot. And I will continue to keep posting these points and facts till I’m blue in the face and until Dc / Warner Bros. gets a hold of what I said. There’s no disputing it. The evidence could be found anytime and by anyone. I will do my part as John Stewart’s advocate to make sure that the public is aware of the DC comics executives plot to make sure that John Stewart is buried alive and that their great white hope will stand over John’s grave, both in reality figuratively and in the comic books literally.

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