Why I Hate the DC Comics Character Cyborg

on June 29, 2017

Welcome back to GreenLantern.Co, Green Lantern John Stewart fans. In the latest video, I explain exactly why I hate the Justice League character Cyborg. Check it out below:

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Oa, by the way


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  • Hudson Faber
    • Steve Rogers

      John Stewart HAS the most upvotes, but there’s one user had more thumbs up for John than anyone else, but he’s at the bottom of the top comments, which you have to scroll all the way down. I’m starting to get suspicious.

    • Steve Rogers

      I also seen a couple of familiar users over there that’s arguing for Hal Jordan. The blogofoa guy is downplaying John Stewart in the JL cartoon. It really shows me his Hal Jordan fanboy bias.

  • Steve Rogers

    Cyborg’s film was slated to be a 2020 release and now it’s gone. So…I guess there won’t be a Cyborg movie. Did DC just waste this character and his fans’ time?

    • Hudson Faber

      Seems to be the case. To be fair though, there was nothing about putting him on the team that made sense.
      If you put him on as the tech guy, then you’re either: (a) going to undermine Batman, the highest selling character, because Batman has been the tech guy on the team since the ’60s and has no other legitimate reason to be in a league of gods; or (b) going to undermine Cyborg because you can’t have him undermine your highest selling character and totally remove that character’s reason for being on the team. None of Batman’s non-tech abilities can’t be done as well or better by some other member of the team; and the team dynamic (both in terms of powers and personalities) doesn’t allow for him to be a Captain America-type.
      If you put him on as the black guy, then you’re insulting black fans by having the only non-white character be the only deformed character; what’s worse is that he’s a clear analogue for Frankenstein’s monster. I get that they didn’t feel like they could change the look due to marketing reasons, but how could you miss the implications of what you were doing?
      And if we’re talking about marketing, it seems pretty silly to start trying to associate a well-known member of the Teen Titans with a completely different team, especially when that association involves getting rid of all ties the character has to the team he’s known for.