John Stewart in DC Films Movie Intro

on June 3, 2017

Movie Intro

WB has put an intro segment at the beginning of the recently released Wonder Woman film to advertise the budding DC Extended Universe. Two Green Lanterns appear in this. Well, technically three if you want to count Mogo. The two I’m referring to appear to be Hal Jordan and John Stewart. Take a look at the image below. Click for a larger version:

Movie Intro

You will see one Green Lantern to the left of Aquaman flying, and another standing to the right. I have seen some people speculate that the flying one is John Stewart, but I do not think so. That looks like Hal Jordan to me. The one standing in the foreground is wearing John Stewart’s uniform, and while everything is dark as all get out, I get an impression that the character on the right has a dark skin complexion. Though, I admit, the image is very vague, so I could be seeing things wrong.

This certainly isn’t bad news. It suggests what we already know in that John Stewart is scheduled to make an appearance in the DC Extended Universe, at the latest in the Green Lantern Corps film planned for 2020. IF that film even happens. Wonder Woman is being met with critical praise, so I imagine that will bolster WB’s confidence in investing in DC properties outside of Batman and Superman.

Yet, it’s not like I’m bouncing off the walls in excitement over this. DC has disinterested me in John Stewart and Green Lantern so much that it would actually have to put out something featuring John Stewart as good as the second season of the Justice League cartoon to rekindle that fire in my heart.

Practically everything DC and WB has (or hasn’t) done in regard to John Stewart since Justice League went off the air has told John Stewart fans they aren’t welcome. And so I more or less de-invested myself from this. I update this site more out of loyalty to my own wesbite, my own creation, than out of loyalty and love for John Stewart, and certainly not for Green Lantern. I’m not saying that anything DC/WB has done in this particular instance is bad. I’m just saying that it isn’t anything that really has me pumped up.

Perhaps whatever film appearance John Stewart may make will be explosively awesome. I don’t know. We’ll just have to wait and see. Patience is a virtue, Green Lantern John Stewart fan. Hopefully we get more exciting news about John Stewart soon. Keep an eye on GreenLantern.Co.

Oa, by the way


In the meantime, you can check out my own comic series, Zatswan: Multiversal Guardian, which, unlike Green Lantern, is something I know I can depend on to be awesome, and that I know won’t frustrate me. If you’re a fan of John Stewart, this series is tailor made for you. The latest page went up this last Wednesday, and another is scheduled tomorrow on Sunday. Those are the comic’s regular update days. Click the image above to get a look at what the Dimension Warriors are up to, and keep visiting Zatswan.Com for more exciting content!

  • Kal

    This is certainly interesting. I saw the whole intro and Hal Jordan is one of the big seven introductions at the start of the intro, then in the group shot John Stewart is the one standing next to the Justice League, while Hal is flying above. Could that mean they plan to make them both members of the Justice League? I mean they wouldn’t put John on the front like that if they only thought about associating Hal with the big boys.

    • Neil Allen

      Atrocitus’ appearance probably means that if/when WB does another Green Lantern film, the Red Lanterns could be highlighted as the bad guys, which is something I predicted in this video:

      I didn’t see Jessica Cruz before. Good eye. I’m confident Geoff Johns is pushing for his concepts to make it into film. Not that I’m blaming him or anything, As for which Lantern(s) will be in the League (if any) who knows. This image may mean something, or not.

  • Steve Rogers

    This is cool, dude. I guess John Stewart is important to WB? I didn’t expect that Hal Jordan would be in the background with other characters, while John is up in front standing with the JL.

    • Neil Allen

      At this point, I wouldn’t read too much into it. It may not mean anything at all, or it could just be done to appease John Stewart fans and make them think they have something to look forward to, when in reality, they may not.

      • Steve Rogers

        We’ll see what happens, but I won’t hold my breath.

  • Luquinhas

    I do not like the power of the rings to create objects of the imagination, I preferred that they would only throw lightning bolts of green energy power and that invincibility, strength and power to fly to the wearer.

    • Neil Allen

      That’s understandable. I’ve seen some people say that constructs are kinda’ stupid. I’m actually a little torn on the issue. I think they work fine in comics and cartoons, but in live action, especially in the DC Extended Universe, I’m skeptical if they can successfully be done while having even a somewhat serious tone.