Green Lantern Corps #34 Preview and Green Lantern Corps #36 Lego Variant Cover

on August 9, 2014

Green Lantern Corps #34 Preview

We’re treated to an early preview of Green Lantern Corps #34, courtesy of Mancave Daily.

“You can’t say the green arm of the law hasn’t had its ring-bearing hand full, but in the wake of the Guardians’ crimes against humanity, it’s important to make a decisive show of authority. The Corps has a reputation to restore, not only of control, but the right to control. And it’s going to be hard to do that if its most dependable member is strangling enemies in their cells.
Yeah, Stewart’s under pressure for sure…”

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It looks excellent! It’s cool to see a glimpse of the old evil Fatality. I like how Bernard Chang draws her differently than he does the Star Sapphire version.

I believe this issue is going to answer whether John Stewart and Yrra Cynril will continue their romantic relationship. As such, it may be an important turning point for John. Be sure to pick it up August 13, which is coming up.

In other news, the variant cover for the November 2014 issue of Green Lantern Corps has been revealed. This time DC is having a Lego themed month.

Green Lantern Corps Lego Variant Cover

This is the first time I’ve seen an official Lego design for John Stewart. DC and Warner Bros. have been using the Hal Jordan Lego design in several of their products while typically leaving John Stewart -the most respected Green Lantern character from smash hit cartoon shows that has nothing to do with bombed films, flopped toy lines, and short lived cartoons- out in the cold. Hopefully we see this Lego design used in products.

Oa, by the way

Van Jensen

Van Jensen has been having some interesting interviews lately. First, he and Robert Venditti did an interview with, which brings up the topic of world building. I’m a sucker for the kind of development Van Jensen, Bernard Chang, and Marcelo Maiolo have been doing to the world of the Green Lantern Corps title. I talk about the weird and wonderful places they take us to in just about every review I do for a new issue of the book.

“I think so much of this stuff is so big and so cosmic and it’s almost ephemeral because it’s almost like concepts that are bigger than imagination and even constructs of light are even things that are hard to connect with and they’re so fantastical. So to really ground it in these physical and real places like a space cantina. It’s like any person out there knows what a cantina is. There was one issue I did where there was an alien planet that had a whole mining colony on it. Everyone gets that and knows what that is.”

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There is also an interview Van Jensen did with CraveOnline during Comic-Con. It brings up the subject of John Stewart being raped. I suppose from a certain point of view, John Stewart may have been raped by the Durlan posing as Fatality. He was certainly misled and taken advantage of.

“Okay, cool. Now, over in Green Lantern Corps, there’s a very shocking development that just happened to John Stewart, where his girlfriend Fatality turned out to be a Durlan who’d been in disguise for several issues, and I hate to drop the word, but that makes him a rape victim. Was that part of your thought process and will John be dealing with that trauma?”

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What are you readers’ views on what happened to John in the latest Green Lantern Corps arc? Do you think that it is good for the character? Do you feel it heaps even more unnecessary tragedy on him? If you’re a fan of the John Stewart/Yrra Cynril relationship, do you feel cheated? If John’s relationship with Fatality is over, are you going to miss it?

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