Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Responds to Green Lantern Rumors

on February 5, 2014

There’s more news regarding Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson playing Green Lantern John Stewart in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel and/or Justice League film(s). IGN reported on The Rock’s Instagram post where he randomly name drops John Stewart in a hashtag. For those who missed that, you can see more about it in this article.
Via Twitter, The Rock responded to IGN, saying:

As was mentioned in last update’s Oa, By the Way… The Rock has announced that he’s locked up to work with DC Comics and Warner Bros. and he’s been mentioning Green Lantern John Stewart repeatedly through social media. He’s either a really evil man to tease and troll fans in this manner (which I doubt), or he’s going to be playing our favorite Green Lantern (a character he’s been desiring to play) in upcoming films. Naturally, the Internet is ablaze with the news, so here are some sites to check out:

IGN Article
Batman News Article Article

If The Rock is going to play John Stewart, I hope he is clean shaven and with hair. I always preferred that look to the bald John with the goatee.

Oa, by the way

Speaking of all this Green Lantern movie news, I thought I’d share a Black Nerd video that addresses prospective properties for DC Comic movies. If you don’t know or remember Black Nerd, he made it into this updates Oa, By the Way…

This time, he goes through a list of six DC heroes he feels deserve movies. Guess who lands the number two spot! Check out the video.

4 responses to “Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Responds to Green Lantern Rumors”

  1. Aktivizz says:

    So much salty Hal Jordan fanboy hate in the comments……I love it

    • Desh says:

      They can be a very vile, poisonous bunch.

      • Aktivizz says:

        It’s not enough that Hal Jordan was basically resuscitated and forced back into the limelight by nostalgic fanboys who hate change, but they want audiences to relive that bomb of a movie just because it made their outdated hero look bad. It just really irks me sometimes.

        • Desh says:

          Understandable. If The Rock plays Green Lantern in billion dollar blockbusters, then that –along with the Justice League cartoons– will pretty much solidify Green Lantern as being John Stewart forever. If that happens, the audience at large won’t respond favorably to some other character in the role, especially since they’ll know about Hal Jordan in that horrible movie. Nostalgic comic book fanboys aren’t the ones to cater to here. Not if WB wants to make the most money possible. They’ll whine and there will be growing pains, but The Rock will bring in a whole new fanbase and take Green Lantern to another level.

          One thing I do agree with Geoff Johns about is that Green Lantern has all the potential in the world. However, for that potential to be fully realized, they’re going to have to go with John Stewart. Hal Jordan is too antiquated and goofy… unless he’s Parallax, that is.

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