“Darkseid War” tie-in “Justice League: Gods and Men” to Feature John Stewart

on July 11, 2015

There is more San Diego Comic-Con news concerning Green Lantern John Stewart. A while ago, Geoff Johns teased that John will be involved in the “Darkseid War” event that is going on in his Justice League comic book series. DC held a press release that unveiled more information about this. A series of one shot tie-ins to “Darkseid War” called Justice League: Gods and Men will be released in October. The Green Lantern tie-in will feature John Stewart. Read the quote below for more information.

“Green Lantern – Oa has been conquered and transformed into a Parademon factory and the Green Lantern Corps is no more! Only Hal Jordan remains to follow a distress call from the last active Lantern seen fighting on Oa: John Stewart.”

It’s not exactly clear yet what creators will be working on this one shot, but the entire project is overseen by Geoff Johns. The premise doesn’t sound very captivating to me. It gives me the impression that Hal Jordan is needed to save the day and John Stewart needs his help. That, and knowing that Geoff Johns–who I really don’t trust to write John Stewart well–will be involved with this in a large capacity doesn’t necessarily assure me that we will get a great John Stewart showing. I’ll try to keep an open mind until we know more, though. At the very least, I guess it’s good to know that they’ll be doing something with John in this one-shot series. Geoff Johns has alluded to Justice League series artist Jason Fabok drawing John Stewart, so we should expect to see him featured in the main book, too.

Oa, by the way

The variant cover for Green Lantern #45, to be released in October, has been unveiled, and it’s a Neal Adams piece that pays homage to the classic Green Lantern/Green Arrow #87 cover also by Adams. The theme for the October variants is, unsurprisingly, horror monsters. I would have preferred for Adams to do a John Stewart variant for Lost Army, but I’m always happy to see him draw John Stewart.