15th October 2014

Warner Bros Announces New Green Lantern Movie Scheduled for 2020 Release

Kevin Tsujihara

During a Warner Bros. investors meeting, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara announced the WB DC Comics films slate going up to the year 2020. Among the films was a new Green Lantern movie scheduled for a 2020 release.

Now to address the point all of you are wondering about. Will John Stewart be the star of this upcoming Green Lantern film? Well… we have no idea.

There is something very suspicious going on with that property. Most of the other movies announced have their stars listed with them. Jason Mamoa is confirmed as Aquaman, and Ezra Williams will be The Flash. The Shazam movie has yet to announce its star, and Green Lantern is a big question mark, as well.

For so long, Warner Bros. has been holding off on revealing the secret about how they will approach the Green Lantern franchise for their new cinematic universe. Many fans (including yours truly), have hollered out for John Stewart to be the star, especially considering the 2011 Green Lantern film featured Hal Jordan and ended up being a failure.

There are many positive reasons to make the change. First, John Stewart is already very well known to audiences from his starring role in the popular Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons. Secondly, changing the face of the Lantern for future films will help in distancing them from the 2011 flop. Third, it would be great to see more major superheroes who are Black on the big screen.

The cries for John Stewart can’t be ignored, and I’m sure they have made their way to executive ears. The only reasons I can see for WB being so secretive about Green Lantern are that they’re not sure what they’re going to do, or they’re going to do something different and are waiting for the right time to drop the news on fans. If it is just the same old stuff over again, I don’t see the point of the closed mouthed attitude they’ve been taking.

As usual, we’ll just have to sit back and wait and see what happens, as well as continue to support Green Lantern John Stewart. Click the link below for more information on this new development:
Warner Bros’ Kevin Tsujihara Outlines Major Film & TV Push Amid Cost Cuts: Time Warner Investor Day

13th October 2014

The Flash Mobile Returns in Lego Batman 3

The Flash Mobile

Fans of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, rejoice! The Flash Mobile from the classic episode “Eclipsed” makes its way into the upcoming video game Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham! If you’re unfamiliar, take a gander at the video below:

It’s nice to see DC products celebrating one of the best (the best, in my opinion) superhero cartoons in history instead of pretending it never happened. This has made me a sure customer. I will definitely be buying this game!

Oa, by the way

Speaking of The Flash and Green Lantern, here is a cool video by Hudson Faber dedicated to them. Enjoy!

11th October 2014

Green Lantern Corps #35 Review

You know .Co wouldn’t miss reviewing the latest issue of Green Lantern Corps. “Godhead” continues, and John faces off against Uggha of the New Gods.

“A particular point I like is how intelligent Van Jensen portrays John Stewart, which is in huge contrast to the way Hal Jordan has been displayed lately. John’s victories aren’t simply due to hitting things. He often comes up with smart plans, and usually without a lot of time to think of them.”

Read more.

As always, there’s more content on the way!

Oa, by the way

New York Comic-Con

New York Comic-Con is happening right now, and the creative teams of the Green Lantern line held a panel to discuss the “Godhead” event. Check out what went down in the link below.


7th October 2014

Green Lantern Corps #35 Preview

Green Lantern Corps #35 Preview

Ready for more of Bernard Chang, Marcelo Maiolo, and Van Jensen’s Green Lantern Corps? I am! I can’t get enough. If you’re like me, then you’re in luck, because the next issue comes out tomorrow. Nerdist.Com has a preview of the next chapter in the “Godhead” event. Head over there to check it out.

“Our exclusive preview of Green Lantern Corps #35 by Van Jensen and Bernard Chang finds John Stewart and a small task force of Green Lanterns on the hunt for someone who stole a ring from every color of the emotional spectrum and used them to devastate an entire planet. What they find, though, is definitely more than they bargained for…”


5th October 2014

Green Lantern/New Gods: Godhead #1 Review

“Godhead,” the massive event pitting the New Gods against the various Lantern Corps has begun, and .Co is here with thoughts on this burgeoning epic.

“I’ve suspected that the “Godhead” event is the catalyst that will move Green Lantern away from the Emotional Spectrum concept that was created by Geoff Johns, and which more or less dominated Green Lantern plots of the last ten years. If so, it’s ultimately a very good idea, despite it being sure to cause outcry from fans of the lengthy Geoff Johns era.”

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It’s only a matter of days before Green Lantern Corps #35, so get ready for more action and content!