22nd December 2014

Green Lantern: New Guardians #37 Review

Green Lantern John Stewart plays a key role in the latest issue of New Guardians, so .Co is here to cover the story with a full review.

“This issue is more or less entertaining, but it does have some big problems, with the biggest offender being the absolutely hideous cover. I don’t know how it ever got approved, but it reinforces the feeling that DC doesn’t really care much about this title anymore. The interior art suffers, and the extremely sloppy transition into the Highfather battle holds this issue back, too. The pluses are seeing Kyle and Carol’s relationship develop, even if that development happens to be their first real fight, and a fairly strong John Stewart appearance that continues to link him to characters like Carol and Saint Walker, thereby making him feel less estranged from everything, as he was during the Geoff Johns era.”

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“Godhead” finishes up this week, so be sure to keep an eye on GreenLantern.Co for more reviews and commentary.

15th December 2014

The End of Green Lantern Corps – March 2015 Solicit

I have some surprising news to report, Lantern fans. DC Comics has released its March 2015 solicits, which reveal that Green Lantern Corps #40 will be the final issue of Green Lantern Corps. I’m really not sure what to make of this. This title has been selling well above cancellation levels, so this leads me to believe a relaunch of some sort is under way. Green Lantern: New Guardians and Red Lanterns are also being cancelled, but I actually suspected those might be. But Green Lantern Corps!? That comes as quite a shock, especially since the Sinestro title, which Green Lantern Corps regularly outsells, is continuing.

I can only hope that DC has bigger things planned for John Stewart. I’m really hoping that we get something new that features him as a solo star again, akin to the current GLC run. He’s had such great development under Van Jensen, Bernard Chang, and Marcelo Maiolo. I’d hate to see him lumped into some kind of ensemble title. John Stewart has proven to be a PoC character that can successfully hold his own, and probably the only one DC has. Here’s hoping DC recognizes that and continues to feature him as the primary lead in an upcoming Green Lantern title.

Here’s the solicit with the cover art:

Green Lantern Corps #40 Solicit

Written by VAN JENSEN
Art and cover by BERNARD CHANG
On sale MARCH 11 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T • FINAL ISSUE
John Stewart comes face to face with the failure that has haunted and defined him for years – the destruction of the planet Xanshi. Will he find salvation as history threatens to repeat itself? Plus, a moment that will forever alter the course of the Corps in a final issue that had to be extra-sized!

It sounds like Van Jensen is finally going to put a nail in the coffin to John’s Xanshi phantoms, and in an extra-sized issue! I’m looking forward to it.

This is an odd time. I’m not sure whether to feel excited or… something else. I do feel a bit of trepidation right now. If DC chooses to launch a new John Stewart book, at the very least, I really hope they keep Van Jensen as the writer. He’s displayed a genuine care and mastery of the character that very few comic writers have.

I’m confident there will be plenty of news coming in. Keep your eyes on GreenLantern.Co to stay up to date.

Oa, by the way

DC Comics continues its fun variant cover themes. The latest one is movie posters. This coming March, Green Lantern Corps does a tribute to the classic movie Forbidden Planet. Take a look at the fun cover below.

12th December 2014

Green Lantern Corps #37 Review

“Godhead” is in its third act. The last Green Lantern Corps issue of the crossover has come out, and .Co has the review ready, as usual.

“This issue is an overall terrible effort. There are just not enough redeeming qualities to counter the ugly artwork, scenes that are hard to figure out, scenes that don’t make sense, the plot points that are not picked up at all from last issue, and again, the horrible artwork.”

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7th December 2014

Sinestro #7 Review

There’s another installment in the “Godhead” saga that John Stewart fans should check out; Sinestro #7. .Co is here to tell you how the issue turned out.

“A lot of the pieces in this grand game were moved in captivating ways this issue. What is Sinestro hatching with Bekka? What will Soranik ultimately choose to do with her place of acceptance in the Sinestro Corps? Will Soranik and John Stewart draw closer together, and how close, if so? Will the Guardians grant John Stewart leadership of the Corps, and what will that mean for the defiant Hal Jordan?”

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Oa, by the way

Just something funny I saw on Twitter one day, which I can very much relate to!

5th December 2014

Green Lantern Corps #37 Preview

Green Lantern Corps #37 Preview

The preview for Green Lantern Corps #37 is up at ComicVine.Com, and it looks like this may be the moment when John Stewart comes face to face with Highfather, at last. Be sure to pick this one up this coming Wednesday, December 10. Click on the link below for the preview:
Exclusive Preview: GREEN LANTERN CORPS #37 — GODHEAD Act 3, Part 2

Also, be on the look out for GreenLantern.Co’s review of Sinestro #7, which will be up soon. I’ll tell you right now, all John Stewart fans should go pick that issue up, if they haven’t yet.
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